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File: 1324189843.cigarskunk_1324086489.cigarfurs_cigarskunkfinal.jpg - (132.56 KB, 1015x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
135742 No.3491061

eBay - sellers can block buyers, why can't we block sellers?

By Cigarskunk, 3 days ago
Warning - Smoking Section!

Came across an interesting thing today on eBay - found an item I'd been looking for and attempted to place a bid but was blocked from bidding.

After a bit of research I figured out that the seller was someone whom I'd had a failed transaction with (ie/never shipped the item) and that he was apparently blocking me due to my having had Paypal intervene after he refused to provide a refund.

While I'm certainly happy that he spared me the hassle of dealing with him a second time (the transaction was from last year and he had apparently been padding his successful sales reviews since then) I am slightly annoyed that it doesn't cut both ways.

What I'd love to see from eBay would be an option to create a block list, same as you do with a chat forum, so that when someone you block puts stuff up for auction that their stuff is automatically blocked from my searches and alerts.

As any of you who deal a lot with eBay know, it is flooded with Chinese sellers who provide fake tracking numbers and never actually ship their orders.

Most of them are easy to spot - the dumbest ones set up brand new accounts and simply bank on the most clueless and inexperienced of buyers trusting stuff put up by a Chinese seller with zero selling history.

The slightly more ambitious ones will set up a couple of dummy accounts or work with other scammers, put up one item for sale for a couple of bucks, have the dummy accounts "buy" the item and then leave a positive review, then start scamming people for more expensive stuff.

They tend to be pretty lazy as well, usually only getting themselves just ten fake positive reviews - if you check their review history you'll always see that all of their reviews were done on the same day and for the same item - rule of thumb is if the Chinese seller only has ten reviews then he's a fake seller too.

The final scam involves an account that was and still may be selling legit items, but everything the account is selling is small, cheap stuff - usually clothing, cheap jewelry and stuff like that - normally nothing over $20. The account will have hundreds, maybe even a thousand plus positive reviews with hundreds or thousands of items listed for auction.

The trick behind these sellers is that they have now added the more expensive stuff to the account with the intent of burning as many high end buyers as possible until they get overloaded with too many negative reviews that no one will even buy cheap junk from them anymore.

To identify these fake sellers you need to not only check what the positive reviews are for, but also what they are selling.

Usually the positive reviews give them away as you're shopping with them for something for $50 but you see that the only positive reviews they have is for stuff all under $20. Upon examining their other stuff for sale you'll then find that they've got a hundred plus cheap items that they're selling for real but only a dozen of the more expensive items - nine times out of ten that's a fake seller as well, at least fake for the real items you want.

A variation of this scam, which is rather difficult t spot, is that the Chinese seller will actually sell your item for real for a while and then either burn the account himself or sell it to someone else to use as a burner account for fake sales.

What I would like is to have the ability to click on someone and then hit a block button so that when I get my email alerts or am simply browsing, none of their crap shows up for me, thus saving me the waste of time clicking on potential items, only to see "oh, it's that scammer again."

Another nice option would be to be able to automatically block anyone with less than a certain number of successful sales to unique accounts - sure, the scammers would simply start padding their accounts with even more fake sales, but at least you're filtering out the lazy scammers while also making the other scammers work harder to waste your time.

Sadly this will likely never happen as I've been given the impression that eBay somehow makes money off of these scammers.

Ah well, one can wish...
Skunks have feelings too!


File: 250px-Jensen_augs_noshades.jpg - (11.00 KB, 250x188) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

At first, I was like

"Because hey /furi/ you asked for it! The new Cigarskunk thread!"

But then -shocking surprise- Ciggo actually had something rather useful to say for once. I am mildly satisfied, even if I rarely use Ebay.


Can't believe I am saying this but for once...I agree with him.

I've been using eBay for years now and one of my golden rules, that I try to impart onto others as well, is "NEVER trust a seller from China". It's something that I also tried to teach my brother-in-law, but it took him several times before that idiot finally learned his lesson.

It would be a really nice option to filter out sellers, as it's difficult to look for something you want to buy when you gotta sift through hundreds of pages of fake articles posted by these burner accounts.




Oh its the asshole spamming Mulligan and dirty hoarder threads.

>This thread will not move up the board.



Hi Mike.
Bye Mike


This is from CigarStink, who has a habit of posting absolute bullshit on his journal at FA.
In the posts under the OP, he wrote this, about eBay.

They are communists after all and a communist is simply a socialist who has finally said "screw pretending we're a democracy, let's just murder everyone who disagrees with us."

He's a total horse's ass, almost as right-wing as "Super-Christian" Ralph Hayes.



Man, his journals section was a fucking comedy gold mine during Obama's tenure as president of the US. Even after Obama's US citizenship has been verified as legit, he insisted that Obama is a Muslim Kenyan communist spy sent to destroy America from within. Every single journal was full of thinly veiled racism and blatant contempt for Obama, as he nitpicked every single fucking thing that man did or said.


Maybe Cigarskunk wouldn't get blocked so often if he wasn't such an incessant fucking asshole.


eBay is still shit, even if Cigarskunk is also shit.

The people who run the site have taken to treating the place as an Amazon competitor, at the expense of individual sellers. It does no good for a seller to say "no returns" when eBay and Paypal both force a return system. Sellers are required to deal with this either way, because eBay even say snow that buyers are free to return things if they simply change their minds, and in some cases may even keep the item along with the refund if they are not satisfied. This is a pretty shit move to sellers who have to give up their personal income and possibly their possessions so eBay can please customers. That's the fucked up part here, eBay takes no real loss on this, they treat your belongings as their warehouse stock, sellers as employees, and if they give a full refund all they hand back are a few cents in final value fees.

Taking away a seller's ability to leave negatives was a real shit move and buyers win 99% of Paypal claims.

Then eBay partnered with USPS to aid Chinese sellers big time, allowing them to sell you 99 cent & free shipping items easily. USPS has to be losing money on this. If the item is damaged, enjoy paying $12 to return it, because they require you to send it back. I'm not kidding, this is actually what eBay did. The scammer thing is also true, a seller regarded as good will suddenly turn bad and since they're overseas, they are long gone before the complaints start. Paypal refunds everyone out of their own pocket because they can't get it from the seller, and so they randomly freeze up some other seller accounts to leave their funds in their bank for 6 months to gain interest to recoup that.

What choice do you even have though but to deal with this shit to sell anything? Craigslist is only viable for certain goods and if you live in a populated area. If you're rural forget it, because no buyer will reimburse you for gas costs if you have to drive 1 hour to meet them to sell them a $20 item. Private forums? Unless it's very popular shit and the forum has lots of users you'll probably never sell it. Yard sale? You may as well throw it away. Yahoo Auctions never really became enough of a competitor, Amazon is a worse place to sell at and other competitors either failed hard or got bought out.



I've rarely had issues with Chinese/Asian sellers. Only one so far never sent anything but fake tracking and I got my money back. Another sent me the item just fine but then went bad literally 2 weeks later, guess I bought right before they sold their account. Most of my stuff has shown up just fine though I'm horribly impatient, I prefer to buy domestic to get it faster. I import if either the goods aren't available from a single US seller or the price difference is so drastic I can't justify a 4X markup.

That's not to say US sellers can't be shit, I find it unacceptable for a seller to take a week to mail your stuff out, it seems like I have to get on far too many sellers about this. The ones who will send a tiny item by parcel post piss me right off, are they so greedy they need to pocket an extra dime? I had one flat out refuse to send me the item or answer messages because my winning bid was apparently lower than expected. They're just less likely to flat out scam you because the negatives and claims would come in much faster and there's a better chance the police would get involved. I don't believe the Chinese government cares if their people are defrauding US sellers, because the Chinese government is run by insane people that think movies about time travel are a danger to society.


CigarStink is simply a total "Trump is just sooooo dreamy!" phanboi.

His recent screed just gushed over Trump, even though anyone with half a brain saw how stupid, senile (even Ann Coulter called him senile!) and idiotic.



Nothing surprises me about him anymore. He is such a hardcore rightwinger that cultists are mild-mannered compared to him. In his warped, twisted mind everything the Republicans do is a "brilliant, genius and patriotic move that will surely make America prosper" while anything Democrats do is "bound to make our great US of A fall apart".

As I said in my previous post, look at Ciggy's journal history from November 2008. all the way up to 2016.: nothing but incessant whining, bitching and complaining about everything Obama and Democrats did, good or bad. Sometimes even several journals in one day.

Someone once said Ciggy is actually really nice to talk to if the discussion doesn't involve politics, but I seriously doubt that because his entire life revolves around fucking politics.





I feel like he will fit nicely with other trumptards and hardcore fundie cultists who populate kiwifarms.


Shitgarfuck has been on my block list for 10 years or so now, probably longer, at least ever since I first heard of his sorry ass. He's only coming off if a staff member bypasses my settings.

>muh block list is bad

Fuck! You! He's a mentally unstable fuck that can't think for himself, hates gays yet fantasizes about having gay sex because it's not a sin when HE does it. He's a conservative with a porn addiction AND a desire to be a non-human animal thing which goes against "God created us in His own image", yep, total hypocrite, more so than usual conservative hypocrisy. He looks like the fetal alcohol offspring of Brian Johnson and Dee Snyder and why can't he get cancer from his smoking habit already? He's not just smoking, as George Carlin put it, he sucks a big brown dick.

If he only masturbated to Hitler and hated all women he'd be a legit real life SamFarber.



Don't forget Cigarstink spends tons of money on commissions.

He claims to have a wfe, but who in their right mind would be married to someone who has so much money to waste?

File: you.jpg - (53.78 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Sure is old stale drama in here. Please, crack a window.

I honestly doubt people like Cigarskunk even remember this place anymore and could care less that people still chat about him. Because even people like him know /furi/ is just filled with the bitterest of users who 'can't let go'.

Honestly, if /furi/ goes offline in the future, you have no place else to go to grind your old rusty axes. Take it to 8chan or /trash/ - I guarantee you will be met with "Who?"'s from the vast amount of younger users there who have no idea whom you are talking about. /furi/ is just about the only place left where the old guard comes home to roost to still shit talk the people they hate. Thing is, even some of the oldfags got tired of this shtick and left, leaving your circlejerk pool smaller than it ever was before. It gets smaller and smaller as every year passes. Sad, isn't it?

Go on, now make a thread about Naylor, Groat, Bernal, Addlesee, Hardiman, Zaush...see how far it gets before it peters out. Not like the old days, is it?

Also, I'm not shilling for or defending any one of these people. Just making an observation. Lulz was always a place where you could say it all, but who are you screaming to when no one else is left? If a /furi/ user trolls on their keyboard, and no one is around, does it make a sound?



>If a /furi/ user trolls on their keyboard, and no one is around, does it make a sound?

yes! a fit of rage heard by a few neighbors is the sound.


look at all this sjw shit [turd rolls out of pant leg]


Ah, the instant "you're an sjw" tag, because you don't like what was stated. Yawn predictable ol lulz.

File: url-300x157.jpeg - (10.95 KB, 300x157) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3491411 OMG! Just go get more people if you want more traffic. If you want fucks to be given you yourself have to give fucks sometimes.
There are plenty new amazing things happening right now, to talk about, to do, to go, to see, taste, smell, experience. This is an exciting time to be alive. Plenty of exciting drama, movies, technology, and even what some furry is saying about some bad times on eBay that may be interesting to a few people. If you ever get fucked over by someone, you have a right to talk about it. And you're just sitting over there like some old fart talk'n about the "old days" when you're alive RIGHT NOW on THIS day. Make it a day, make it a post that you'll back on fondly. Be the change not be the pain in the ass.

The thread was fine, until you let out a big fat tl;dr old man fart. You're bored? That's to sounds like a personal problem to me esse.

>>3491430 lame [-]

>>3491433 You should probably go take a nap.


lol didn't read


>>3491449 [-] so? It just really seems like a stupid thing to tell a person.

File: most.jpg - (92.39 KB, 800x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




how old and fat is he now ??



There are always people who just cant let go. Like Addlese who had his "undesirables" and "enemies" list forever.

Hirtes is a fine example of that kind as well. Same with Brave, IK, cobalt. They just CANT LET IT GO and have to show themselves to whatever attention they can get.



>Even after Obama's US citizenship has been verified as legit, he insisted that Obama is a Muslim Kenyan communist spy sent to destroy America from within.

He claimed for many years to have been born in Kenya, probably to get financial aid for college. And, whatever he is, he was certainly not doing the US any favors. He certainly didn't do anything to help black Americans and Africans at all. A slimy fellow however you slice it.



>He claimed for many years to have been born in Kenya, probably to get financial aid for college.

[citation needed]

>And, whatever he is, he was certainly not doing the US any favors. He certainly didn't do anything to help black Americans and Africans at all.

It was borderline impossible for him to do anything when GOP has been dead-set on obstructing him at every fucking turn. Do you forget when they swore after the 2008. elections that they will make sure he is a "one term president"? That was pretty much a confirmation of their resolve not to cooperate with Obama's cabinet-unless it suited exclusively them.



>[citation needed]



>defunct site.
>single tiny bit claiming he was born in kenya, no proof at all. No proof he ever said it.

How the fuck that is proof for you?



Well, he must be a Trumptard clinging to any straw he can find. It's amazing how long after Trump himself abandoned the "Obama is a dirty Muslim Kenyan!!" claims, his followers still adamantly believe said claims.


I fuckin knew as soon as this was posted:

This thread would devolve into nothing but /pol/ shit. Surprised it wasn't 3B who planted the bait this time.



>pointing out Cigarstink's blatant racism and loathing of Obama and anything he ever did

How so?


He is just so fixated on 3b that ignores everything else, which is ironic considering the conversation of Cigar being as stuck up with Obama.



Joe Arpaio was on a Fox news program, and he said the false aalrm missile warning was an Obama conspiracy to distract from the "fake birth certificate."
Even the interviewer, Judge Jeannie Pirro, politely told Arpaio to STFU.



I looked that up. He didn't say it was a conspiracy meant to distract from Obama's "fake birth certificate", but said "if they couldn't solve the problem with Obama's fake birth certificate, then they won't be able to find out who triggered the missile alert either". He kept going back to it even when Pirro tried to make him drop the subject.


Why would Arpaio drop the birther issue when Whites had no problem voting for a guy that called the first black president a Muslim from Africa and never apologized?

A majority of White voters obviously definitely look down on non-Whites given their support for Trump. Arpaio sees no need to tone it down and I can't blame him for it.


So why hasn't anyone drawn gay porn of Cigar Skunk's character on here?



Isn't Arpaio a Felon who was pardoned?






Then how the fuck is he allowed to run in politics?

The Pardon is absolute?



Typical of GOP and Trump to bypass established laws.



of course.
Trump has always been a "Da rulz are for da little people" grifter.
Used state and local governments to fatten his wallet through eminent domain, cheated people he owed for services, used his "charity" to pay debts, etc, etc.


A congresswoman had to cancel a symposium on Trump supporters advocating violence, due to death threats from trump supporters.

Death threats force Dem lawmaker to cancel psychiatrist-led panel on Trump inspiring violence

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) had planned to convene a psychiatrist-led panel to talk about whether President Donald Trump inspires his followers to commit acts of violence.

However, that event scheduled at a senior center had to be canceled after it received violent threats from purported Trump supporters, reported The Daily Beast.


Rightwingers are thug trash. Antifa and the Communists are the only people in the country that understand the correct way to handle a rightwinger crybully.


The only place communism is still popular is in colleges across America, with academics who have never experienced communism first hand.

We should send them to live in N Korea or Venezuela for a couple of years - that would cure their urge to make America communist.

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