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File: 3854870d4c95fee5ebce8780c6f9d1fe.jpeg - (227.61 KB, 505x773) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
233077 No.3489833

How do you get in contact with past friends you broke friendships with but want to talk to again because you've changed?


look them up?


Dot Matrix Print of their Body type onto 4000 sheets of paper, run through a 3d scanner, load unto face rig, run a clever bot script, boot filler and compilation diction, alter with auto tune, load unto a synthetic prosthetic doll...and draw them them the picture...ask if you recognize who that person is...teach how to love.


Nigga you got high and posted your butthole on lulz. You ain't changed one bit.

File: 586645643643.jpg - (364.69 KB, 1219x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Those were fakes I posted because I wanted to get reactions out of you guys. I haven't posted nudes of myself here in a years! And my mate and I are still together thank you very much! We never even separated, hell... we talk to each for hours every single day!



I used this sluts photos


was OP actually brave?

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