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File: racist_cunt.jpg - (234.02 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
239637 No.3487475

This guy is a racist, bigoted asshole.

Remember when he was on Chappelle's Show? He openly displayed his disdain of white people. He hates them, claims that all white people are racist, and said that the white people who were on "ask a black dude" should have gone to prison for their questions.

Some who have worked with him have said that everything that comes out of his mouth is racist. It's not just whites either, he hates blacks who don't "act black" enough- he was basically smiling over the Bill Cosby accusations, acting like he deserved it for not hating white people. Bear in mind, unlike Weinstein, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey or the others, Cosby was likely framed for pissing off a select few rich people,m the theory was due to his attempt to buy out NBC, but there was not a "white racist" conspiracy behind it. Mooney acting like Cosby is getting what he's owed is fucking bullshit.

He also hates gays quite strongly. Of course he denies being a racist and all that but his actions speak loud enough.

See black people, you CAN be bigots. Mooney is like a black Richard Spencer. Know what else? I didn't find him at all funny on Chappelle's Show, he was an asshole. Comedy legend, well his time came and went, this isn't the 70s anymore, I guess he left his talent back there. I get it, there are racist whites who hate blacks, they're called /pol/ now, but he's doing what the SJWs and /pol/ do- labeling every member of a group based on the actions of some, because he's a bigot who hates them all but is too much of a coward to admit it.


op is a faggot

File: Panthera_uncia_Shynghyz_Tama_Zoo_2015-09-20.jpg - (359.39 KB, 1500x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He's only doing right by himself. It's his nature, or just nature period.

He should be racist - and I wouldn't have any problem with him if he just did it from the continent he belongs.



Leukemia is absolutely a faggot.


Dude's an old remnant of when racism was still at its realest. Quite frankly, he's entitled to the way he is, much like the way I think it's futile to try to change a bigoted old white dude still pining for "the good old days". They're products of their time. He's a reminder of the days where he can remember when Black people faced true adversity. Even when they got equal rights in '68, things were far from equal, and the shift was met with strong opposition in many places. The times tempered them. Made them angry. Forged some of them into a stony cast way of thinking. Defined who they are.


Mooney is like a black Richard Spencer.
Fuck yo momma with the Oakland Raiders, Leukemia.

I guess you finally learned how to shift gears. Its the wierdest fucking thing to see YOU, of all people, defending Cosby, just to slam someone else.

He openly displayed his disdain of white people. He hates them, claims that all white people are racist

But all white people are racist. All black people are racist. All asians are racist. We're ALL racist. Just some more visibly than most. And I mean that completely seriously. I feel like it's such a non-issue that people in this decade have suddenly, desperately made an issue just to demonize white people that it actually made me first. Now I'm more than concerned that its gone on this long.

He also hates gays quite strongly.
I'm sorry, have you ever met a black man? Gay Blacks don't exactly have it easy among their own skin color even today.

I didn't find him at all funny on Chappelle's Show, he was an asshole. Comedy legend, well his time came and went, this isn't the 70s anymore, I guess he left his talent back there.

How was he any more of an asshole than Chappelle? Just because he responded harshly to real white people asking him questions instead of Chappelle, keeping most of his antics to acted skits? Yes, the guy's racist and abrasive, but this is only a surprise to anyone who hasn't been paying fucking attention to who Paul Mooney is.

He was one of Richard Pryor's main writers. Richard. Fucking. Pryor. He wrote scandalous skits and jokes, like Bicentennial Nigger. These two dudes were slingin' the N word left and right, and not because it was just an act, but it was who they were, and it still made them famous. He wrote In Living Color's first season. His work got the likes of Robin Williams and Jim Carrey their first big break. And now people expect him to change now that he's in his mid-70s and fighting prostate cancer just because America's become too pussy to even identify being as minimally racist as everyone is?

"Oh, he's a racist, bigoted asshole". Why should I listen to someone who was/is a racist, bigoted asshole LONG before you brought up Paul Mooney. Chappelle Show was a dozen years ago, and its still fucking awesome. If this is what you're bitching about now, you must be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Btw, where's your cancer, Leukemia? You said you had it, or was that just a troll ruse, too? It's not doing its job. You're more of a joke than Mooney ever was, but the prime difference with Mooney is that we laugh with him. If your generation can't figure out the humor, that's your fucking problem, so own up to that shit and stop blaming others. The only thing wrong with this is that his cancer will likely take him before yours gives Lulz some relief.

File: images (2).png - (5.76 KB, 282x179) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well racism against white people is very popular these days, even among other white people. Some people think I'm a racist bigot because I refuse to denounce my southern heritage or my race but I'm really not. It's to the point now a white person can be considered racist simply for not hating his own race. But really I like cultural diversity, I just don't believe in double standards.

>>3487510 Yeah homosexuality is still kinda taboo in the black community. I some saw black guy and a biker get into an argument during my one man rally in support of the confederate monument down town. He didn't care about the flag only that I was dressed like a woman. The biker guy got all defensive and told'em to kick rocks.

File: 380045_Sefeiren_slither_drg01.jpg - (106.02 KB, 920x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Some people think I'm a racist bigot because I refuse to denounce my southern heritage...

You can see why, right? Your "Southern Heritage" to most people is the rape and abuse of men, women and children so your ancestors didn't have to pick their own cotton or do their own laundry. Being proud of being southern is exactly like being proud of being a decedent of one of the guys who personally murdered Jews in the concentration camps. There is no way that it's not racist. You understand that, right?

File: oE7A7fl.jpg - (45.33 KB, 333x493) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3487721 No... not really... it isn't..., but that's how the the media portrays it so you'll just lap it right up.

It's what people do any time the "in thing" is hate on a particular race or group of people. It just happens to southerners now.

Focus entirely on only the negative aspects and say " this is what your culture is" and ignore the anything positive. Every race has rapist and murders and slavery in its history somewhere. Hell even early jews are guilty of genocide, but none of that of matters, only that you're going along with the popular "bad guy" flavor for now.
So go right a head, keep living in your delusional fantasy world where everything bad that ever happened to anyone was whitey's fault.


>>3487726 You're white and southern! Feel bad about it already. Otherwise you're actively discriminating against blacks and other ethnicities.
Not sure how that works but do it anyways. Doooooeeeet!


I'm with you on the whole calling out Leukemia thing but you're going over the top here. Just saying.



This is true. "Southern Heritage" is just a good name for importing a bunch of fucking niggers into the country.



>muh cancer meme

And people call Chris-Chan a retard. Give it the fuck up, you /pol/ asshole, you're an idiot, people who disagree with you do not have cancer, and your mother should be ashamed to have raised someone as useless as you.

You're only pretending to defend blacks because of the poster ID, you lying prick. If anyone else posted this you'd be throwing an ape-like shit-fit and agreeing with it.

It's what I expect from a dishonest fuck with the brains of a large mouth bass. Please give me your dox, I'd love to beat your ass, and trust me, knowing how inept you are on here you're probably a limp-dicked overweight tub who couldn't fight back.

Bill Cosby was framed. Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein and Dumpf were not. Neither was your little half-chnk Zaush. Thsoe men are guilty as fuck.

I stick by what I said, Paul Mooney is an old asshole who is just a bigot, like that moronic fuck Richard "I deserved to get punched" Spencer. Because things happened int he past doesn't justify his 100% hatred, and no, /pol. just because you are 100% bigots doesn't mean all whites are. Again, you're a lying asshole. I expect religious jackasses to lie. I expect Breitbart readers to lie, because you are always lied to, it's your way of life to pretend reality is fake news. No wonder you're on this cancer kick, you are so delusional you actually believe this, I never once said I had cancer, you LIAR. Calling Trump Jewish is not racism, it's a fact, why the FUCK do you /pol/ assholes like him? he has admitted it himself. You dumb cocksucker. How badly must you hate facts to ignore even what your asshole president says?

The irony is you probably have brown hair and are so racially impure that Hitler would have tossed you into a camp- the same Hitler that loved Islam so much yet you, despite claiming to follow Hitler, hates Islam. Hypocrite.

Know what, don't dox yourself, just get shot by a mugger. No one will miss your lying ass. Poor mugger probably won't even get any real money off you either, not even to cover the cost of the bullet. Or die of cancer, that would be fucking hilarious since you can't shut the fuck up about it. Either way, just die. You'll stop getting triggered every time someone doesn't share your views, and the children you're likely molesting can be free.


Furthermore, Mooney WAS good, now he's old, senile and a prick who lost it. He's not funny anymore. Legacy means dick of the person can't do it anymore. Oh but you're right, we should let his racism slide because he once did stuff, and we should also pretend Duke Nukem forever was a good game because Duke Nukem 3D was.

Chappelle, well it's his own dumbass fault the show bombed, it's his own dumbass fault he chose to make 99% of his content about race. He is right though, most of his fans are morons, but most fans of anything are fucking idiots that should be ignored. Dave though, he dug his hole and he had to jump in it. He had to know what the fuck he was doing with every negative black stereotype sketch he acted in. Oh but he needs a pity party, fuck all his co-workers who lost their jobs because he had a crisis.

This is what happens when you think you owe your damn race. Racial pride is bullshit regardless of the race. "Oh this person of a matching skin color did a thing, I feel so powerful," fuck you. This lazy bullshit is used by people who don't want to earn their own personal distinction. No w onder every white fatass /pol/ fuck is so proud of what Hitler did, because they lack the balls to kill a Jewish person with their own hands, oh wait that "never happened", make up your fucking minds already and own up for what factually happened. Every holocaust denier should be charged with fraud.

Oops, your president is friends with a man who did just that in Russia and he panders to Israel. So uh, enjoy Holocaust denial in the US laws next year. Morons. You dug your own hole, now jump in.



Well, shit. Look at those beautiful trips. Shame they were wasted on the likes of rabid filth like you. Actually, do you even know what "trips" are? Fuck it. I'mma try to keep this to just a few points, otherwise I'll be here all night trying to counter your slandering stupidity.

You're only pretending to defend blacks because of the poster ID, you lying prick. If anyone else posted this you'd be throwing an ape-like shit-fit and agreeing with it.

Well, isn't this delightful. You seriously think I'm arguing against you, just because it's you? Certainly not simply because I disagree? Of course not, gotta stretch everything to the irrational. Listen here, cupcake. I'd be making this same argument if any tripfag here posted the same. Well, it wouldn't be the same, because they wouldnt have pushed it as far as you, and I wouldn't have reacted as harshly because it's not you. See, you have nothing to do with me simply entering the fray, and everything to do about me calling you out on your shit repeatedly where it applies. I shit on your shit because its just adding to a pile of shit that was already there.

Congrats on finally demonstrating knowledge on how the poster ID works, I guess. Only took you countless months and endless prodding at the subject, but hey, progress. But screw you anyways for assuming I'm White. You're such a generalizing prick.

and no, /pol. just because you are 100% bigots doesn't mean all whites are.

But just because we're on Lulz, you think we're all /pol/.
And just because you think we're all /pol/, you all think we're White.
And just because you think we're all White /pol/, you think we're all Right-Wing.
And just because you think we're all Right-Wing, you think we're all Christian.
And just because you think we're all Right-Wing Christians, you (somehow) think most of us are Gamers.
And just because - Aw fuck it. Like I said, I'd be here all night tearing apart your hypocritical bullshit.

No wonder you're on this cancer kick, you are so delusional you actually believe this, I never once said I had cancer, you LIAR.

You're right. You didn't say you had "cancer". This is entirely true. You said you had "Leukemia", Leukemia. You claimed that it was slowly killing you, Leukemia, and that soon you'd be dead and the board could then rejoice. Leukemia. I don't care if you don't remember this, Leukemia. Because you leave such a strong distaste in our mouths here that we instantly knew it was you, Leukemia. But almost mostly because your poster ID rarely changes, Leukemia. I've seen 2, maybe 3 IDs, but its almost always been ID:I6MX+2xH, Leukemia. That, along with your posting style, constantly comparing irrelevant things that don't belong, general shill-brand dishonesty and your signature "fuck your feelings" mantra, makes you unwelcome but unforgettable. Leukemia. Also, others wouldn't have referred to you by the Leukemia handle if it didn't make some sense. Leukemia. I didn't forget, and odds are plenty others haven't either. Leukemia.

You are indeed the cancer you claimed to have, Leukemia.

Hitler blah blah blah Hitler loved Islam

BZZZT While somewhat true, you simplify it out of context with your Leukemia-brand agenda to the point that the point is warped. Hitler found Islam (Or what he kept referring to as "Mohammedanism") more compatible with his Germanic vision ideals than Christianity, but considered actual practicing Muslims to be beneath "pure Aryans" (go figure) and only courted them in the Middle East because they shared a primary hatred of Jews. He referred to Arabs as "lacquered half-apes" to be dominated and exploited once their usefulness ran out, but briefly reflected on that if Islamists had successfully conquered Europe, it would eventually have been Islamic Germans at the forefront of their armies and leaders.

Hmm, you know, I sense a shift attempt in you.......suddenly you're calling me a liar a lot. Feels like I hit a nerve. Perhaps calling out your intellectual dishonesty has been catching on? Better start calling me the liar! Too little, too late, and too slow to adapt. Your shit's tired, son. We all know your game.

Oh, and one more eye-catching statement of your arrogance

most fans of anything are fucking idiots that should be ignored.

Sounds like one of those brainless shill "Episode VIII is great, fuck the hate", gr8 b8 m8, i r8 8/8


>>3487721 There's more to American southern heritage than slavery. There's the musical tradition: blues, bluegrass, country, Southern gospel, Southern hip hop, jazz, soul, Tejano, zydeco, different kinds of southern folk music, and famous musicians like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Sam Cooke, B.B. King, Dolly Parton, & Elvis Presley. There's the literary tradition: Wendell Berry, George Washington Cable, Truman Capote, Irvin S. Cobb, Pat Conroy, James Dickey, William Faulkner, Ernest J. Gaines, Zora Neale Hurston, Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell, Carson McCullers, Flannery O'Connor, Robert Penn Warren, Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, Mark Twain (if Missouri counts as the South), and a lot more, regional genres and movements like Southern Gothic and the Southern Renaissance, plus all the folklore. There are the artistic traditions: southern folk art, southern modernism, southern expressionism and artists like Walter Inglis Anderson, Romare Bearden, Jasper Johns, Richard Ray Whitman, photographers like Jennie Ross Cobb and Sharon Irla, traditional craftspeople like beadworker Martha Berry and basketmaker Mike Dart. There is the food and drink: Bananas Foster, biscuits & gravy, Brunswick stew, chicken fried steak, corn bread, grits, gumbo, hushpuppies, jambalaya, pudding corn, Southern barbecue, Southern fried chicken, bourbon & Tennessee whiskey, the mint julep and so on. There are the famous Southern politicians and military people who weren't Confederates: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, Patrick Henry, Henry Lee III, Francis Marion, John Marshall, Winfield Scott, John J. Pershing, William S. Benson, Chester W. Nimitz, Osceola et cetera. There's the sporting tradition. There are the old cultural values of honor and hospitality.

File: DRirW95WAAAYn7z.png - (833.85 KB, 900x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>There is so much more to Southern Culture than slavery....

Yes, all of that is true but most people have no idea most of that stuff exists. That's what I've been trying to impress upon you. What you see and what most of the world sees is very, very different.

Here, let me use an analogy.

Imagine you are the biggest fan of football in your state. You know all the players all the stats, the history, the inside information and you think it's the greatest sport ever. Most people however, barely know anything about it. It's a niche market that is losing people every day. Few understand it on your level and if you just walk up to a random stranger and ask them to describe it they are going to say something like, "They have two teams of guys try and get the ball to the other side of the field. They smash into each other a lot and get brain damage." and that's pretty much all they are going to know because unlike you, they are not super-fans of football.

In the same way, you are a super-fan of southern culture. Most people only know a tiny, tiny, fraction of what you know about it and they don't care to learn because what they do know is slavery, and raising an army against the other half of America to defend slavery.

File: apple_jack_and_the_general_lee_by_ipostponies-d5u8ax8.png - (803.04 KB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3487833 OMG I KNOW Okay!

Thanks people are ignorant, south hate is the fad right now, it's easier to assume and swallow spoon fed rhetoric. We know! Okay believe me.

But that's why it's all the more necessary to be on the ready and stand your ground.


>>3487833 What do you propose American Southerners do to improve the regional image?


Lynching 3B would be a nice start.


>>3487730 >>3487777 >>3487781 >>3487822
I was wrong. Do continue.


For all the extreme racism that apparently exists down here in the South and for how awful for PoC it is here...Why the hell are so many moving (back, in lots of cases) down here?

File: gay.jpg - (328.84 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

the rust belt is 1000x worse, and those not stuck here need to either head into the nightmare zone that is everywhere central, or south

File: fallout-screen-03-ps4-eu-05Jun15.jpg - (348.66 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I tried to go east to west, I made it to Idaho and gave up, it was horrible, and the farms were round

File: img-865974-1-i_found_da_whiskey__by_brisineo-d5inrqh.png - (171.59 KB, 1024x656) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Then I went back to Ohio, and became my town's only gay alcoholic

File: DQDehWuXkAAutQF.jpg - (96.08 KB, 768x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>What do you propose American Southerners do to improve the regional image?

It's pretty simple. We were doing it for a while before Trump came out. You take the things you are accused of and work against them, not for them.

If you want people not to think the south is full of racists then support the BLM movement vocally and stop the KKK from marching in your parades.

Teach your people not to beat their wives and rape their kids.

Don't spend government money promoting gun shows like it's a fucking national holiday.

When a cop beats the shit out of someone for no reason fire them.

Change your hiring policy so that you don't hire psychopaths to be your police officers. More Andy Griffith less Sergent Slaughter.

Most importantly, educate your damn children so they don't turn out as bad as their ignorant parents and teach science not religion.

Make a list of all the shit people accuse you of and make sure those things aren't true.



>Support BLM

You know, for people that yelled in Bernie's face and insulted the gay community, you'd think they'd have garnered more support from Southerners!

File: Narcissism_At_Its_Finest.png - (86.66 KB, 611x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>You know, for people that yelled in Bernie's face...

You mean the time those two women stormed the stage and demanded to be allowed to speak because the white people in charge of Sander's rally wouldn't let them speak until after Sanders had left and most of the crowd along with it so he stepped back and let them have his time instead?



He cucked out. There was no discussion.

The old Jew just did what most old Jews do when confronted by uppity, potentially violent blacks.

He walked away.



occupied Duwamish land

Aaaaaahahahahahah. Yet she lives there #butImDifferent. People always act like their ancestors never conquered and/or eliminated others for their lands.

Suspend black students at a higher rate

At the high school I volunteer at black students account for 71% of physical altercations, 60% of extreme classroom disrupting behavior (white females are 30% lol), ~80% of reported weapon incidents (student A saw student B with a weapon), drug incidents are pretty even, ~50% of truancy is black males (hardly any black or white females, white males are about 40%). Repeat offenders are largely black with drug incidents being again, split along race evenly. GEE.



Whoops. The HS is on the high end of 30% of the students being black or identifying as black.

File: d1c7a0f7f294e2ca44da85e8ec60189c399d14b5f31ddbe25853c85b306e7b8e.gif - (520.27 KB, 255x255) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3487903 >>3487904
those facts are racist so ur wrong lmao owned trumpets xdd



>He cucked out...

Yeah, he "Cucked out" so hard that he won the state in the primary. It's almost like when you let voters speak their minds, for or against something, they appreciate it. Go figure?



So, what? He won the wrong battles and lost the war. LOL. But it's okay to sound like a Trumpet "B-B-BUT HILLARY! HILLARY!"



>He won the battle but lost the war.

I'm pretty sure the whole world lost that war.



>Cosby was likely framed for pissing off a select few rich people

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA are you fucking serious?



Completely serious, or an overly dedicated autistic troll.

I give the second possibility because its actually quite rare that he finds something new to bitch about.

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