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File: 636482478840093965-miller.jpg - (34.29 KB, 534x712) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
35114 No.3485937

It's official. Cartoon CP gets you V& and assraped.

File: DQPbAQUUEAAxPNQ.jpg - (132.84 KB, 1000x1050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's bullshit. They got him for going to an FBI honeypot ToR node which distributed real child porn. The news article just talked about the anime baby rape because it was the most sensationalist thing in the trial. Any lawyer could have gotten him out of charges filed against him for anime drawings. They probably just included the anime stuff in the court case to show it was an ongoing issue with him because they had a weak case legally and needed to sway the jury with shock images.


How is the FBI able to post and distribute child porn? Seems criminal in and of itself even if they do it.

File: renamonisconfuzzled__.png - (68.24 KB, 262x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hold on, the original article says nothing about a anime.

>>Northern York County Regional Police received a tip last August that someone was viewing child pornography using the Tor network, software that makes it difficult to trace for internet activity back to the user.
>>Detectives determined that during the early months of 2015, a user at that address accessed a website located outside the United States and viewed numerous images and videos of child pornography.

So... Tor vulnerability or someone snitching on him IRL? Afaik you can scan for traffic patterns if you have total control over most nodes (the US's government probably has), but these being located all over the world should in theory make that impossible.

If the police and government can find you even with Tor... then that means bad news for whistleblowers all over the world.

File: Its_Only_Brain_Damage.jpg - (69.00 KB, 396x293) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Oh, no, it's perfectly legal for the FBI to host child porn sites. Remember all that child porn spam we use to get here? That kind of concerted effort to advertise child porn is a government fishing scheme trying to catch pedos so they can justify their massive budgets.

Mind you, they spend literally hundreds of millions of dollars a year finding a few people who look at child porn online while spending less than 5% of the budget on actually preventing the children from being raped in the first place with pro-active counseling services or investigations without substantial evidence.

They would rather get a conviction by spreading child porn than risk spending money to prevent or stop a child from being raped because it doesn't look as good on their record.

File: 1456079033095-0.png - (104.03 KB, 500x537) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also it's a fucking brony blog. What was I expecting, quality research with cross-referencing of sources and in-depth investigating the matter?
I'm too tired to think, apparently.

*says nothing about anime
My Engrish is showing at this hour.



>Oh, no, it's perfectly legal for the FBI to host child porn sites.

[citation needed]

File: g5r50931v8oz.jpg - (50.99 KB, 1008x756) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The Tor Network isn't as great as people think because the FBI can set up a network of active nodes and a destination site (Often called a "Honeypot") they can't directly trace you from just the web page but if you use the nodes they host to get to the web site they host they can trace it back to you.

It's really a luck of the draw kind of thing for you to hit enough compromised nodes while traveling to the honeypot for them to have a viable, legal case. It's like winning the lottery of prison time.

It's a MASSIVE waste of tax dollars but the government doesn't want to just give up and let criminals have their own corner of the internet so we pay to roll those dice and hope we get lucky enough to catch someone.

9 times out of 10 the ToR network information is added to a case after an arrest had been made. Part of the investigation is calling up the FBI and asking them if they have any traffic records that might support the arrest of the criminal. They do the same thing for drug dealers and stuff but the quarter of a billion dollars we spend on "fighting the dark web" rarely ever actually comes up with a criminal conviction on it's own. It's almost always real, traditional, police work that gets the job done.

File: 2012031600.png - (71.85 KB, 625x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Actually I have to agree with 3Bongs here.

It should be illegal for the government to "hunt" for pedos by disseminating child porn. It's immoral and it also this pretty much fucks the game up for every other government that isn't collaborating with the US government in apprehending child abusers, because those viewers get their fix and are completely outside of their jurisdiction.

Also I understand the sentiment behind banning this, but tbh viewing footage of any other crime isn't/shouldn't be illegal, so perhaps spending more time and money on getting people who MAKE this shit rather than waste huge amounts of taxpayer money on catching people who view it is somewhat stupid.

Also pushing pedos, as much as I have a distaste for their fetish, into illegality by not allowing them many ways to get off will probably make them only frustrated and MORE likely to abuse a child, not less. You're not really giving these people a way out, and that's a dark place to be in, since although only a small number of pedos are people who got molested themselves (study said female on boy had worst effect, but still tiny minority), I've seen studies that show that most pedos come from dysfunctional broken fucked up families and probably have a billion fucking issues outside of their control that led them on this dark path.

Anyway, this entire argument/topic is a dumpster fire and after getting my 2 cents in I'm washing my hands of it.


File: Shit_Be_Cray_Cray.gif - (1001.95 KB, 120x120) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Fun fact, the FBI will often track porn distributors down using real world tactics then take over their page and leave it running for months, even years, gathering data on users all so they can get a few arrests that make them look like they are making a difference.

File: 1352967162.cubi_weh.png - (132.62 KB, 365x459) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Sounds unlikely that all of your nodes could be honeypots, afaik one non-honeypot node and they lost you. But they have other methods. That's where the synchronization attack comes in. If they monitor you, and monitor enough nodes, they can establish traffic patterns. And you can't really get around those without either adding "useless" time delays or appending random amounts of junk data from node to node if possible in some way.

But who knows. I can't program worth a damn anyway, so it's not like I'm going to Make Tor Anonymous Again.

File: Only_Stupid_People_Are_Breeding.jpg - (94.22 KB, 484x325) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I agree. Taking away the one thing that lets them resist the urge to hurt children is probably a bad idea but my major complaint about it is that it's a sham. One study linked above showed them serving child porn to 215,000 active users for years to make 137 arrests not all of which even got jail time.

We would be much better off as a society if we just made some kind of anonymous program to help pedophiles be less fucked up. Like AA but for pedos. Some secret meeting they could go to for support so they don't abuse children in the first place.

If the end goal is to protect children then what the FBI is doing is a abject failure. Instead, the FBI's goal is to justify the existence of the program to get more funding.

File: 1416260442732.png - (183.44 KB, 507x448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>government creates trap link
>your IP accessed some shady link whether you intended it or not
>shady links can be distributed easily by people who are outside of your government's jurisdiction, or hiding their tracks well enough as if they were, or are government themselves
>off to the prison with you

That's a perfect way to set someone up.


>>We would be much better off as a society if we just made some kind of anonymous program to help pedophiles be less fucked up. Like AA but for pedos.

But it's going to end badly if any name list exists anywhere. That's pretty much a to-lynch lyst, because people are fucking stupid, unwilling to think and understand and they are also fucking paranoid about kids because I guess instinct or whatever.

Now, for my sanity, I HAVE TO leave this thread [-] [-] [-]


So can we agree that showing cub (underage) shit porn will always attract real pedos.


The article also states that it was a first of its kind operation. That's not entirely true. If you dig around the Internet you can find articles about in the days before the net, like the 1980's, where they ran 'reverse-sting' operations, one such was Operation Looking Glass, mailing out cp ads to people who had ordered legal porn, baiting them into ordering physical copies of cp mags made by companies like Color Climax, (Because the images were legal in Denmark then), except the address was someplace like the Virgin Islands, which some people did not know was a US territory. The FBI would ship the actual material by couriers like DHL, who delivered domestically then, and wait for the recipient to get their mail, watching from afar then raid their home, sometimes using UNSIGNED search warrents, which in almost all cases the courts would let go thru ANYWAY. ('god faith' or something).
You can also find RECENT instances where if someone had cp, the FBI was providing the name of the person who possessed it to the child, if grown, in the image if the child was known to them, or to the family of the child, so they could SUE the person having it for millions in damages, because, child was harmed again by someone who saw the picture. It's really a money punishment "hammer them more", because what child ever looks anything like they did as a kid anyway when they grow up? If you think I'm lying about ANY of this, start Googling.


However, the Digital Trends articles linked above states that the FBI is running at least half or more of the CP sites on TOR, dozens of them. Does this mean the FBI LIES? Surely not, because if you lie to them I think they can send you to prison just for that, has been that way for decades AFAIK
So I guess the lesson here is if you want to view all the cp you want, become an FBI agent.



>unironically defending pedos
>unironically thinking these animals can be helped

Get gassed, libtard



>I agree. Taking away the one thing that lets them resist the urge to hurt children

You think pedos are either looking at CP or molesting children?

That's some fucked up logic, like saying people who watch porn don't want to fuck for real. If anything, it makes them want it more through operant conditioning, where doing something that gives you pleasure (fapping to CP) reinforces the association - and, the porn is bypassing all the reality of the child not actually wanting to have sex with you.

File: you_think.png - (29.32 KB, 950x109) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

File: Best_Job_Ever.jpg - (52.34 KB, 500x458) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>You think pedos are either looking at CP or molesting children?

I'm not so foolish to think they are all doing one or the other, but at least some of them will be. How do I know? Because the price of hurting a kid is really high and those pedos who are otherwise sane will look for any alternative they think they can get away with if it means staying out of the prison meat-grinder.

I looked it up and research has proven that pedo porn does actually reduce cases of real abuse...

"Scientists led by Milton Diamond at the University of Hawaii found that easing access to sexually explicit material may help lower sexual abuse of youngsters. Diamond’s group compared rates of various crimes, including sexual abuse, murders, assaults and thefts, both before and after the fall of the communist regime in the Czech republic. Before a more liberal government gained power in the country in 1989, all forms of sexually explicit material, including magazines such as Playboy, were banned, and all nudity was considered pornographic.

The new government, however, passed a law allowing some expressions of nudity, including child porn, and when Diamond and his group compared rates of child sexual abuse both before and after the communist regime was in power, they found that there were fewer cases of abuse after pornography became more accessible.

The data support previous work that found similar trends when pornography laws were relaxed in Japan and Denmark. Coupled with the fact that rates of other crimes did not change in the same time period in the Czech Republic, Diamond speculates that the reason for the decline in child sexual abuse could be due to the fact that potential offenders were able to substitute child pornography for sexual acts themselves. "

File: 8-bit-humping-dear-Ikea.jpg - (37.76 KB, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Wow, the FBI waste is even more bullshit than I thought. I was reading the statistics for child porn on

The main push that created the anti-child porn task forces in America were based on a 2008 study that was done during the height of the "war on crime" I looked up that study that everyone sites for porn "causing" pedophilia.

It was a study of "341 convicted child molesters in America found that pornography's use correlated significantly with their rate of sexually re-offending. Frequency of pornography use was primarily a further risk factor for higher-risk offenders, when compared with lower-risk offenders, and use of highly deviant pornography correlated with increased recidivism risk for all groups."

So this whole conversation is build on a myth created by bad data. People who molested kids then got out of prison, looked at child porn between molesting kids and somehow that justifies spending millions of dollars a year on a program with fewer convictions a year than your average meter maid.

How about we just don't let child molesters out of prison so they never have a chance to molest again? Duh?



Wrong team idiot. GOP is the one protecting the pedophiles.



meanwhile.. in Trump's happy land.



>Because the price of hurting a kid is really high

Only if you get caught. Pedos in high social positions can insulate themselves from allegations, others are simply good planners, especially the ones who are "otherwise sane" as you put it.

Only the stupid pedos get caught diddling the neighbor's kid. The rest will go online, find groups that dispense child porn, form networks of like-minded people around those communities and then find ways to abuse kids without getting caught. That's why it's important to monitor and occasionally bust these rings.

The more you force the pedophiles into hiding, the smaller their networks will be because they can't reach out and organize without getting caught immediately. That minimizes the damage of organized pedophilia, and forces the individual pedophiles to take more risks and getting caught in doing so.



>So this whole conversation is build on a myth created by bad data.

Why is it bad data? It correctly points out that there's a correlation between child porn offenses and child abuse offenses

>and somehow that justifies spending millions of dollars a year on a program with fewer convictions a year than your average meter maid.

Have you ever thought that the low number of busts is because the system is working and many of the pedophiles that would offend are already in prison, or too scared to do anything?

Your argument is like saying, "We haven't had a big crime wave since forever, why are we still spending millons on police patrols?"

File: tumblr_oxyb7vcLXO1si9dqzo2_540.gif - (264.79 KB, 540x304) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Why is it bad data? It correctly points out that there's a correlation between child porn offenses and child abuse offenses...

Because it takes a study of a population of known offenders and applies it to everyone.

Like if you did a study of the correlation between experience driving cars and a life of crime but you only studied car thieves then your study is going to conclude everyone who drives cars is a high risk for being a criminal. The criminal condition is baked into the study.


ITT pedos pretend they are normal and harmless when reality says otherwise.

INB4 "Chris Hansen is trying to wage war against the white race" as whiners like to spout out on here, because he caught their relatives or something.


Making CP is legal, if you're a police officer.


I have heard all my life that minor children couldn't get erections, that they are still immature and incapable of it. Was this just another lie being spread, I have heard it from a LOT of sources over the years.

File: flower the skunk boner.png - (732.12 KB, 1200x1040) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3486183 All the way through 17 unable to get any kind of erection then suddenly on 18th birthday BA-BOING! -- Seems legit.



>I have heard all my life that minor children couldn't get erections

No you haven't.


Yes, that's exactly what happened to me. 18th. birthday. Just suddenly, all at once. I was scared shitless because I didn't know what the heck was going on.



It depends on the person. I remembered a episode of house where a woman brought in her daughter to the clinic because she was getting feverish in the car and House checked her out then asked the mom to describe the car seat. Turns out the girl was just rubbing up against the car seat latch between her legs till she had an orgasm. I thought that had to be bullshit but no, it's true. It's actually quite common in girls. It's called "Self-Gratification Disorder" Not sure how it's a disorder.

File: a2719070128_10.jpg - (339.85 KB, 1024x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Before his arrest, Shortey was perhaps best known for introducing a bill in 2012 that would have banned the use of aborted human fetuses in food — a measure that drew widespread ridicule and was never granted a hearing in a Senate committee.

I had erections as I was growing up, but I honestly never consciously blew a load until I was 18. I might have had a wet dream at one point when I was younger, but I apparently just didn't know "how" to masturbate until I was out of high school. 34 now, I've long since made up lost ground, but still.

I'm doubtful of someone not even getting an erection as they were growing up, the odds of that are probably super low. Like, a lot of times a boner is involuntary.


I don't know in which kind of alternat reality you live but here it's the socialists shilling for normalizing pedophilia, and the left, social justice warriors are also all out about "pedophilia is a gender" "stop persecuting people for their sexual orientation" bullshit.

If it were about me, intracranial lead injections.


That's kind of hot.


Lol I had that problem as a child. If I sat the right way in the 'computer chair'. So I'd wait til no one was home and just like. Sit on the computer. For hours. LMFAO

Also babies can get erections. I had to babysit my cousin a couple times as a kid and it was soooooo grooosssssss because you'd have to make sure it pointed down into the diaper, otherwise when he'd pee it'd all come up and out. Barf.

File: .................PNG - (217.37 KB, 266x498) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>Get gassed, libtard

If you are gonna call me a libtard, also go tell fucking furry antifa to get me off their "nazi" to-dox list and autoblocker, please.


>adult politician busted with some 17yo (who wanna bet it's something like 1-2 months short of 18)

This is only illegal in Dumbfuckistan. Age of consent is like 14-15-16 here (unless you're a teacher or a relative).


"The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy" - Edwin Edwards, D-LA circa 1983.

And given that the guy is vocally anti-gay, including "Religious Restoration" legislation that allows businesses to legally discriminate against gay and trans folks.


Freedom of association is freedom of disassociation.



>… federal charge of child sex trafficking last week after an investigation found the married father of four offered a teenage boy cash in exchange for “sexual stuff.”

The illegal part was paying the guy for sex. That's illegal in most of the US, and is illegal at the federal level when buying the services of someone under 18.

If the senator was just hooking up with a 17-yo guy, hopefully he'd still be pressured/forced to resign (given his homophobic policies), but it wouldn't be illegal.


Why am I not suprised?


maybe you're just a completely shitty person all around


Nambla Internet Defense Force go, and stay go

File: 817.jpg - (28.38 KB, 450x617) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well I guess that falls under prostitution rather than pedo then. Not that the press seems to care though.


>a couple of months shy of 18 years old

How about you go and stay go.

File: 4212644+_48f508d28368b3c1b20b37be6f8d1ae4..jpg - (6.27 KB, 299x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

maybe I have something for you


The feds claim that he had actual CP vids in his email Sent folder though. Not CP as in 17-year-olds, but CP as in prepubescent.

75. A review of Shortey's AOL email address account contained two emails that had been sent in October 2013 from his AOL account, to and The first email from Shortey's AOL account to contained a video of a prepubescent female who was penetrated vaginally by a Sharpie marker and then later penetrated vaginally and anally with an adult's penis. The second email was sent to and it contained four video attachments of young. prepubescent boys engaged in various sexual activities, including oral sex, masturbation, and anal intercourse.

So yeah, pedo.


no seriously you're probably a giant piece of shit.



Pretty sure the age of consent is dependantly on the age gap.
If a goddarn 30+year loser preys on 13-16 years old, it could be considered a crime.

Now.. kids of 13 doing it with a kid of 15... thats another history.

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