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File: gofundme.jpg - (65.16 KB, 836x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
66728 No.3477286

Hey lulz, serious question, why are so many furries on disability? By my own estimate about 10% of the furs in our state chat are on SSDI. I'm pretty sure that's a way higher percentage than the general population.

Is it really that easy to get? I've met a few of them and I'm pretty sure they could all get a job if they actually wanted to.

File: spoonies.png - (193.44 KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You get a lot of people who can't do all those things you see kids doing in the Mt Dew commercials like jumping off cliffs on their bicycles because they're sick all the time and can barely get out of bed and can't go outside because they don't have enough spoons.

Roleplaying and fantasy games and online communities are some of the few ways to escape their health situation and one of the few ways they can be social. Since furry is largely roleplaying and fantasy you end up with a lot of these people in the fandom.

As far as getting on SSDI I'm not certain how easily it difficult it is for people can do that. I was on food stamps for a year or two and it was a pain in the ass to get on but once on it was relatively easy to stay on but they did do means testing now and then.

A friend of mine was on SSDI for a while mainly because his helecopter parents kind of pushed it on him due to psych needs but he fought to get off of it because SSDI kind of limits your ability to work and he was tired of being a lazy fuck and wanted to actually do some kind of actual work instead of being a makework WalMart Greeter. According to him getting OFF SSDI can be almost as difficult as getting on it.




That's one of those pretend illnesses that magically didn't exist twenty years ago, is incureable, and yet has treatments heavily marketed by Big Pharma to "manage" the symptoms, isn't it?

File: 39a3186b80adc6e55d87b4393cc8e5bd.png - (918.09 KB, 1280x1098) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Surprisingly no, it covers things like parkinson's where your nervous sytem is all kinds of muhamad ali.

I'm a little fed up with the psych industry myself though. My #1 issue is i have sleep paralysis, and have the choice of black out drunk with no dream sleep with the resulting REM deprevation crazy, or full sober sleep with sleep paralysis horror crazy every night. I keep pointing this out to any shrink I go to. So far I've been diagnosed as "untreatable major depression" which i don't have, life just really sucks for some people and you have reason to be depressed all the time. "General anxiety" which I also don't think I have, because sometimes your life sucks and you need to be constantly afraid that the next thing that happens to you will toss you over into hurtvill. "Unidentifiable and untreatable psychosis" which im pretty sure I continue to identify as sleep paralysis... you get the idea.

Every psych i go to either wants to give me a fistfull of anti-depressants which in my experience don't do anything, or want me to meditate and self center. I have yet to have a single one awknowledge the sole fact that when I go to sleep, I see horrible shadow people, can't move, and feel inexpressable terror.

The one time I ever actually got cleared to have a sleep study, the conclusion was "huh, these results are really weird." Have you tried talk therepy?

I refuse to accept any disablity until someone awknoledges the damn sleep paralysis.



This eloquently illustrates something I see on 2017 lulz a lot. It's always been there, but now everyone else has left and it's all that's remains. I see the worst kind of idealists here -- idealists completely disconnected from reality.

You put people on pedestals and then rage when they prove to be human beings. You silently hold people to impossible expectations and berate them for failing those expectations. You pretend no one leaves the fandom and then throw violent tantrums when someone does, even when it's a quiet, drama-free exit that you only discover after the fact. You refuse to relax your wishful grip on artists that no one else even remembers. You scrounge for the tiniest scrap of new drama on cold cases, and if none exists, you make some up. And if no specific targets can be found, you look for general targets, like OP is doing. Or if the well is really dry, you find fault in the political scene, which is why this place resembles /pol/ more and more every day.

"Why can't people be better? Why can't the world be good enough for my standards? Why does everyone and everything keep disappointing me?" That's all any of these threads are about. This place is a graveyard because everyone else who was here realized that you can't live in this fucking bubble forever, and they left for the real world. They're probably doing a lot better than you, now.

"Oh, did I strike a nerve?" Fuck off.

File: tumblr_mjy2k9xCLa1rsv3aro1_400.png - (96.98 KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Yup, you're a true furry...fucked in the head with a million excuses why you can't become a productive member of society and/or are triggered all the time.

File: 131026505371.jpg - (44.55 KB, 625x448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

But I am a member of productive society. I'm on no benifit programs, and I'm a self employed general electrical contractor. Even after my confusing taxes, I make more than any of my personal friends who work for other companies...

I just happen to also be insane. Its not like they want to stop you from getting insurance and a business license.


Boy, Ms. Pissy Poster ovah here.
Why do you even bother visiting anymore?
Oh that's right, /furi/ is a bad habit...that's hard to kick. Looks like you're still token on those Lulz cigarettes, my friend.



I'm not sure how having a job, any job, and earning money is an impossible expectation. Nearly everyone in society pulls this off without major issues.

Regardless, the worst part about the SSDI furs is they constantly complain about how they don't have money for some game console, or can't go to a furmeet because the bus doesn't go there and they don't have a car or driver's license. Things that I would think for most people would eventually convince them to go find work so they could have money to do the things they want.


>>3477406 i myself gave up gaming and such for such reasons as it being only fun and good for social in groups. and work takes up loads of time as it is.

File: dragon ball z - worst episode ever.jpg - (31.21 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3477406 I've seen a couple people unable to really keep jobs - they're both on disability now. Both worked at a tech support call center. One was doing really well and got a few promotions but he has Meniere's disease (inner ear disorder) which occasionally makes it so he's barely able to stand at all. The company has a mandatory "take too many days off in a month and you're fired" policy and he passed that point when he had a particularly strong bout of the disease.

The other suffers from anxiety panic attacks. Usually she's fine but once in a while something will set her off and she'll breaks down and can't really function. I've seen this happen at restaurants and the dumbest-ass shit can set her off. Examples: Husband's food isn't cooked to order as requested -- take it back PANIC PANIC PANIC. A dispute on the bill that's rapidly resolved PANIC PANIC PANIC. Bathroom stall had toilet paper but it was all stuck up in some roll and she couldn't get the roll started because the roll was placed in an awkward location PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC. We don't go to that restaurant anymore because she can't deal with that place anymore -- PTSD? -- Anyway similar attacks caused her to exceed her "max days off per month" limit and she too was fired from the call center.

I'm not saying this is true for everyone. There are indeed some lazy fucks out there who just need to get a job and stop blowing all their money on things like cons, art commissions, and dragon dildos. One co-worker DOES have a job but for some reason never bothered to get a driver's license. Grandma has to drive him and the rest of the family around everywhere (even 4AM shifts) because none of them have licenses. I don't know how grandma puts up with that shit -- and if she gets sick the whole family is fucked.

File: haveasinglefact.png - (352.10 KB, 600x693) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3477 360


I think part of it is that many foreigners seem to take our jobs and force out anyone who isn't a foreigner. I know of one guy who worked in foodservice or such and got forced out by Filipinos.


Disability is hit or miss to get. Some with serious issues are told they can still work because they can sit and answer phones, while Social Security gave SSI to that man who chooses to live as an adult baby.

Hey, so what if you have a bad back, a bad leg and are on meds because you will die in 24 hours if you don't take them daily, you can still do SOMETHING, amirite? Oh the adult baby? He shits in a diaper and drinks from a bottle as a life choice but his life choice makes him unable to work, so we'll give him money.

As for the adult baby, a senator found out, was furious and made the SSA review the case. SSA determined he still deserved it and resumed benefits. So maybe live an adult baby lifestyle since they give money for that without an argument. Hell, if you voted for Drumpf you're already proven to have the mental faculties of a baby.

File: god.jpg - (62.23 KB, 496x501) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>if you voted for Drumpf you're already proven to have the mental faculties of a baby.


>if you voted for Drumpf you're already proven to have the mental faculties of a baby.

You just HAD to inject /pol/ shit into this thread. Its like fuckers like you cannot resist it.

"Oh, imma gonna bait him ma! Watch this! Every thread on furi gotta be about politics! Ah-yuck!"



Come to think of it, virtually all his bait shitposting injects politics and/or religion, even where there was none, don't they? Bastard fuck.


le fedora tipping may-may
Trilby ass nigga

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