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File: b21b98be2e5ea6ea7fed1e54aa0a47da.png - (1749.69 KB, 960x1125) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1791682 No.3476787

Currently working on a commission that requires me to sculpt some balls mostly human in appereance.
Google, as usual, has provided me with lots of terrible substance for my nightmares but is lacking in the nice and taut department.
Post some nice testicles I can reference please.

>"for reference"

Yeah sure dude.


I assume you are female and therefore have no "balls" of your own? What about using your BF (if you have one; sorry I know I'm assuming a lot here) as a model? :-)


There is literally 1000s of websites that have photos of hunky male genitalia. You are an idiot.

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