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File: qNsKZ.png - (139.91 KB, 528x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
143271 No.3476307

>>3475795 Same here and I'm a liberal leaning centrist. In hind sight I probably disagreed with one of the Commi Natzis at some point over free speech and not assultung people you disagree with since these people seem all about "anyone I disagree with are Alt-Right Facists" regardless of their actual beliefs. Not that they care to have a civil discussion rather than make baseless assumptions.


....what the hell have you done.




File: 4384ff1bc32acea2b444de051557dfd3.jpg - (1239.01 KB, 1440x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hitler did nothing wrong.


centrists are even worse than nazis

File: Clean_42.jpg - (586.70 KB, 710x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

now listen i'm not some kind of nazi or anything but all communists need to be herded into labour camps

File: DJ0RP1WXcAAlI3v.jpg - (93.35 KB, 960x585) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>centrists are even worse than nazis.

Not quite, but close. Every time someone calls themselves a "Centrist" they are saying, "I look at the world and think, yeah, this is good. We should just keep things the way they are." it spits in the face of everyone who suffers in life. Centrists are the most selfish assholes on the planet.


ITT: Aufism's sockpuppet attacking the "EVIL REPUBLICANS".




God I love David Mitchell's rants. His "Soapbox" series in particular was downright brilliant -



No, the most selfish thing is to try and change things when modern America works well enough for the vast, vast manority... minorities included.

It is waking up,and saying "fuck the 90% because shit sucks for 10%"

How entitled do you have to be to want to fuck that up??

File: zbikvnqus3nz.jpg - (181.70 KB, 960x686) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Just because you're happy doesn't mean the rest of us are. If you are satisfied with your life, really comfortable, you are in the minority.

According to Time, over half of Americans are living pay check to pay check.

No where in America can a minimum wage job, working full time, afford even a single bedroom apartment.

More adults than in the history of the nation are moving back in with their parents because the job market is so bad and the pay is so low.

47% of Americans said they would have to take out a loan to pay even a minimal unexpected expense like a car repair.

Suicide rates are reaching new highs every year. 2016's suicide rates where higher than during the great depression.

People are getting married less, divorced more, having fewer children.

The obesity crisis is (No pun intended) growing larger every year.

Centralization of corporate power is creating more and more monopolies and driving smaller companies out of business. Hell, even Toys-R-Us has declared bankruptcy. People are too poor to buy their kids toys.

Even Hollywood is on the brink of collapse because the average citizens doesn't have enough money to go see more than one movie a year. No one has expendable income.

Comic book shops, collectors markets, flee markets, art galleries, it's all going away because people can barely afford food and bills.

If you want to know why all the artists are leaving the furry community, look no further than the 1% sucking the economy dry. If there is no money to be made in making furry smut, they have to move on to other things.



... did Ben Garrison seriously fuck up the national anthem trying to make a political point with it?


What do you expect? This is the same asshole tha used to be all

>waah 4chan is editing my comics and making people think I'm a white supremacist! Damn nazis! They are an internet hate machine!

And is now

>White pride! Fuck liberals and niggers! Trump dindu nuffin! Women are inferior to men! Gays are an abomination!

But he's always been a fraud and he probably edited his own comics. Please, moot laughing at him when he bitched to 4chan? Moot bent over backwards to anyone who griped, no way would he have laughed off a known cartoonist!

He probably saw more money in expressing his real views when the fascist selfish fuck got the office in a rigged election, same as Milo did when he flip-flipped his views for money. Dishonest people say what sells, not what's in their hearts.

File: 55-27738-grandpa-simpson-happy-1437256915.jpg - (73.25 KB, 612x612) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Unsubstantiated claims that range from wild exaggerations to outright lies.

My goodness 43B, you've sure been a Grumpy Gus your last few posts! What's wrong? Prunes not doing their job? Heating pad shorted out and caught fire? Your favorite My Little Pony show got moved to 8:00PM and hence past your bedtime? Don't worry, we'll be here to indulge your sputtering rants, even if your Alzheimer's brain sometimes can't recall us! (Hugs)

File: Zebra_Pervert.gif - (245.56 KB, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Just because you want something not to be true, doesn't mean it is false.
Some of us bother to know what is happening in the world.

File: 43B-adhominem.jpg - (146.54 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ah, a fine example of an Ad hominem ( ) rebuttal! Just one of 43B’s tactics he uses to delude himself into thinking he “wins” arguments. Here he refuses >>3476412 ’s (very reasonable) request for citations, and instead accuses him of willful ignorance. He even provided a URL that really has nothing to do with his original post, in the hopes of misdirecting readers.

Another example:

>43B: 2+2=5.
>Sane person: Err, I don’t think that’s correct–
>43B: Just because you want something not to be true, doesn't mean it is false. Some of us bother to learn mathematics!
File: trump_venezuela_socialism.jpg - (38.39 KB, 480x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>According to Time, over half of Americans are living pay check to pay check.

And most of those people are in that situation because of their own irresponsible spending and failure to budget properly.

>No where in America can a minimum wage job, working full time, afford even a single bedroom apartment.

Then get together with a few of your burger-flipping buddies and split the rent on a 3 bedroom apartment. Or get a second part-time minimum wage ob and then you could afford to live by yourself in a 1 bedroom apartment.

>ore adults than in the history of the nation are moving back in with their parents because the job market is so bad and the pay is so low.

So your solution is to burden, disrupt and slow the economy even further so we can be like Venezuela? How about we prioritize creating higher-paying jobs so those people can then afford to move out of their parents' house?

File: trump_venezuela_socialism_.png - (502.02 KB, 480x628) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


See, this is why Republicans always lose. Your only defense is telling half the story because if you used ALL the facts you have no case. Just like under Medicare for all America would save money. Voters would SAVE money, and fewer people would die every year. Under the ACA we lose more people every year than all the people killed in 9-11 times ten all so that we can keep an health insurance industry which does nothing good for anyone.

Medicare-for-all is better in every, single, way and the only reason to not support it is because you hate the elderly, the poor and our veterans so much you want to watch them suffer.

File: crying-baby-wallpaper.jpg - (137.16 KB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The PROBLEM is that most of those UN shills are already indoctrinated socialists, they see nothing wrong with the failure of socialism, "it just wasn't done right this time". "again."
Kind of the way you laugh when someone mentions God existing.
And yet, a worthless piece of human garbage like you exists.


You are why 99% of Americans now vote for Conservative candidates. You are a walking S.T.D. Let me go wash up after engaging you in a conversation. I don't feel clean.


>>3476414 sauce?



The trouble is, they really never get to their end point goal. Every single time communism or socialism is tried, it gets derailed before the conditions are met.

Every time people get this bright idea, they think that they're smarter, that they will keep the ship on course, that there will be no new Stalin, or some such result of a failed attempt at these systems, no, they shall truly get it right this time!

That's the problem in a nutshell. Arrogant idiots that demand we trust them to retread the same blood-soaked path. And for what reason? Because our system isn't as utopian for as many people as their vision is?

It's like cheating because you think the new dude might be an upgrade, and then you just end up with herpes and single. You'll reach for that dream, miss your landing, and you're fucked twice over.



>that there will be no new Stalin

Don't need no stalins. The moment the people realize they can vote themselves money (wealth redistribution), the whole system goes hang. That's because everyone wants a free lunch, and the best way to get it under socialism - which is based on the idea that the job of the government is to right social wrongs - is to make up problems so you can assume the part of the victim.

So suddenly everyone has an axe to grid, everyone's being oppressed or downtrodden, and everyone needs equal attention from the government which cannot ignore even the smallest complaint without betraying their own purpose.

When the state sets themselves up to be the nanny of the people, the people start acting like little babies - because they can. Not all people of course, but enough people that the govenrment is paralyzed by trying to change everyone's collective nappies to the point that they can't actually address any of the bigger issues, nor do they have any money for it because it all goes to the social justice programs.

Hence why, after a while of this, the people gladly vote for someone like Stalin or Mao to sort out the mess, and then it truly goes to the shitter.


Point in case.

How many people do you think work in the public sector in the US? 14% - that's one in seven.

How many in Sweden? 28% - Denmark even higher at 34%. A third of the whole economy is basically petty bureaucrats and social workers. How did it get to that point? Well, that's exactly the outcome of people voting themselves money, which in this case means increasing government expenditure and growing the public sector. The bigger the government, the fatter the wallet of the people who suck on the government tit, and so more people go down the same career path and vote for higher taxes and more spending - naturally, as they are on the recieving end of it all.

That's actually the point of social democrats - socialism through democracy instead of revolution. They know that if they manage to grow the public sector large enough, it will become self-sustaining and eventually take over the whole economy.

File: jdhlk.jpg - (3.50 KB, 150x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>See, this is why Republicans always lose.

What?! They dominate every branch of government at every level at this point. They've been doing nothing but winning. Even with these past few special elections the democrats and berniecrats always lose.



>entire poor groups are getting poorer..
>middle income america is diappearing
>wealth concentration is getting levels not seen since the colonial age..

Keep drinking Trump's bullshit.



Man, it sure helps when you're in hillbilly land with your head buried 100 meters in the sand.

Noone believes in your bullshit, stats are out there and shows what 3b said is true.



Irony.. insult and try to ban 3b 24/7... he insults back.. hilariously hypocrite rebuttal of "OMG AD HOMINEM.. BURN THE WITCH!!!"


No, thats nothing to do with democrats, Voters are just pissed of the economy , lies and concentration... Hillary's bullshit and control over the democrat party didnt help.

They literally voted out every single standard republican hoping that Trump would actually clean the dirty "swamp" that destroyed the government.
Except Trump only got most of the swamp out to put his own version of the swamp.

And instead of fixing, he's pretty much fucking up every branch of the government except the military.
You bet if he tried to fuck the military too, he would have been murdered already like JFK.

Trump was also very smart to put the blame exclusively on certain groups he despises. Simply using scapegoats to blame for something their group(the richest bastards) actually created and pushed to expand (aka republicans and big business pushing for free immigration and lower costs, while moving all other jobs overseas to get themselves richer, then pushing deals and enforcing neoliberal, aka ultra pure dirty capitalism, into every nation they could.. so they could stablish sweatshops for their products).




I really hope you're trolling, 43B. Otherwise if you feel your post is a coherent argument then your mental skills are declining, rapidly. Get help.


Late to the party but holy shit 5 star post i giggled like a school girl.

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