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File: fuckfash.png - (42.36 KB, 792x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
43374 No.3474071

As suggested Dragoneer agreed to make promoting nazism or other alt-right shit a bannable offense on FurAffinity, the #1 furry art community.

Do your part!
Report all users who post or promote hatespeech or have links with white supremacists, /pol/, trump supporters and neo-nazis. Start with anyone with a fash avatar or artwork.

Most important, NO WARNINGS.l

File: DHIbZkQWAAADWDn.jpg - (47.41 KB, 560x714) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

WE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


List of notorious fashy, far right furs
Hardcore ones, supporting racist, white supremacist or openly transphobic/antifeminist



File: goodnightwhitepride.jpg - (251.67 KB, 640x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Our Discord got corrupt by altbronies sneaking in, and forced us into getting false positives. Most of these accounts also got on standby due to an early leak. Consider this fixed.

I also found out the admin of this site has been 'doxed' by the alt-right.
William, I know you're not like these fuckheads. You have to pick a side.
Will you allow your enemies to communicate and use this site, or help us fight here and expose the fash and start banning some?



>and more

Is this a commercial? Do I get an extra bannable offense if I order now?


I think someone has an agenda.
Too much time on their hands.
And is a basement dwelling virgin.


aufybunny added to the list, this guy is scary as heck.

Transphobia, homophobia, antisemitism, islamophobia, all kind of minor oppressing supremacism, you wanna find out whitey? Go ahead you will.


I'm agender, yet I have the maturity not to really care about defining myself by my sex life. I can devote myself to anything serious, and focus on it. That's where you lose.

File: 4596606ec0220df74af81d8ef508dec6.jpg - (458.82 KB, 800x659) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


who gives a fuck? go be a sjw somewhere else.

File: haiku.jpg - (67.35 KB, 400x651) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


That...reads like a haiku:

Basement housed virgin
Only friend, an agenda
Forever alone



>I'm agender,

I didn't ask, and don't care. I'm sure you are a gender, so choose between the two and be done with it.

>yet I have the maturity not to really care about defining myself by my sex life.

Yeah uh-huh, that's what I thought too when I was a virgin. Little did I know I was sounding like a fedroa-tipping douche.

>I can devote myself to anything serious, and focus on it. That's where you lose.

This isn't serious. Listing and collecting names of people you don't like on some porn site, that won't matter a decade from now, is a huge waste of time. That's where you lose. Want to focus on something serious? Go help victims of Harvey in Texas and make a real difference.


"Go help victims of Harvey in Texas and make a real difference"
"Go help racist shitheads who just got in shit"
Sorry I'd rather donate to legit associations rather than racist shits who deserve to die.


Whoa, careful with that edge there, pal.


If we manage to block them from being present on the internet, we win.
They can't operate a site. They can't do anything. Next step Inkbunny.


Lookit all those antifa and blacklivesmatter people helping the people of color displaced from Houston. Oh wait. Haha.

We should push dragoneer to also outlaw terrorism supporting posts. Then, according to the FBI and DHS, we can demand that antifa posts be taken down... as they do count as domestic terrorists.


Posted from the safespace of Tor.


Yep. Still mad that your fash friend Weev and his nazi site got kicked from there?

Yep we got ToR and we use it. We abuse it. I created 8 FurAffinity accounts so far using it, and i might open my 12Th Twitter. It helps when reporting your kind and there's nothing you can do about us.

Dragoneer assured me he's still reviewing this list, so far only a few have been banned, he's checking if the users will have reviewed the ToS, or they can just fuck off.

The more interesting thing is how now they have the LEGAL right to sue an user for harassing another person online with hatespeech using FurAffinity, which is hosted in PA.


i better hurry the fuck up cleaning my 3 year old backlog of FA submissions, because they could be gone any moment now thanks to these leftist kikes

File: 77f4cd3f7b96d82661d8177f92450362a3a851d2171a72b5a2e3015b26e6f218.png - (223.85 KB, 588x711) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Weird, I checked twice, there's nothing political on my dead FA account and I'm still on that list.
This list comes out from FA's staff itself, isn't it?
You guys know this is a violation of your own ToS and privacy policy, right?

Everyone screencap this, I'm getting in touch with IMVU's staff.

File: 6tolfm3d0oiz.jpg - (57.53 KB, 629x956) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Most of those names just came from the watch list of antiantifa anti-SJW groups.


Why me?


I'm wondering the same, not like I stated my political opinion there, or anything, holy shit.
Who made this shit and on what criteria?
Staff who wants to get rid of users by getting retards whitchhunting against us? I'm not even American!


Speaking of which, where that list is posted? Or is it done purely by some lulz.nt autist?

>alt right

They believe in a strong governemment that can protect them and reward them with gibs. They are liberals.



Uhm. All those things are not fascist. Fascist is political oppression through overt violence. You fucking idiot.



Nope. Not tor. My ID has been on the board for 4 or 5 years now. Go suck a cock you paranoid fuck.

File: dad7880b4b_34424so-sorry-front.jpg - (154.64 KB, 676x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You must have had impure thoughts, sinner. Say 10 Hail Anitas and 5 Our Patriarchies while flogging yourself to repent.



File: 1466812207.keedot_artshow_rattie.png - (1251.95 KB, 776x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This thread is full or rats.


Y'all forgot Jerreh on your list btw.

Agouti isn't a fash in anyway however I'm PRETTY SURE.

File: being white doing it right.jpg - (79.52 KB, 540x594) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474130 This was some group called 'Life-Line Expedition' doing a 'Reconciliation Walk' -- A kind of 'white-guilt on parade' event in Gambia

File: 810.gif - (446.47 KB, 190x284) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>InvaderPichu on the list

I can tell when a list is bullshit when it has this chick on it. She's guilty of being an ultra dick and making fun of anyone with dumb views, so she gets stuck in ALL the blacklists.

She's the only chick I know who's stuck in the "Antifa-Terrorists" list by nazi furs AND stuck in the "Nazi Fascist" list by dumb SJWs.

More or less, If she ever pops up in your shitty blacklist, It's because you're just nodding your head like a fucking zombie sheep when someone tells you bogus shit.


At least not since they changed the definition in 2009...


You do realize that Houston is democrat majority city filled with blacks and hispanics, lmao.



It's probably because you're Russian. A lot of these SJWs are really dumb people so I wouldn't be surprised if they did it because of Putin.

File: milo-meme.jpg - (7.50 KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


It's not a list of people who expressed hate speech or generated pro-Nazi content. It's a cut/paste of the watch lists of various anti-SJW and anti-antifa groups. The proof that no research has been done is that this account was on the list:

It's just a neutral spam account that went around adding everyone on FA.



Wait a minute, what the fuck is this list? A lot of those users are leftists.

File: request to live denied.jpg - (185.20 KB, 734x737) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The sheer amount of salt from right-wing furries is G L O R I O U S


We are in the process of creating parallel institutions, including parallel websites. is the front runner.


Right-wingers can't run websites for shit, and the ones you do run - like Stormfront - tend to get shut down.



I've been thinking about it. The reason why I see immature and irrational people in the furry fandom is because the furry fandom is pretty immature and irrational.

Drawing cartoon animals is bound to attract plenty of developmentally stunted LGBT narcissists who have nothing better in their life besides protecting their wank material and partaking in flavor of the month internet drama/fads. They will never be content with their lives and rightfully so.

You see a lot of adjusted chill people at gun clubs, cars. and aviation because those subjects aren't entrenched in idealism. They're centered around reality.



>If we manage to block them from being present on the internet, we win.

Right, so then they'll be forced to congregate in real life, where they can cause physical harm instead of just hurt feels, lol.
B-but banning ideologies totally makes them go away forever right? Now nobody will be enticed by the super secret forbidden nazi sites, problem solved! And blanketing everything even slightly right-leaning as "fascist" will definitely not recruit any future nazis. :^)


Sergals is actually a Telegram bot for giving notifications of new uploads for users it watches.



It just creates a silent majority.

>safe space

And yet he still allows Zaush free reign. The man who raped a woman using threats of violence to make her put out. Gave him admin status, let him have access to everyone's inboxes, banned anyone who called him out.

Not to mention he's a pedophile so people like Donald Trump, Kevin Alfred Strom and Milo are Neer's heroes. The right wing loves underage kids and furries are turning conservative because of this.

IMVU is forcing him to do this. Neer doesn't give a fuck what his userbase wants. Yeah the /pol/ tears are delicious but they're easily offended, just tell them Trump is Jewish or god is fake and they cry, they're not hard to bait. Neer isn't doing this to make people happy, he's been forced into it.

File: Extinct TheDeathOfTheDukeBoys.jpg - (110.87 KB, 947x1163) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474071 Oh fuck!! How did I make the list?


>>3474170 report him to Imvu for violation of his terms of service.


I dunno about you, but i think i know why i ended up in the list now.

i expressed open disgust towards USSR. It was one of the worst political systems ever created.
Dear fellow alt-rights, alt-lefties or whatever you like to call yourself. It's YOUR country, not mine, that is having all that bullshit about left-right thingy, pro and anti trump. If you want to fight - okay. If you want to live in communist paradise - fine then. If you want to feel a bit of dictatorship - i won't be able to stop you.
But if something like USSR 2.0 will happen to my place, i'll be one of the first to revolt against it.


>>3474175 you are not alone in this thought as ive expressed the same, though im not on the list being im mostly left leaning with some right-wing ideologies. the left cant do shit right period.

File: trixie.png - (225.41 KB, 1192x1868) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm on your "list" and I'm not a racist or a nazi you fucking retard, great work 10/10

File: raf,750x1000,075,t,royal_triblend.2.jpg - (341.79 KB, 750x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wow. The snowflake is strong with OP.


just laffo

File: Luca_Shoal_zoophile4.png - (171.63 KB, 672x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: Luca_Shoal_zoophile2.png - (123.79 KB, 640x599) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




if the altfurries are so angry maybe they can organize and do some good: get FA shut down for good. Tell all the investors about how they own the #1 furry porn website online. Send the letters to all the Silicon Valley press. Go nuts! Buy up billboards around IMVU HQ. It shouldn't be hard.


This thread is amazing. I just love how pretty much half of these people are lefists.


I wonder if Dragoneer is aware he's being astroterfed using tor bots. We basically have someone here admitting to it.


beep beep

File: jack salem nazi.jpg - (586.69 KB, 710x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm all for blanket banning of account on FA, just to be sure only the most progressive, educated, tolerant people should be kept. We can't know others are not crypto-fascists, just about to post something hateful on FA.

File: hitlery-nazi.jpg - (9.41 KB, 354x460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: CaYB3KHUYAASvAV (1).jpg - (189.25 KB, 960x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: CNIVQbNUsAURV5P.jpg - (94.12 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: sanders-joker-communist.jpg - (39.45 KB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: nazi-furries-625x350.jpg - (52.98 KB, 625x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

princess piche is as funny as ever but you are still godawful at relaying any actual drama

do not quit your day jobs

File: 747559_InvaderPichu_ip_sm.png - (1735.24 KB, 2000x1063) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Holy crap, I'm on an antifa list? JFC I figured I was too obscure to be on any list other than the SJW's list. (This is Invader Pichu btw, I go by Insane Proxy now) Can you link me to said list? I'm curious as fuck.

File: Hitler_trollface_close-up.jpg - (8.80 KB, 165x163) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>furi is a bunch of liberal furfags


File: big eevee.jpg - (44.88 KB, 800x490) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Comment posting has been disabled by the journal owner.
File: 1462499920909.png - (685.72 KB, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You know it's not just about what you do on FA, if you have a FA and if we find out you're also active on Stormfront or protest against BLM, or buly people on Twitter/Facebook or other social media, the same /will/ apply to you.
Yes, we have our means to identifhy who is who, some will say it's immoral or a "privacy issue" but it's about the safety of our community mods accepted to share info.

"I didn't do anything" "I just voted for Trump but I'm not a Nazi" "I'm racist but I keep it for myself" "I make jokes about blacks but it's just jokes" "I draw nazi furries but I swear I'm not one myself" "The jews controls everything"

Fascism is not just one thing, it's a spectrum of aggressiveness and hate, and if you're into it (looks like you are) you /will/ be treated as one.

If you can change you will fix the problem, if you don't know why, you are too ignorant to know what you're doing wrong.

To all of the fash here, you're gonna have a bad time. If you're not on this list we're already taking care of you.


How do you know? I know colored people who are antisemite, homophobic trump supporter loonies, this is also the alt-right. this is fascism spreading to other ethnicities, and these people don't deserve our protection.
I'm not racist, I make no difference between blacks or whites, I know when I have to deal with an asshole and when I don't.
Knowing the dangerosity of the political situation it is important.

Yes you are. Does the name DiracDrynx or PurpleTinker rings you a bell? Do you remember what you told these persons?


meanwhile on Deviantard...

File: allah-satan.jpg - (31.30 KB, 300x198) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A million accusations to fire up your heart! What happens when one protected group attacks another?

You don't mean shit....

File: 1427860785741.png - (391.06 KB, 599x634) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Is DeviantArt the same site as FurAffinity? (no)
Is it a corporation?(yes) do they prefer to ignore fash and have a laissez-fare policy regarding this kind of polical content ? (yes) instead of keeping an unity in the social network they are managing?

What's your point?

All websites are now actively fighting far right ideologies, if we are all going in the /same/ direction, by banning hatespech, so no nazis or altright will have a place to vomit their hatred, we will succeed.

As I feared it will be more complicated to get in touch with IB's admin but not impossible.


Won't happen, because you, the wealthy white cunt, you're the one being protected. you're the one complaining when you're threatened. you're the one being dangerous pushing war betxeen communities, but here we're united. The left is stronger than ever, expect a bloody revolution.
You will be shot, you will get your face beaten up and stomped on the ground, here your little privilege, fucking asshole.
I've doxed some of these furs who live in palaces, with insane collections, making fun of starving people.
These people must die.
I want to see this kind of guy burn with his porn comics and shitty drawings.

File: coloncrucified.jpg - (105.79 KB, 576x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Holy shit the butthurt.

Hey altfurries - we can drive you off our websites. We can expose you to your employers. We can out you to your friends and family. We can humiliate you on social media. There's nothing you can do about any of it, and best of all? No-one is actually going to miss you when you're gone. There are no alt-furries who are noteworthy contributors to the fandom's art, writing, music or fursuiting (just look at the shitty scrawlings they produce if you need proof of that), and none of you are even popular figures in the fandom.

No-one will notice your absence when we get rid of you. And no-one's going to beg you to come back. "This is why we need altfurry?" We never needed you. We'll probably forget you the moment the door hits your ass.



Oh fuck off, you're completely safe. No one is falling for this "I'm a victim and just trying to keep myself safe!" shit.

Even under fucking George Bush Jr, nobody could go face to face with a transvestite and just kill them in cold blood, in the middle of the street.

Even under George fucking Bush Jr, no one was able to just go up and shoot someone at a pride parade and get away with it.

You, YOU PERSONALLY, are probably just an upper middle class whiteboy who doesn't even have any issues, and YOU are crying about YOUR safety? Your community of antifags that are predominantly white boys?

Suck a goddamn dick. No one is buying your "We're not safe" bullshit.

The only fucking decent antifa are the ones that have the balls to go over seas and fight real dictators. You don't know fucking shit about oppression.



You're a psycho piece of shit.


Why won't anyone think about the poor fluffy wuffy racists?! ;_;

File: southern_furry_emblem_by_dazombiekila-d7i1go9.png - (136.45 KB, 423x409) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The alt-left ButtHurt is so strong here I had to go pop another bag of popcorn!
Did all you normal people on here ever see such brain-dead, self-destructive retards?
The only reason they have time to post on here and do the other shit they claim is because they DON'T HAVE A JOB.
They parasites live off your welfare tax money.



>Did all you normal people on here ever see such brain-dead, self-destructive retards?
>The only reason they have time to post on here and do the other shit they claim is because they DON'T HAVE A JOB.
>Did all you normal people on here
>The only reason they have time to post on here
>is because they DON'T HAVE A JOB.
File: 1377395094.rncoyote_ac13_-_rebel_2__dragonscales_.jpg - (125.66 KB, 460x799) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's right, the Liberals here don't have a job. Now you've got it.

File: TRUMPTRUMP.jpg - (70.67 KB, 777x437) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Cry, Cry, Cry.
Rage, Rage, Rage.

File: 1tyit7.jpg - (187.34 KB, 1200x870) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here, all you hateful, intolerant, violent, lying liberal leftists. You know what to do.


The thing is, i didn't expressed any kind of hatred or what you said here.

I honestly don't know what you consider as "hatred"

I live in one of the countries that contributed the most to defeat of nazi bermany in WW2. That is Russia. My father's parents are ukrainian, and their parents lived under nazi occupation for few years back in the 40's. Some of their relatives actually ended up in nazi prison camp, and luckly they got out of there alive. My great grandfather in mother's family line took part in Manchurian operation against imperial Japan. My mother is jewish, therefore i am.

If you accuse me of supporting nazis - then no, i don't support them, since they were a direct treat to my family.

On the other hand, my family lived in USSR till it's collapsed. If you want to expirience some sweet stalinizm today - try to get into North Korea, where you'll be thrown in jail for spilling some drops of coffee on a portrait of dear leader in the morning newspaper. You can't go abroad, you can't get goods that don't suck, you can't express your opinion without danger, you can't immigrate, you're getting paid $2 in a month ($1000 is considered sort of "north korean dream" in there), you'll be forcefully applied for a job (tho honestly that thing wouldn't be so bad for some of furfags). You literally will live in a prison camp size of a country.

I didn't vote for Trump, nor Hillary, since i don't live in USA, but still in Russia.

>Fascism is not just one thing, it's a spectrum of aggressiveness and hate, and if you're into it (looks like you are) you /will/ be treated as one.

What makes you think that i'm into it?

>If you can change you will fix the problem, if you don't know why, you are too ignorant to know what you're doing wrong.

Maybe i don't see something here. You know, in courts they directly tell you what crime have you accused. So if i'm on a trial, then please tell me what did i wrong?

>if we find out you're also active on Stormfront or protest against BLM

Good luck with that. Last time i checked BLM is not even present here (because, OH MY FUCKING GOD, there's just 0.03% of afro russian population in this country). Even if it was, i don't think they would have much success here, since our cops are forbidden to use firearms, unless it's a last measure they can use, and even if they actually shoot, even if it's justified, they still get in huge troubles. Unlike your gun-ho cowboys in police cars. And stormfront - that's completely US curiosity thingy, not russia.

What the fuck happened to western world, it was all fine just 7-8 years ago. You'd think that things are should getting better. But tensions are rising. I don't understand US anymore.

Fuck, even capthca gone full retard just now.

File: 48ca727cba41896e6c18278917eb7771.jpg - (79.34 KB, 576x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you all have autism.

File: captcha.gif - (1.82 KB, 57x25) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Oh boy, more false flag bullshit.

Alex you damn well know why you're on this retarded list of people these people don't like, you are practically a propaganda arm. The horseshit you spew makes me honestly wonder if you're being blackmailed, considering you draw children's cartoon porn. I mean WTF.

File: EXTINCT Berned.jpg - (118.12 KB, 898x1227) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was always going to be on the list because I believe in freedom not authoritarianism. I guess I could have kept quiet if corporate entities didn't start making policies against freedom of speech.

There is no logic or liberalism, reason, fairness or responsibility in this extreme Left which is no better than a extreme Right. However I am still thankful to this extremism for opening the door to wonderful true liberals, conservatives, atheists, Jews, Lawyers, men, women, homosexuals, Muslims, blacks, whites...even Muslim reformists.

You shunned them all and I took notice.

They are all wonderful individuals. I have to remark that I actually have a greater diversity in teachers than any of these Leftest that seem to all be a bunch of angry accusers. They don't even want a straight white man in their group. They can't tolerate a different opinion. They can't come up with common rules for everyone.

They won't stand by women or children when they are attacked. Not when their faces are removed with acid or when they are raped.

They want the perfect communist society like....ummm.

I stumped myself.

I am sure if Bernie Sanders runs again the democrats will actually give him a fair shake this time. BTW I don't agree with the socialist views of Bernie but I stood up for him when he got screwed!

Go stand up for a ideology that can't come up with a single common law that ignores a persons DNA and still thinks it isn't racist.


When is FA gonna introduce a positive feature for once to their fucking site instead of more shit that causes drama. If it's not banning artists for using google backgrounds, or banning people for "stealing code," or hiring pedophile mods, it's banning people for imagery that hurts some jackoff's feelies. Sonic Pony Diaper Scat Fiesta is a-ok but ban that artist who drew a red arm band 8 year ago pls.

It's like everyone in this fandom only listens to the faggots who make a hobby out of whining and bitching and moaning because they're the loudest; they're the most reliant on attention. They're fags who can't do anything constructive with their lives so they make up problems. They trigger themselves, and endlessly whine until they alleviate the pain of being pansies, they never do it because it's righteous, but because someone else told them to. It's deconstructive boredom, and if you were to somehow remove everything these losers wanted, they'd just conjure up a new problem to complain about.


With his adamant support of southern culture and naziesque art style I'm surprised Aufy isn't on the list. Probably because he isn't actually racist. The guy seems a little insane and probably not very bright, but he doesn't strike me as hateful or a white power type. I think he just started leaning more towards the right after witnessing what hypocritical hateful ignorant bigots many liberals were becoming.



You refuse to call out communism which as killed over 100 million, but you go for Nazism which has 20 million. You're a hypocrite. If you can't practice what you preach, then how can you expect others to do the same?


God gave you an ugly poor appearance to match your ugly piss-poor personality. I'm thankful for it. And as long as you're filled with envy and hatred, you will remain that way. You will never make a difference in your life because you are no different.

File: 3e57e868b7d62f0b37d6105aa80a3c63--volunteer-work-special-olympics.jpg - (5.58 KB, 271x208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

lol you people

File: 1426683126998.jpg - (146.81 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>what happened to the USA

The current generation (millennials) have grown up with everything provided for them, witnessed unbelievable leaps in technology, and have been raised to assume everything improves. Well this generation is 20-30 something now, on their own, and realizing the world is kind of a shitty place, relative to their previous pampered lives, myself included. So now, this generation is faced with either meaningless jobs and old mentalities that retain how the USA was and still is, or taking up arms and protesting about everything wrong with being an adult and modern society.

I too would agree with the antifa movements if they weren't the most whiny, hypocritcal bunch of losers to ever form a crowd. There are several things wrong with antifa right now:

1) It implies people are being opressed. It assumes that someone who hears a remark that they don't agree with or they get offended by is just as bad as people getting murdered for their life choices. What's worse, is there is a hysteria assuming these "facists" are going to physically harm someone or some group they tolerate, so you have this juvenile name calling, a fucking ironic bullying, of anyone who isn't on their 'progressive' side.

2) It assumes people are facist, which is incorrect. The term 'facist' is yet another fear-inducing blanket term for someone who is nationalist. Nationalism is great, it instills a sense of pride in your country and the uniqueness it represents. 'Facisism' is a panic word, and just like 'racism' it is has completely lost it's meaning.

3) If its not antifa its some other bullshit stupid movement. About 10 years ago Occupy Wall Street was a legitimate cause trying to resolve the shrinking middle class and unequal distribution of wages in the country. Well like antifa, it was aimless and divided itself with super poor welfare dependents and coffee drinking hipsters that used the movement to promote themselves, and thus disappeared. 5 years ago the Black Lives Matter movement was so disastrous, it showcased inner city blacks burning down their own communities and looting instead of proving they are innocent, law abiding citizens. Before that it was hippies, and before that communists, same group of dysfunctionals, same hypocritical behavior.

File: 1427411784846.jpg - (473.54 KB, 1400x1050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


4) its deconstructive, hypocritical, hate group on its own. Fuck, even the KKK which is an organization that proudly boasts its ethnic superiority doesn't go around smashing windows and tearing down statues (granted they're been around for a lot longer). If you listen to antifa protesters it's never about "support tolerance for a better society" it's "beat the shit out of fascists because they're fascists." They target statues that have little relation to their cause, and want things banned like the Confederate flag, despite knowing anything about it's history.

5) It attracts special snowflakes and amplifies the vocal minority. It attracts weak people who flourish in a crowd for a sense of belonging, and serves as big fucking blog to complain without doing anything constructive. Why don't these hundreds of thousands of people volunteer at homeless shelters? Why don't they get involved in community services? Oh, because identity politics is all about their individuality and not their cause. It's hilarious to see all the infighting because that's proof that antifa can't unite under a common, coherent cause.

I listen to this shit too much online and it's all the same. It's name calling and intimidation. It's bored, unsuccessful people who are rightfully frustrated with society and growing up in general, but approach it in the most ham-handed way led by horde mentality. It's a physical manifestation of Social Justice Warriors showing off their anger by throwing temper tantrums, and just like a toddler screaming in a store, it's gonna get it's way which is why it has grown the way it has. It will pass when people realize how hypocritical it is, but will resurface in the future under some other label.

Trump 2020.



Any ideology that helps us realize the vision of the 14 words is solid in my book. Bonus points if Henry Ford's original ideals, as extolled by Hitler in his seminal work, are also realized.

Or maybe not and we just stir up shit on the Internet because we're here for the lulz and haven't much else better to do.

Captcha: yuden

Wer will übrigens auch mit mir die Juden ausrotten? :3


Making the point of kill counts won't do any good, these foaming-at-the-mouth hyperleftists seem to think they're perfect little "good guys" who can do no wrong in their Quixotic crusade against "fascism." They will say whatever they can to justify communism's own acts of violence, oppression, and murder even on the most massive of scales.

File: 1501574272125.jpg - (195.76 KB, 432x444) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>"Go help racist shitheads who just got in shit"

You realize the vast majority of Harvey victims are black people right? Because most white people paid attention to the weather and bailed before shit hit the fan. Go to one of the relief centers and tell me how many whites you see in contrast to blacks, I'll wait.

File: Discount_Whores.png - (383.39 KB, 480x518) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I do see the irony in making a bordeom-inspired, long-winded comment using a Tibetan animal fucking portfolio that sounds similar to what antifa does to promote their hate speech WHOOPS I meant progressive ideas.

The only thing I can do is watch and laugh at the movement that cannibalizes itself because of muh feels.

On the subject of FA, lol that sergals are a hate symbol and lol that spotty_the_cheetah is on >>3474082 's list of hoooooorrible right wing death squad supporting monsters. Drawing a cartoon trump is literally the worst, I can't even.

Like, anti hate speech rules are common place on all terms of service, why bring attention to it now? Maybe FA's user rate is declining and the site needs a boost in attention: the strategy has worked pretty well for the last 10 years keeping the site #1 for angsty furtrash users such as myself

File: Lulzinanutshell.gif - (281.89 KB, 720x361) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>implying any of you furfags have any relevance to the rest of normal society
File: yis.PNG - (10.57 KB, 507x274) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh let's not forget at the top of this page, a thread of cubfurs.

Seems furfags, especially leftist furfags, are all pedos after all.



>you wanna find out whitey?

Ho boy, what a sad day it is when morons think using "whitey" means they're doing the right thing.



I mean, symbology is what we humans make of it. In 10,000 years, if none of this folklore exists, none of these symbols will have the same meaning.

By extension, humorously, it'll also mean that "jingle bells, Batman smells" finally leaves us.

I don't find a lot of irony in using a misappropriated symbol from Hinduism and Jainism, rotated 45 degrees, as a herald for a group whose sole purpose is to secure its future and the future of its children. In fact, I welcome it. It's one thing that everyone can really get behind, it's simple to draw, and it's recognizable. For the here and now, this works.

We must secure the existence of our people and the future of white children.

I welcome opposition from antifa on the streets.

File: why is this nigga serious.JPG - (25.41 KB, 309x334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>it will be more complicated to get in touch with IB's admin but not impossible

GreenReaper already blew trannies the fuck out by telling them to sit down and shut up when they cried about Roary not being banned over a tranny comic. Do you actually think he's going to give you any attention?

God damn I'm beginning to think this is just a massive troll scheme, nobody can be THIS delusional.

File: Income_Inequality_Explained_both.png - (421.26 KB, 557x725) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Fun fact, the wealth inequality is so bad in America, if you literally stole half of what the 1% owned and redistributed it to the other four percentile blocks, it would put every single person in America within what we now consider the top 10%. The plan you are making fun of, would actually work, and the 1% would still be more than twice as wealthy as everyone else. They have so much money just doing nothing, their lives wouldn't change at all.

File: 1342887588128.jpg - (13.96 KB, 332x335) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is going to be good



You can only rob the wealthy so long before you're out of wealthy people to rob and everyone is starving. Right now, only a handful are starving. Most "poor" people have creature comforts unheard of in the 1920s. Appliances and environment controls, and entertainment that our grandfathers would give a nut for. Almost no chance of eating food contaminated with disease.

But you're bitching cuz someone else has more.

What a joke.

File: NO REFUNDS.jpg - (34.70 KB, 320x304) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


It really comes down to what the fuck these people are fighting for. Is it worker's wages/benefits/compensation? Is it regulations and corporate accountability?

Or is it simply a case of "you have more money than me and dat shit aint fair yo GIBS ME DAT"



Pretty sure he's being an ironic.
Specially how the human trash on this imageboard always overuse the word "nigger" to attempt to look "cool and hip".



It's totally "Gibs me dat."



That's like saying ebonics is a facade and not a culture. Hey faggot-nigger, this is an image board, welcome to image board culture.

File: ShitSandwich.jpg - (44.94 KB, 1559x259) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Drawing a cartoon trump is literally the worst, I can't even.

Oh, thaaaaaats the reason.

Well now, that guy who put me on that "list" (list, that sounds like what actual nazi or commies back in 30's would do - gotta keep all names in check before they'll be shot!) is probably blind, if he didn't read the descripton to my submission.

File: worstofkkk.png - (1828.70 KB, 1600x2457) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I'm laughing my ass off at those "white supremacy" furries.

Reminds me of this comic:



I dont know whats sadder, your butthurtness.. or that you seem to be addicted to FA to keep making accounts.

File: 1480215551198.jpg - (53.51 KB, 434x425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


No one is going to stand against the 1% because OWS tried that and it failed because it was a retarded identity-politics related liberal movement. The hardworking middle class started it, offered solutions and options, but it gained momentum and soon collapsed because it attracted the unemployable who only wanted handouts as well as the trendy middle upper class who saw it as a business opportunity. It cannibalized itself and the super rich just laughed instead of being frightened into changing their exploitation of the markets. But the rich getting richer is just one of many negative facets of capitalism, and if you think communism is a viable solution, there are many other horrible ways why that has failed and continues to fail today.

So instead of the super elites changing how they spend their money, or even giving a thought to redistribution, they are using the OWS experience as a template to manipulate crowds and protests in a way to destroys them internally. Companies and political organizations hire people to spread propaganda. The media portrays these rallies as a positive change despite being clearly illogical and destructive in nature. These are tactics being used to destroy otherwise worthy causes by forming divisions in the movements.

In order for wealth distribution to occur (and it would certainly not be pleasant) it would take a catastrophe of a financial collapse for it to happen. And it still might not ever happen because today everyone is so placated and the society itself is so vigilant that most people wouldn't date fight it out of fear of jail or camps or whatever. It would take a global famine or plague or natural disaster to topple such a system and by that point many people would just die instead of fight for some stupid political belief. The result is a society and corporations that continue to provide but also extort it's populous for their own interest which is the foundation of any successful business.

This is perhaps the biggest 'oppression' our society faces today. Not being called a nigger on a bus, or making an imaginary 23 cents less for ever hour worked at the coffee shop, or getting a shocked look when you walk into the women's bathroom, it's the fact that you're being extorted for every penny you own. But that's not a good reason to protest right: a good reason to protest is to ostracize those evil cis het white males that who role play as Hugo Boss clothing models.

>replying to 3B

I keep falling for it and I don't know why, like scratching a scab



Don't try to justify yourself, nobody in this debate is listening anyways. Civil discourse has broken down pretty fast overseas.



You can't blame the game or the players, you can only blame the customers who purchase shit that they willingly buy from the corporations that exploit the system and restrict the rights of others.

Believe me, I loathe corporatism. It's a system that has eroded morality, rewritten right and wrong, and denied the platform of everyone who doesn't insincerely believe in their bullshit liberal ideologies. Not only are they willing to kiss the ass of SJW yuppies, they have more power and influence than the government itself.

That said, you can't blame them if there's millions of people unwilling to boycott. A five dollar investment to a corporation like Google and Netflix would mean an five dollar investment to reinforce policies that fuck you and millions of Americans over. You have to make them lose money.

File: 1503352189678.jpg - (35.79 KB, 551x591) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Leftists are stupid, but you don't need to be a Nazi.

Progressives are depraved sadists who bring the worst out of everyone through every action they perform, whether they intend for it to be constructive or destructive. They are grotesque demons in human form, both in mind and in appearance. The worst thing that they can do to you is to change you into a monster that you aren't. Don't permit them to destroy you, let them destroy themselves because their ideals are objectively bad by default. An ideology that encourages dishonesty and restricts free expression will collapse in return like the USSR and Venuezela.

Never be violent, assist your local community, and keep this in mind; it's never hateful to love your people and country. Change begins with you.



Why the hell is FelixSilverClaw on this list? I know him irl and he's as far away from being a "fash" as anyone can possibly be.



Ohh man, the butthurtness is hilarious!

Two wrongs do not make it a right.

Also the communist problems were by crazy dictators (Stalin in URSS's case, and Mao in the Chinese case).

Oh gods, do not start with that fucking bullshit of "muh heritage" again with these statues.. which have nothing to do with the confederacy values, but blatant racism under Jim Crow eras.


Hello, I have been informed by several friends that my name appears on a list of FA users that are accused of being either racist, transphobic, nazis, etc.

However this is simply not the case at all. I request my name be removed from this list, as I have no links to any hate group of any sorts. I do not understand how or why my username appears here, but it obviously should not be here.

If you have any questions at all, please feel more than welcome to send me a note on FA, I will gladly take them.
tl;dr I have no idea why I'm on a Nazi list, but would very much like it removed, and I have no parts in any hate or supremacy movement. I find them disgusting.

File: hatehatehate.png - (506.64 KB, 500x402) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474296 Yeah.. I was wondering how that list was compiled. I know one person on there and he's definitely 'anti anti-FA' but hates Nazis as well. Also hates Mexicans and fat women driving Priuses.

File: 252486__UNOPT__nudity_anthro_questionable_lesbian_breasts_plot_diamond-tiara_silver-spoon_cuddling_artist-ajin.jpg.jpg - (107.42 KB, 644x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Many things makes me think how, unlike the previous thread did. For frequenting, or rather, spying on actual SJWs and knowing how they work, back-stabbing, destroying their own communities for their vision, and the methodology, all sounds like it.

Yes, there are SJWs on FurAffinity staff, but one rather red-pilled staff member who knows what it means to be neutral.

But I recommend you all to move to Inkbunny.

'You can't blame the game or the players, you can only blame the customers who purchase shit that they willingly buy from the corporations that exploit the system and restrict the rights of others.'

Same goes for people using SJW-led services like Youtube, Google, Facebook,Twitter, 4chan and now FurAffinity. And complain for having no freedom of speech anymore, or being censored from theor content (if not ending up doxed by the staff)
We really are at a point corporations are trying to replace a government with small influence, the more you use it the more powerful it gets.

Stop buying what you can pirate.

Hello, I'm a free software supporter, an anti-globalism person, anti-racist, I defended muslim people who expressed valid arguments about zionism and how Israel beheaves. But apparently I am also a nazi.

The nazi is no longer "national socialist" as a german executionner from the 20th century.

The "nazi" is now the enemy of all forms of social justice. If you are white, you are a nazi. If you are black but support Trump, you also are a nazi. If you believe there are two genders you are a nazi. A non-democrat, even jewish is a nazi. Document subject to modification, you have to follow Slate, Vice and the Huffington post to remain in touch with the current definition of the nazi.

File: handsomeface.jpg - (11.14 KB, 350x263) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>So instead of the super elites changing how they spend their money, or even giving a thought to redistribution, they are using the OWS experience as a template to manipulate crowds and protests in a way to destroys them internally. Companies and political organizations hire people to spread propaganda. The media portrays these rallies as a positive change despite being clearly illogical and destructive in nature. These are tactics being used to destroy otherwise worthy causes by forming divisions in the movements.

Ahem, its not like they have tried to eliminate influential leaders before.. oh wait they do. And they all somehow died when their movements started to gain a lot of force wanting change.

Rich people will never let go of their powers, thats why there has been revolutions.
Savage no rules Capitalism will only lead to something akin to the french revolution, where the rich burgouse would give a darn . Even when the majority of the population of france was dying of hunger.

Make too many poor people, and they transform into hungry people, hungry people leads to ANGRY people, too many angry people and it leads to revolution.

I still laugh my ass off that you type always have to fallback to the "those lazy poor people".
Sort of reminds me of the elite politicians of my country, who always say "everything is all-right".
FOR THEM of course, since they live in super rich walled cities with incredible levels of security plus state and military defence forces protecting them against any danger.

Thats why there is no surprise that many first world nations have ironically pushing into more draconian and less freedom type of security.
More espionage, more monitoring and more control over everything, all to protect the status quo as the political class clings to the money they have leeched from the ultra rich as more angry poor people start to gather up.



>you can only blame the customers who purchase shit that they willingly buy from the corporations that exploit the system and restrict the rights of others.

This has little to do with people buying products from corporate. But corporate pretty much buying politicians like Trump to somehow find perfect excuses of taxing the rich less.
When there has been decades of examples of how "trickle down economics" never work.
They will at all costs dodge those taxes, even by moving their fortunes to fiscal paradises like they always have done.



I wouldn't be surprised if one of these list made by butthurt furries who have a beef of someone who wronged them, and then tried to share for another excuse.

For example, I remember appearing in one list that was shared. Claiming I was transphobic and other shit.
Turns out one of the "collaborators" of said list was one severely buttmad furfag who got pissed that I exposed his frauds (defrauding artists) online along with other people.
These other people also appeared on the list.

So no surprise if the list ends being bigger than it should be. Everyone adding their own grudge list (that most probably has nothing to do with the accusations in hand).


>>3474308 counter the list with a reporting and claiming by them making such a false list they are activly breaking the newrule. give creator a taste of his own medicine.


Bring on the extreme left. It's about time someone did something about all these edgy little alt-right cunts. They've been a pox on my internet for too long.

File: insaneproxy_by_TCBS.png - (3.35 KB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


DiracDrynx? Don't remember that name. PurpleTinker....I've heard the name but don't recall anything about them. What did I do to upset them? And where is this list?


Trust me, you don't want the extreme left to be brought on. Edgy little extreme-leftist cunts are no better. Once they deal with the alt-right, everyone else who isn't an extreme leftist will be next. That means even YOU could be a potential target if you aren't "hard left" enough. NEVER trust an extreme of any sort, no matter what side of the political spectrum they're on. Don't cheer on one pox just because it is fighting with another one.


Nah. Bring them on. Extra "PC culture" and "safe spaces" and "tolerance" please. Ban everything remotely offensive. It's better then seeing the /pol/ vermin get their way. I'd stick my dick in a blender if it meant seeing those pimples on the ass of society suffer.



Like I said, a five dollar subscription means that they can fuck you over with their draconian policies. We, as US citizens, give corporations the power that they don't deserve. Always prioritize freedom over convenience. They must lose their funds as they utilize it for evil.


FYI, You got Owned you nazi fucks. You can eat shit. One by one sites and jobs will close to you. This is what you deserve and much more for destroying America

File: 674012.jpeg - (4.62 KB, 100x100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

stupid drama for stupid people (・ω・)

this guy gets it



Half the people on that list aren't even nazis you dumbass


Aufy gets a free pass for being a tranny.

File: 1503974763104m.jpg - (189.55 KB, 768x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


America totally got destroyed from msPaint frogs, tiki-torches, and internet tweets, not from decadent pop-culture and neoliberal capitalism.


Am I the only one who thinks that this will only drive more people to the Nazi/Fascist side?

Just my two cents, but this country has lost it's fucking mind.



I mean, that's pretty much what happened when the left went ape shit with the whole Nazi schtick.

They played the Godwin Card and a lot of people went "Oh I'm a Nazi because I have a different opinion? Okay"


>>3474344 took long enough. its been that way a while.

File: 1460619650424.png - (198.94 KB, 544x408) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>I defended muslim people

Why would you defend someone who follows an ideology that advocates rape, genocide, slavery, killing gays, etc.?

File: B-JEfVvIAAADMTH.jpg - (49.28 KB, 600x391) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Because, STUPID.
And you can't fix stupid.

File: ice.jpg - (785.27 KB, 1200x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oops! There go another 800,000 illegal Democrat voters!
Now tell me, which will have a bigger impact on America, your stupid FurAffinity bullshit, or this?



People are trying to play it off as a bad thing, but I think it's a positive move for Mexico and Canada. Not only are they back with their families, 800k people with first world skills are able to aid and innovate their country now. Even if they did a toliet paper degree like gender studies, they can speak English in a Spanish country and it'll be useful for many jobs.



That's a shitload of assumptions in that statement.

How do we know that they have family elsewhere? Maybe they managed to get them all over here in some cases. "Aid and Innovate" their country assumes the hurdles to get far in their country are less than here which is simply untrue - they came here for a reason.
Gender studies is indeed garbage, so that we agree on, but who's to say that they speak English and Spanish just as well? They'll likely be far enough removed from their native culture that their Spanish might not be as pristine as they might think back in their land (slang, local definitions, and such).

File: digust.png - (5.59 KB, 117x177) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>Fight fascism by being fascists

>>3474262 I gave it a chuckle. Does that count?

As for political incorrectness, I feel DA is severely limited by its restrictions on adult content:



Hey GreenReaper - if it is you. This is Snowcat.


I can't but feel that this is Artdecade's personal block list Lol.



A lot of them actually embrace their culture and live in tight-knit communities. I grew up with a lot of DACA types since I lived close to the border and they have hundreds of family members.

With the state that Mexico is in, their people need them more than they need us.

File: 90a6173b767ef3fca660e2afffc527163924121db247f55bc9fe255c4881f3dc.jpg - (222.30 KB, 956x666) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Went from neocon to full liberal commie. A sad tale.


I can't but feel that this is Artdecade's personal block list Lol.

File: 1481746987236.gif - (1950.90 KB, 260x242) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

lol Trump getting elected really spooked the shit out of tranny freaks and commies. They really think they're gonna get shoveled into ovens now.

File: 1468933410180.png - (217.84 KB, 367x347) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Good. Dragoneer finally did something right for once. Good night alt-right! Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out! We don't want you leaving smelly ass prints on our doors.

File: 1331506__explicit_artist-colon-kennzeichen_thorax_to+where+and+back+again_anatomically+correct_anus_blushing_changedling_changeling_dock_embarrassed_fe.png - (698.27 KB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

FA update its Code of Conduct and we are taking a firm stance against hate and the promotion of fascism, white supremacy and more. "and more"

What's more? could you explain this "more?"


Glad to know people like you still exist in the fandom. Thanks for the post and you pretty much nailed it.



>About 10 years ago Occupy Wall Street was a legitimate cause trying to resolve the shrinking middle class and unequal distribution of wages in the country. Well like antifa, it was aimless and divided itself with super poor welfare dependents and coffee drinking hipsters that used the movement to promote themselves, and thus disappeared.

You say this like the CIA didn't study and promote these kinds of agitators in the 70's for this express purpose.

These kinds of people are expressly injected into movements like OWS to destroy them from the inside and keep the status quo churning.


Or so the leftist claims every time their revolution fails to pick wind.

"It's not my fault, I was sabotaged."

Just like in fascism, leftism creates for itself a strong-weak enemy. Stong enough to foil and excuse all their failures, and weak enough to justify why the whole enterprise isn't just an exercise in futility.



Nah, it's because Left and Right aren't actual categories, just a strata upon which different political movements lie.

What you had with OWS were legitimate grievances that were beginning to pick up momentum and becoming a concern for those in power. But the establishment has perfected the art of dismantling protest movements. They have lots of little useful idiot groups like SJWs, trannies, and other minority issue freaks in their ammo belt ready to be unloaded into these movements if they get too out of hand.

Of course the usual police actions were used to divide and confuse too, but that is more of a stalling tactic to wait for the progressive stack stupidity to worm its way into the foundation.


Inkbunny can't go on becoming the safe place for alt-right, transphobic, racism and white supremacy.
Kep in mind you already host legally questionable content. You will have to adapt the rules for this site as well, by doing so you help eradicating hatred from the fandom.
it's not like you had a choice anyways, the society is changing perpetually, things that were mild annoyances one year ago becomes problematic today, and dangerous.
We're not evil. Just make sure no place is safe for nazis, even if we do use their kind of techniques. if we don't silence the alt-right today, tomorrow they will be ideologically dominating. You don't want that, I don't want that, nobvody here wants this.
No pasaran.


The "wrong verification code entered, return" error drives me crazy, I always loose my post, I'm fucking losing it.

my definition of Nazi today would fit in this acronym:
Nationalist (irrational love for your country/culture/race/borders/economy)
Antisemite (hatred for jews, including media and everything owned by the jews)
Z(Xen)ophobe (racism, hatred from foreigners or anyone who isn't straight, cis, white.)
Islamophobe (a huge concern here in Europe, different from racism this is the blind hatred for the world's second greatest religion, culture...)

This is who are the NAZIs today. Not even the old Nazi would fit there being half socialist, we can't find an ounce of socialism or sociability in the mind of alt-right, trump supporters... Worldwide! There are Trump supporters worldwide, in France, UK, Germany, Italy. This is where it becomes scary.

Had to keep it short it's the 4th time I write this.



Bullshit. Nazi wont be dominating because our system is intrinsically immune. Everyone who goes through university or community college is inoculated against it.

Nazi and "you're literally Hitler" is such a big insult in our country, why do you think that is, if not for the fact that Nazi cannot get a political foothold here?

Admit it. You just want to bully. You can't stop yourself from wanting to push people around. What you did is finally find a group of people that society will allow you to bully without calling you a bad person.

The problem is now you call everyone a member of that group so you can bully anyone you see fit.



And this is exactly what I'm talking about. Why don't you just say what you really mean? You want to bash people who don't share your politics. You treat all nationalism as irrational fear, despite the fact that some people are nationalists because a socialist system cannot exist without borders and constraints.

Beancounters can't work magic, man. There's a limited supply of food and medicine for us all even in a socialist system. If we can't make sure that we're all contributing, which is why we need documentation on every citizen, then we can't manage the food and medicine supply properly.

I mean, what's to stop me from jumping in the bread line 6 or 7 times? All I have to say is I'm "indigent" and bam, I get more than you AND I make everyone else have less.



>The "wrong verification code entered, return" error drives me crazy, I always loose my post, I'm fucking losing it.

Just press "back", and your post is still there. What sort of potato do you use for a browser?


>Bullshit. Nazi wont be dominating because our system is intrinsically immune. Everyone who goes through university or community college is inoculated against it.

It's ironic then that the humanities are full of people who employ the same methods and ideas of nazism, to the point that entire curricula could be named "how to be fascist while denying fascism".

Political horseshoe theory.



Because we're teaching that who is doing the evil changes the nature of that evil.

Nazi doing genocide? Not cool.
La Raza, black Israelites or the U.N. doing genocide? Suddenly okay.

Black Racism against Latino/a? Ignorable.
Accidental Micro-aggression by white person? Absolutely unacceptable.

Men control women's bodies, standards of beauty? Not acceptable in white society.

Men control women's bodies, don't permit them to drive, and have a beauty standard that requires them to cut out their vulva inner lips? Ignorable, because minority.

And pointing this out makes me a Nazi according to antifa.


>>3474404 well they need to start that policy off with some laws that fix the system such as jobs. everyone must have one or they get assigned one refusal would have to mean 2 months jail with labor at half pay food and shelter. those who choose self employment are free to continue as they play within such a system. pay would be half as much as now on account a government strictly for social will provide housing as in cover costs on house and home and people like farmers are free to enjoy luxuries for draining hours for providing the countries food supply. the people recieving $5 an hour are recieving that as everyone has paid into the countries pool of resources for all to be productive and get the ball rolling. though issue isn't that it wouldn't work just that throughout history shitty people did stupid shit and fucked it up for everyone else.

File: but_wait_theres_more.jpg - (33.62 KB, 299x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Priorities, how do they work?

File: DHAdMEjUwAA7y2c.jpg - (64.30 KB, 680x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


So let me get this straight. You don't draw the line at the hundreds of pictures depicting child rape, but you draw a line at "nazi" pic related. Do you see why your complaints are disregard and why you look completely stupid?


Fucking moron.


That's a broad criteria, but that's besides the point. You were actually retarded enough to openly admit that even if Nazis were gone, you would resort to making shit up to justify your harm of others. You even acknowledge that the people you're targeting aren't national socialists of germany.

That's what all of you Antifa idiots do. You repeatedly lie and redefine negative labels to include others like the left-leaning Washington Post journalists and Democrats so that you harm them.



Well what's great is that they can't help themselves. After beating up a few liberal journalists, suddenly, their PR takes a left turn and Antifa look bad. They're getting a spotlight put on themselves because they can't stop moving the boundaries on who is acceptable and who isn't in society.

What's hilarious is that Hitler's brownshirts came from a local anti-facist group, who were in the spirit of anti-itallian-fascist as the group that they guarded against.

Antifa are radical democrat brownshirts.



>X place just simply CANNOT be allowed to be X

lol says fucking who? Where does this insistence on being the authority all of the time, why the obsession on controlling everything? It's literally a "mommy daddy help" attitude

File: e334c40f6266e5185be8acff312c0a4f323756fd3272de6e26aa95650e5cad20.jpg - (17.78 KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Exactly why no one placate them to begin with. They want to be offended and harm people because they're well aware that they'll be rewarded for it. Even if Nazism doesn't exist in their platform, they'll either move to another one that has it AND they make shit up (ie. Thinking that two genders is Nazism).

What a bunch of dumbasses.

File: machoguy.PNG - (41.97 KB, 430x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You "gave a chuckle" about gender issues, GreenReaper, Admin of Inkbunny and WikiFur, refusing to erase an #altright, #altfurry's hate pic from YOUR website makes you a supporter of his idea. You... gave a chuckle!

You're giving a chuckle to people who suffer from gender dysphoria, who have to fight against societal pressure, every hour! A chuckle! Who are into depression because of the lack of acceptance. You kind of, how I dare remain polite, you, are a piece of shit of a human being. Aren't you?


No it's not. All, we have to get over the zero limits to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, which are just as toxic as the second amendment. You don't need freedom of speech like you need a weapon everywhere. This is bullshit. When you use your gun you get arrested. When you use freedom of speech, and start vomitting hate about the jews, trans people, black people, your words, yes, words, have the same impact as bullets, and you should be arrested.
Trans kids are committing suicide, others have to deal with depression. Black kids are trying to survive. People suffer from Islamophobia or antisemitism, illegals are persecuted and fear for their lives, women are still having to fight for equal rights and equal wage. You have to understand that this is not a topic to joke about.

No, freedom of speech has nothing sacred, it only protects people who can use it. In your case, people who have the ability to draw better are privilegied and can use this freedom of speech to support their propaganda better than anyone could. Not everyone can write a complex post or tweet like I do, can take photographs, can draw, can compose, it requires a lot of basic knowledge to really enjoy free speech, I could hop on my HP laptop and open MSpaint and draw something, to prove how of a shithead you really are, but it will be ridiculous.

Freedom of speech is inequal, just like the right to bear arms, it's inequal. One man will attack with a knife, and a shopkeeper will kill him with an assault rifle. This is the same thing about freedom of speech. Poor people have Mspaint, while others can afford a Mac with Photoshop or whatever furry art app.

GreenReaper, You should not be in charge of a furry community, and just for this post, where you just summed up your views, a chuckle, on all the problematic content, we're asking you to step back from the administration of Wikifur and Inkbunny. Consider yourself now a big player in the growing list of fashy furries.

I'm gonna rather draw the line where pedosexuality is being scientifically researched just like gender identity is, and right at the moment it's impossible to really say if it's really an aggressive behavior or normal. Not all pedophiles are aggressive, or rapist, actually much less than cis couples. Not all zoophiles are harmful for animals either. There are no line to draw here, this is not your business.

The Law don't want to recognize pedosexuality as a form of sexuality like pansexuality, or homosexuality. There are children who are sexual beings, mind you. In my opinion, and according to a lot of research, the law remains based on christian or religious values and should not explain why it is bad or illegal to have sex with people who are younger... Because it's illegal!
You don't know shit about sexuality or love, even less about gender or biology.
However I know what is hatred, bigotry, racism, violence, death threats, bullying, and this is where I draw the line. I could tolerate pedophilia or bestiality, because people think different, people grow differently, people have their own self perception, that's the reality. And this needs to be understood, not fought. Understood...

Fascists hate progress. Fascists hate all kind of new concepts like gender, sexualities, economy, religion, culture, intelligence to be studied or redefined. Conservatives are determining what is taboo, what is not. And this is an incredible hypocrisy to see there are conservative furries. Nazi furries. This shouldn't be the ideology of any community. In fact the fact you categorize pedophiles like some people apart means a lot, you have the same reasoning as people who look at trans people like weirdoes. People who cringe when they see two men holding their hands. People who frown at (boys) wearing a pink and rainbow unicorn MLP shirt in school.

You just successfully proven you are being.. a nazi.

File: 1504664155913.png - (13.86 KB, 666x666) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>your words, yes, words, have the same impact as bullets

that is absolute horseshit and I can't tell if you're being serious lmao

File: 1294633878451.jpg - (14.39 KB, 407x286) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oops looks like we have a complete wacko here, I forgot about.

> La Raza, black Israelites or the U.N. doing genocide? Suddenly okay.

Care to develop what you are talking about? UN doing genocides? You better bring any kind of proof, Alex Jones!

>Black Racism against Latino/a? Ignorable.

Because whites keep these communities in poverty, creating rivalries between minorities, this is not racism, this is the consequence of this country being built without social measures. I forbid you to claim this is racism (it's not) It's a problem you have created.

>Men control women's bodies, don't permit them to drive, and have a beauty standard that requires them to cut out their vulva inner lips? Ignorable, because minority.

In Islam, it's a way of life. Women have the right to not choose to live like this in America (or in Canada or Europe. They just don't want to, they choose to refuse the capitalist society, and preserve their culture, their tradition, and I do support this.

You want to force muslims to forget and give up their millenial traditions, beliefs, lifestyle, so they look like you, they eat like you, they pray the same god as you do, drive car like you do, take part in the rape culture, wear makeup, watch porn, raise dogs like you do, consume like you do? what if they don't want to? Do that makes them unamerican?

You are a fascist.

This leads me to a quick but could be wrong mental work putting things in a certain perspective, so here's a lesson of History I discussed with a friend who posted there earlier, for the fash here who love Hitler so much:
Nazis actually recruited muslim and even black soldiers in africa. National socialism was a horrible, atrocious ideology, but yet it was not the worst. It still respected blacks and muslim's rights in spite of everything.

We have came to the conclusion, that todays' whites hatred is not limited to gender, to race or religion. Even nazis weren't as extreme as Trump supporters. We're heading to an unforeseen level of hard, blind, right wing nationalism, with not an ounce of socialism.
Also I'd like to point out to nazifurs, that nazi means [national] [socialism] not [nationalism] Nazism was a far right ideology but with a bit of left wing in it. If you remove this security, you have a horde of individual nationalists who will be more dangerous than nazis were.

Finally, in the 1930s, nazis were barely 40 million? Today, America has 150 MILLION PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP. And this is fucking dramatic, now you understand why I, as a left wing person know we have to end this regime.

[ To avoid being caught by the annoying captcha TOR users get, I type my post in TextEdit, Cmd-C it, refresh this thread and Cmd-V on the field, I then type captcha, attach image, press submit..]

Yes, words works like bullets.
A trans person is struggling with depression, about to get better, finally feels good in their skin for the first time. You misgender them or post a transpobic meme, or bring your 80's science book lecturing them.
This person gives up, goes to the bathroom and opens theor veins. This happens everyday. Everyday. This is serious, this is not a joke, you don't know what kind of person is behind the screen. If you do, leading a fragile person to commit suicide or self harm, you are responsible.

File: 1418796521117.jpg - (38.11 KB, 331x341) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


If you hate freedom of speech so much why do you browse websites that advocate it? Aren't places like tumblr and Reddit specifically tailored to your safe-space hugbox ideologies? Why do you insist that every platform of discourse censor something you disagree with when there are plenty of alternatives that already cater to your faggy feelings?

I swear it's like you retards actively look for shit to get upset about rather than just living your own life.


Wow, you're a horrible person, or completely ignorant.

Are we including all these assholes on the hitlist?


It's important to know what people there are doing. I'm not a furry, in fact most things here makes me vomit, not the porn, the behavior of some who should thank liberals and democrats for just being allowed to draw what they do.

It's time also to realize times have changed and we should put some limits, just like we have speed limits.

Ignoring such places or communities wether you are a gamer, furry, reader, student, brony... doesn't means they will be devoid of any problem. Same goes for corporations, there are laws, there are social ratios, and inclusiveness factors. There are rules everywhere to live in society.

File: pyramidr.gif - (271.89 KB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I wish I was dancing right now.
Not spinning, it's making me feel sleepy...

File: 1424029119970-3.png - (375.11 KB, 900x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>you don't know what kind of person is behind the screen

Perhaps if someone is so unstable that a digital comment about their gender drives them to suicide, they should either kill themselves or stop browsing the internet entirely. Just a suggestion.



Just out of curiosity, are you G*rman? You've got a very numale attitude regarding guns, freedom of speech, and protecting Muslims.



>UN doing genocides? You better bring any kind of proof, Alex Jones!

The UN sides with Israel and choosing to look the other way while they're genociding palestinians, for starters.

Then there's this:

>UN complicit in genocide denial
>More than 90 years ago, when Turkey was still part of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish nationalists launched an extermination campaign there that killed 1.5 million Armenians.
>Turkey has long tried to deny the Armenian genocide. Even in the modern-day Turkish republic, which was not a party to the killings, using the word "genocide" in reference to these events is prosecuted as a serious crime. Which makes it all the more disgraceful that United Nations officials are bowing to Turkey's demands and blocking the scheduled opening of an exhibit at UN headquarters commemorating the 13th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide because it mentions the mass murder of the Armenians.
>Ankara was offended by a sentence that explained how genocide came to be recognized as a crime under international law: "Following World War I, during which 1 million Armenians were murdered in Turkey, Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin urged the League of Nations to recognize crimes of barbarity as international crimes."
>The exhibit's organizer, a British-based anti-genocide group, was willing to omit the words "in Turkey." But that was not enough for the UN's craven new leadership, and the exhibit has been indefinitely postponed.

Have a side note before archiving this thread I would like to point out the aggressiveness of altright fascists who have tried to argue and defend themselves for being on this list, they have done nothing but reinforced, and validated their toxic opinions. Same as Twitter users who immediately screencapped some posts earlier, or tried to identify the original poster.

You are horrible people and I am feeling threatened, I can't fight or defend myself and I have read death threats or references to Pinochet's death squads and Holocaust references from this group, validating the research and determination of our team.


Also this:

>UN complicit in Sri Lanka genocide

There is no Palestinian genocide. Only conflicts but no such thing as a Palestinian genocide you nazi shit face.
"Look at what the Jews are doing!"[shock pics] [unrequested opinions on israel, zionism, NWO...]

You are a fash.

File: Animals_6_by_NoPLo.jpg - (177.49 KB, 827x827) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I have GD, I got bullied and harassed, should I stop using the internet? You can't not use the internet today, you use it everywhere, and it's important for socially active people like us. So fuck off nazi scum, and it's not just a suggestion.


Well, I guess Riz Gibson will be banned soon. Cause she is not pandering to SJWs.

After David Lillie of course, since he thinks Milo is a cool faggot.

File: goodjobretard.jpg - (32.03 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>Fascists hate progress. Fascists hate all kind of new concepts like gender, sexualities, economy, religion, culture, intelligence to be studied or redefined.

Indeed. Those other concepts introduced in June 8, 1789 that guaranteed freedom of expression, the right and means to self defense, from unjust prosecution were very much radical concepts of the day - and apparently are still that way now.

You made a post under the protection of a constitution that you then used to decry that same constitution.

Your cognitive dissonance is astounding.


How to explain... the constitution is a paper that's from 1789, and is totally unfit with modern world, do you think other democracies or modern countries (not Russia or Poland) have the same shit?
No of course not they aren't crazy like Americans.

Hmm okay you don't understand, you're a complete moron.



>>do you think other democracies or modern countries (not Russia or Poland) have the same shit?

No, the do not. And people actually die trying to get to this country because of it. People die trying to prove your views invalid.

I talk to people from other countries and show them your posts. They think (Eastern Europe before you ask) that people like you are completely entitled retards.

There are other countries that support your viewpoints. Why are you still here? You will go extinct in time anyway.

File: fixed.jpg - (170.58 KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

But yeah, I support anything that makes FA more of a shithole, and I can't think of anything better than this.



If what islam does is a way of life, and therefor, forgiven... Then what about rejecting feminism from video games? Or feminism from white male patriarchal culture?

I mean, why should this age old culture change in the later case?

Oh wait, your argument is bullshit.


Also if words are like bullets, then why not just use words? Why use bike locks? Knifes? Doxing? Hmm??

A tranny's mental weakness is not someone else's obligation to coddle.


Hello dickwad, here's the basics of what ids right and wrong in the Constitution and why it shoulmd be revoked.

I: This law is biased and openly permits people to insult, defame; verbally take down or attack people or communities, also ocnflicts with some religion's rights to exist. I don't think it should be legal to go in front of a muslim person and shout "Allah is a fucking lie moron"
I also understand why french Moslem attacked Charlie Hebdo. I can undersand how they felt.

II: You are not the well regulated militia being necessarry to a free state, you don't need to own any weapon, if you plan to MURDER someone who could or even will still your material goods, you have a problem, and the whole society have a problem.
America has a huge gun problem, and we need to end it with strict gun laws.

III: Just get a cheap hotel, soldier. I'm sure some right wing loonie have a spare room for you!

IV: This means police can't investigate or intervene quickly in case of domestic violence, or drug, or illegal firearms, a burden but seeing how trump is president it can be helpful for now.

V: Gives people the right for a relatively fair trial, but not much, does not prevents, but suggests the possible use of death as a form of punishment. Keeps the law to point and blame individuals, and sentences them, but not helping changing the society as a whole, as it should.

VI: This whole amendment keeps the legislation completely obsolete and inadequate with the fact science and sociology, technology and society are advancing and evolving, many of my teachers pointed this one as the worst, and as the biggest problem in American judicial system, and does not support social justice issues the way they should be considered, as in every other developed country.

VII: A jury is required for civil trials, but how do we guarantee the neutrality of a jury?

VIII: This amendment never prevented death sentence, or corporations or banksters making poor people even more poor.

IX: Just states that list is not complete and you can totally change or add the constitution.

X: No one really get this amendment or what it means, it never really have been respected.


The rate at which people are flooding here with Tor, I'm pretty sure some Antifa cried on some private antifa board, and they're mobbing us. They don't even know what a macro herm dick is.

Ban Tor.

File: goodnightwhitepride (2).jpg - (52.82 KB, 696x958) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You're losing and this makes you mad. You're being even more racist, you're becoming a minority.

Just accept the fact your world is changing, and stop being a fash.

File: P_20170828_193308_1_p.jpg - (296.20 KB, 1200x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474446 You'd be wise to check your privileges there little man. You're feeling threatened? Excuse the fuck out of me but as far as I'm concerned it's your "team" who's beating up transvestites in the park. It's your "team" who's making a fucking list to divide our communities. Peacefully baring a humble flag and expressing my sexuality is not hate speech.
Your team is the one who came in here and started suggesting we physical harm people, dox and ostracized other furries under an ever broadening umbrella term of facsim. I think I'm the one who's feeling threatened right now.

File: 1503813882788.jpg - (55.22 KB, 850x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474473 I could and I am telling you the same thing spunko.
You're so right! Facism is dying out. So why do you think calling it "Antifacism" but essentially adopting the same principles is gonna work for y'all indefinitely? You may think you have the upper hand now... but facism fails... so will this "antifa' fash fad. You're a fash. You're in denial about it. Come at me bro!


We're doing what must be done about this fandom. There is an #altfurry and #altbrony problem we exposed earlier. Every site admin have agreed to take action against the alt right communities inside communities, and I hope the situation with Ink Bunny will get resolved soon. In the meantime you better shut up, Aufy Bunny.
You are being silenced, yes, this makes you raging, yes. This is necessary, because we are at war and you are a bunch of fash.
You can stop it by disassiociating yourself from the fash.


You know who hitler's brownshirts came from? Antifa opposed to Italian fascists.

Think about it.


I'm ok with this definition, I agree to label myself a Social Justice Warrior, a crusader, I'm a fascist, a socialist, lefty, fascist, I'm a fascist because the cis white republican are the enemies of our people.

Let's do it Hitler style, since you love him so much!

It's time to be aggro, waving signs at Trump's building only gets us teargas, the only moment you right wing asshole broke the line was when some white cunt murdered her during a BLM rally.

Now we are at war. We are the terrorists today, we are the heroes tomorrow, and this time it will be for good.
We need a white christian right wingers genocide.
You assholes need to fucking die. I will fucking kill some of you without any second thought if I could, and I'm going to dox you, find you, and if we find you we will beat you on the floor, shitface.


lol, agreed.
We're just using the fash's weapons against themselves.

Them: we must exterminate the jews, the arabs, the niggers, the faggots, liberals and illegals.
Me: reasoning like you we must eliminate white cunts, christians, bigots, transphobes and racists. Literally everyone with a MAGA hat.

We'll need some gas chambers XD



>"Child and animal rape isn't harmful, but swastikas are!!!"

I knew it. All of you narcissistic morons give value to what raises your junk.

You take no issue with harming and intimidating the weak, which is why you are what you are. You loathe truth, which is why you force people to lie and insincerely adopt views. You hate the judgement and bluntness of the right, and unfortunately for you, truth prevails every time. Go fuck yourself.



No, really I wait for Trump to fuck up very badly, get us in a WW3, fail, and his govt to resign, we get new elections and new govt.

Trump and his supporters ends in a trial.
We then get suport from international community.



All you're capable of is performing a huge amount of mental gymnastics to justify the absolute absurd. The reason why your posts are lengthy is because you know that you trying so hard to justify a blatant falsehood.

File: ballpit-attacked.jpg - (96.48 KB, 500x334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474481 "Put up or shut up"
Oh but I have and will continue to do so. I have a very strict policy of not socializing with Violent irritational fash. Disassociating from fash is exactly what I intend to do. And how exactly have I been "silenced"?
What is it about me you hate so much? My love and respect for minorities? For my fandom? My country? Or is that my bountiful bosom questions your gender norms and you're looking for any excuse to attack me?

File: 1479769399343.jpg - (71.61 KB, 720x721) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You're on a furry board. You all aren't scaring anyone. You're either a fat fuck or a beanpole in real life who would get winded after thirty seconds of energetic movement and vomit in a real fight.

You aren't getting anyone banned from cons and at most you'll get a few shitty Tumblr artists to blackball some people, who will probably go back on it in private when they need the commission money. So stop LARPing. It's pathetic.


Truth does not always equals good, or adequate.
There are two karyotypes, XX and XY, linked with sex at birth, but is this the definition of gender?(it's not)
Do we have to prove if everything is truth to be allowed to be agreed or validated? (no, we rarely rely on irrefutable facts) So why trying to always take down people with truth all the time to win every argument?(uh, ending a debate because I have no social spine) Don't do this



XX and XY defines sex and gender. No matter how hard you wish to deny biology.

Truth is objectively good, and you loathe it because you guys are liars.


We're working on it, you can no longer go to Anthrocon with your white supremacist logos or southern flag dickhead.


File: unnamed.jpg - (579.21 KB, 1728x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474486 I'm not for exterminating anyone thank you! You're a generallizing fash! Your fash so obvious. It becomes more obvious by the minute. People are going to wake up to it sooner than you think shit stick. Many of them already are.



>Truth does not always equals good, or adequate.

Truth is always good and it's adequacy depends on the context of the setting. Stop performing mental gymnastics.
"Doctors shouldn't perform a medical procedure because they don't know about my greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat grandfather's history"

Give me a break.

>There are two karyotypes, XX and XY, linked with sex at birth, but is this the definition of gender?

First off, those are chromosomes. And there's only Male and Female. Body dysphoria occurs, but doctors don't advise to sever a body part.

>Do we have to prove if everything is truth to be allowed to be agreed or validated?

Yes you do. Quit thinking about the theoretical and think of how it relates to reality, you fucking moron.

>So why trying to always take down people with truth all the time to win every argument?

Lying and pulling shit out of your ass is never good, quit being retarded.

The reason why you hate those who tell the truth is because you believe in a falsehood.

File: 1494587195953.png - (538.25 KB, 978x998) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Eight more years :^)



You will never remove them. Not because Nazism is strong, but because you dumb retards constantly redefine what "white supremacist" symbols are.



>We're working on it, you can no longer go to Anthrocon with your white supremacist logos or southern flag dickhead.


I'm actually the closest thing to a white ethno-nationalist you'll ever talk to and I'd never do that cringey LARPer shit.

You could meet me and never tell what my politics were. My education and job is involved in the liberal arts and academia.

If I want to go to a con I will. If I want to commission art, you'll never know who I am. But I'll continue to vote and work in secret toward you outward faggots' destruction politically.

This is the weakness of your type. You're outspoken, blatant and really stupid. Firing people like you or giving you lower grades over unrelated issues is easy. Passing you up for promotions. Spreading rumors about you. You make yourself huge targets. People like me are used to having to work under the cover of being a normie.



Like milk, pepe the frog, and of course, surveying marks.

File: 1491869179.aufybunny_1380971183.aufybunny_pinklanterm.png - (945.25 KB, 872x672) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474483 If you're a fascist... that's anti fascist... shouldn't you be punching yourself in the face right now?

I'm fighting facism by helping conservative Christians cope with idea of LGBT. I am spreading a clear distict message of love and compassion among ethnicities, religions, and gender affiliations. I am trying to bridge the gap. ... and you want to beat me up for that... wow...



Enclosed parenthesis is a white supremacy symbol, (you nazi)!

File: poire2jg2pog.PNG - (25.75 KB, 700x648) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have a GSD, his name is Gibson; he barks, he atac, but he also atac.

File: Totatliatarian_Trash.png - (50.77 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>We are the heroes
>We need...genocide

Gee, you sure sound heroic there. Mass murder is totally an action worthy of a hero. Considering how broadly your ilk define "fascist" you'll end up killing several times the amount of people who aren't even remotely Nazis.

Congratulations, you became the very bloodthirsty monster you sought to fight. Extremist right, extremist left, what difference does it make? Regardless of which group wins, the people who chose not to side with an extreme and make monsters out of themselves all end up in a gas chamber or dead in a ditch with a bullet to the back of the head anyways. I can't wait for the day when the people wake up and send the extremists of both sides back to the abyssal crevice they crawled out of. Maybe then we can start to make moves towards REAL equality without their psychotic and vile noise drowning out the voice of reason.


in my honest opinion there's no such thing as extreme right or extreme left. politics are a circle, and when you go full socjus, you're at the opposite of one edge of that circle that is supposed to be freedom and independence.
it's feelings and "I need the government to fix things" then comes anything you want.

pointing at a group, the jews, the blacks, or the cis straight whites as the enemy is the same fascist rhetoric, SJWs really are the apostles of the new world order.

File: skin_pride_by_wanwo.jpg - (36.41 KB, 360x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


For someone who hates freedom of expression, you are certainly overly opinionated. Why don't you practice what you preach.



That explains everything; from the annoying narcissism to the obnoxious amount of self entitlement.

I'll drop the truth for you. You're an ugly vindictive creep in appearance and character, even in the opposite gender. You're a complete failure, genetic dead end, and a complete embarrassment to your bloodline. The reason why you find the internet necessary for your lifestyle is because you want a dishonest crowd who constantly validates every single shitty decision you make. I know, I used to be part of that crowd.

Even with your dishonest circle of friends, it's still not enough to keep you happy. Instead of remaining in that stupid circle, you break off and force eeeeeeeeverybody to kiss your ass. It's because there's a lingering thought in your mind that your solutions aren't working. You're right. THEY WILL NEVER WORK. You're always depressed and unhappy, it's because you frequently make bad decisions that damage you further.

People with downs are 10x better than you because they appreciate anything that people give to them. They're loving individuals who can see any act of compassion for what it is. You assholes on the other hand, want people to throw a parade for you and play with your grotesque genital. If they don't, even if done politely, then you want them to collectively suffer. After they get punished for their actions, it's makes no difference as you go back to making more enemies and whining incessantly about your innumerable string of shitty decisions on your twitter timeline again. You can't raise a family, so you want to dictate how others act.

You deserve to be miserable because you want to be miserable, and you don't deserve respect because you refuse to respect yourself. You don't deserve the patience and generosity that people waste on you under a daily basis, go fuck yourself.

File: MADOFF_JEWS_DID_WTC.JPG - (82.52 KB, 639x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474507 It was triple enclosed parentheses also called an (((echo))) and it's used to call someone out as being a 'jew' with the added assumption that such a label is actually a 'bad thing'.

File: 1466686771349.jpg - (20.11 KB, 443x332) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



You better shut up, you pushed and doxed a brony, NeonDart into kiling themself. They had psychological issues already... You're a horrible person.
You also doxed a muslim teenager brony for making a prank, and portrayed him as a terrorist, alerted HorseNews like it was serious.
Fucking piece of shit. You're on /my/ priority, David.


One confirmed kill! Woo!



Why isn't Neondart responsible for killing himself?

What makes you think Neondart wasn't just looking for a reason to do it already? Why is it so hard for you to see people as responsible for themselves? Neondart wasn't 12. Neondart could have easily left the situation.

Computers have an off button, faggot.


doxing doesn't



When you already lack a social life and friends, you can't really be hurt that much by a dox :')

File: moon-man.jpg - (25.04 KB, 517x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you really did that? now i want to hear the story in full. good job.




lol wat



In the US, anything left on the extreme right is "extreme left, commies and fascists".



I guess you forgot to check the indexes.
US minimum wage has been stagnant for almost 3 decades.
While CEO and PRICES continue to SOAR (inflation and wealth concentration).
The richest top, now control more than 60% of the entire wealth. Concentrating even more wealth thanks to the new "capitalism" pushed by Reagan (who was pretty much a puppet of some ultra capitalist jews and cronnies).

Housing, Education and Medical are one of these requirements for any decent human person that are getting farther and farther from reach of the common average joe.

But hey! let's blame Millenials and their memes from shit they never had power to do (Ie, congress, and most governors, presidencies..etc.. are older and from older generations, same with the economy. Dictated by banks owned by old ultra rich clowns).



>they can speak English in a Spanish country and it'll be useful for many jobs.

English is mandatory course in almost all schools in Mexico.

Also Mexicans with high degrees and skills leave Mexico because there are no high paying high degree type jobs in the country.
You got 3+ PhD's? good luck getting hired and getting paid more than 1500 USD a month. lol


Guy is so butthurt he's making troll accounts.



Its not, Words can be as strong as weapons when you do them correct.

Words can get people to band together and do things in cohesion.
Words made Hitler famous, his speeches were impressive and moved Germany into a well oiled war machine incited to "spread" the "superiority" of the Arian race.



>You made a post under the protection of a constitution that you then used to decry that same constitution.

How so?
How is the constitution "protecting" me by letting me post in a private website?
specially a site that might not even be hosted in said country?

The basis of their constitutions might be the older ones.. but most countries have made many amendments to update things for modern times.

Has the US constitution really been untouched since its writing?

Sounds very similar to Trump's "America first" and their movements to curb any foreigner by replacing jews and communists with Islamists and Mexicans.



America has one of the highest prison populations worldwide.
Pretty sure that counts as "gulag'ed".

Symbols to represent and identify themselves always change, their ideals don't.

Thats like being a member of KKK and saying "Lol, not all of us hate niggers, we tolerate them, we just do not want to be with them"



The constitution doesn't need updating because it works. It protects a private website by enabling them to host all types of speech in the first place.



You're an idiot. A prison is not a gulag because you're placed in there for committing serious crimes like murder as opposed to rejecting a political ideology.

And no, "Nazism" won't die because you are narcisstic liars who redefine what their ideals are.

Hitler acted the way he did because tangible actions that affected him, like the Weimar Republic and the Treaty of Versailles. The former broke down families and forced their youth into prostitution, the latter damaged the economy of Germany.


the constitution only protects against the medling of the federal government and its agencies, not the private sector.

websites and such can censor you all they want without worries about legal action.



Did you not read what I wrote? The constitution gives the private sector to host any type speech they want in the first place. Some can be for free speech and some can limit it.

File: schitzy_cat.jpg - (58.14 KB, 559x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I really can't tell who's trolling who anymore

>an online community closet zoophiles and pedos
>on moral watch
>banning nazis

So can we ban feral porn next please and remove us all from the interwebs?



But srsly, remember when furry was about sci-fi? Remember when it was about furry chicks with tits? Furry guys with dicks? All this /pol/ shit about stuff that doesn't matter...within these furry walls...who gives a sheeeet.

Shut up. Draw porn. Admire the draws. FAP. End of story.

File: germanofficerwithbirdandfox.jpg - (102.49 KB, 527x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>All this /pol/ shit about stuff that doesn't matter
>>FYI, You got Owned you nazi fucks. You can eat shit. One by one sites and jobs will close to you. This is what you deserve

You have not been paying attention. Only the communists/leftists are causing the drama. Perhaps you should tell these commies to STFU!

File: BACK IT UP.png - (421.87 KB, 695x392) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

cant do that anymore, the fandom has been infected with communists and mentally ill liberals.

what am i saying, EVERYTHING has been infected by communists and mentally ill liberals. Cinema, Videogames, comicbooks, furry, social networks, operative systems, internet browsers, and regular politics themselves.

think of the fandom in the 2005 or earlier, yeah sure, there was a huge chunk of dramas, and there were right wingers as much as left wingers, and they coexisted somewhat peacefully, the drama was all internal. now every furfaggot has to virtue signal how tolerant, not racist, not sexist, not homophobic, not retardphobic, et c. and when you call them out on being idiots you're the one who gets banned. Even moderators are doing it and in turn shitting up their entire communities with it. all in the name of proving they're more righteous than thou and more "woke".

liberalism is a mental disease, but retards keep shitting on their own floor and blaming the imaginary nazis for it.



9/10 good troll, love the GTA3 talk radio referance



>you're placed in there for committing serious crimes like murder

Didn't know that smoking a joint is suddenly a "serious crimes".
Oh wait, it only does if you're black.
Gotta keep those Quotas!

I guess you never understood why Private prisons are a giant problem (making a great line of corruption by literally mass manufacture prisoners)


Really? what was defined about nazism?
That they are fascists and that they hate anyone who is not arian/white or that they want to kill jews or blacks?


Are you a republicunt?

Only hardcore republicunts keep that hilarious "commies" remark.
Specially when their beliefs are that anything left of the extreme right = liberal commie.

File: Pepperidge-Farm-300x225.jpg - (25.43 KB, 300x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




>Didn't know that smoking a joint is suddenly a "serious crimes".

Drugs are bad in general. Once you're on it, you can never quit it. It tears apart the family unit, it causes drug users to engage in crime for their high, and it funds dealers. I care more about the state of minorities than you do.

Don't give me the "it doesn't affect anyone" bullshit because it does affect everyone. If drugs didn't affect anyone, then you wouldn't promote it, people wouldn't smell your nasty weed odor, people wouldn't be in the hospital for it, people wouldn't know what it is, and cops wouldn't arrest you for it since you did it privately in the first place.

You don't want tolerance or acceptance, you want others to fund and praise your hobby. No thanks.

>That they are fascists and that they hate anyone who is not arian/white or that they want to kill jews or blacks?

Discriminatory views are protected under the first amendment and the law draws line at discriminatory actions, but that's besides the point.

You can't measure it on that criteria as Nazi Germany had plenty of non-white soldiers; jews, indian, and japanese soldiers were allied with them. So you sound pretty dumb when you claim that they wanted to kill all minorities. Their intention was to have an ethnostate for each by illegally conquering territory.

"Hate" is also not an objective criteria, it's subjective pejorative that dismisses context. You think that cops are hateful for putting black drug users in jail despite white ones being imprisoned for the same crime as well. You probably consider them "fascist" for exacting same judgement towards anyone else.


/pol/ has been losing since 1865, they just refuse to admit it. White power is weak, they've been trying forever to be the "master race" and have failed at it.



>anyone who disagrees with me is mentallyill and should be silenced

Nice fascism there. You do pretend to support freedom yet label and hush anything different from you. Also nice job calling others mentally ill when you believe skin color = superiority and that god exists, you dumb fuck. You're the real retard.

But hey, /pol/ are liars. They're horrible racists that deny racism while claiming others are the "real racists". They worship Hitler and want slavery made legal again but the ones not tolerating them are the "real Nazis". They play mind games rather than displaying honesty in their statements, thinking they can win people over with made-up Michael Moore-tier "facts" because real facts destroy their autistic belief system. It reminds me of how that washed up faded star Alice Cooper attacks the musical talents of anyone he doesn't agree with. It's what I expect from a hypocrite that sings devil music while claiming to be a Christian. Nope, Vince, you're not Fred Rogers. Drop the fake religion angle, I'm not buying it, you sorry excuse for a former alcoholic waste of flesh.

"Racism isn't born, folks, it's taught. I have a two-year-old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list." - Denis Leary

Yep, this is a misguided belief that's hardly natural, merely spread deliberately.

>inb4 "joke thief"

Oh you mean how Hicks was a massive fucking racist that took offense to Leary shitting on him? Racists are liars who use mind games and smear campaigns over facts. They are clever in that way, yet not smart so they can only win over stupid impressionable people with their lies. It's why non-racists out to make money off them manipulate them so easy, like how Trump the Jew tricked you into thinking he cares about you or how a dick-sucking kike who hated video games convinced you he was an Aryan gamer.

Keep spreading your fake religion, your fake ideas of how skin color makes you better, how anyone who disagrees with you is the "real" evil, the dumb ones are easy to recruit with your falsehoods but the smart ones don't buy your shit.



>anyone who disagrees with me

you don't have the right to throw that fucking rhetoric around after the last decade of abuse you and your cronies have pulled on people.

you are mentally ill because YOU OWE EVERYTHING you have and are to a capitalist, right wing, pro freedom of speech society that raised you, and disregard all that you want to destroy it because your brain isn't functioning well enough to notice that you've been brainwashed by marxist propaganda to fight as a groundtrooper for communism, the most dangerous ideology mankind has ever known. you are incapable of thinking long-term or even mid-term to speculate what results a nation under the ideology you push would bring.

your society free of hate where everyone is happy with each other will never happen no matter how many "nazis" you kill because you will always find a way to raise the bar of sanctity over what is allowed and what isn't. you're a retard and so are all communists.

that, or you're a paid shill. but my money is on you're just a retard doing it for free because it makes you feel good. paid shills usually go to 8chan, facebook, twitter, you know, bigger places, lulz is just for morons..



Oh fuck off already. Capitalism isn't bad. Socialism isn't great.

If socialism was worth any fucking thing, it would be a system YOU and YOUR FRIENDS would get rolling without the government.

What's stopping you from pooling your resources and having a commune? What's keeping George Soros from putting his money behind sustainable communities instead of pouring it into astroturf "Community leaders" and bus passes?

Fucking zero. Inherently, you know you can't trust humanity to give their fair share. You know you need a big daddy central government to make everyone play nice.

But did it ever occur to you...

For a second...

That maybe big-daddy government never plays fair either?

This is why every attempt at socialism fails.



>Didn't know that smoking a joint is suddenly a "serious crimes".

Smoking weed is a serious crime in the same sense as how any seemingly minor offense becomes serious when you're deliberately breaking the law over and over, in abject defiance of it. You've been told no, but you've proven yourself incapable of following the rules, so you go to jail. Not for the weed, but because you're an asshole who won't respect the law and therefore can't be trusted on the streets.

All the harm caused by drugs are the fault of the drug-user, because it's their choice to keep doing the drug. This is true especially for drugs like pot which are non-addictive so you can quit any time you want. It's only your own stupidity that puts you in jail, and therefore you deserve it.

If you want to argue that things like pot should be legal, go ahead, but while it's not: don't break the law. If you do, blame yourself for it.



>You know you need a big daddy central government to make everyone play nice.

It's like you never leave school. "Play nice kids." the teachers say. Without teachers, other kids take over.



Pretty much my point. Except now imagine teachers being students as well. That's the situation we have. A socialist revolution happens, and the children become the teachers.

And this corruptibility is exactly why "REAL SOCIALISM!" has never being "Tried."

If your system of government has the worst outcomes, if corrupted, then it is not a people-proof system of government.

No system is people proof, of course, but I think a corrupted socialism is worse than a corrupted republic system.

File: olliehoser.jpg - (183.83 KB, 593x565) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Drugs are bad in general

Whatever message you're trying to convey is ruined when you use such a broad stroke to paint things you don't like. There are many different types of drugs with many different effects, some are literally harmless. Lumping methamphetamine in the same category as harmless marijuana is intellectually dishonest.

If I said, "Chemicals are bad in general," you'd think I was retarded because chemicals make up everything around us, regardless if I was actually referring to something that harms the human body like sulfuric acid. This is how you sound when you make such absurd all-encompassing statements.

File: tumblr_oszbftQuUA1qluivio1_1280.png - (1855.24 KB, 864x1536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>You don't want tolerance or acceptance, you want others to fund and praise your hobby. No thanks.

You're trying too hard trying to push your insecurities onto others.

>Discriminatory views are protected under the first amendment and the law draws line at discriminatory actions, but that's besides the point.

The law also used to allow you to beat and own slaves.
Why? Because usually the Law is written FOR the rich and powerful.

>You can't measure it on that criteria as Nazi Germany had plenty of non-white soldiers; jews, indian, and japanese soldiers were allied with them.

They allied based on interests.
Jews? They had to pass the "test" by Hitler himself.
And most of them had to hide their jewish heritage.
Indian? what?

File: tumblr_ot3n1iLKIW1rdw1iyo4_400.png - (93.29 KB, 244x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


That applies to capitalism as well you idiot.
When someone was just born in wealth and start to amass everything.. they start bullying the guys on the lower sides on convenience to maintain their status quo and stablish themselves.

Using your stupid logic then why they havent banned alcohol? It has caused many many more addictions and deaths than any other drugs?
How about tobacco?

Its all about money and convenience.


So what criteria put me on this list out of curiosity?



REPUBLIC. Dumbshit. Our government is a REPUBLIC. Our MARKET system is a capitalist hybrid.

Now, I point that out... But what you're advocating for is a socialist government, and a communist market system. Such a thing is infinitely more corruptible by bad leadership than a republic.

File: close enough.jpg - (115.14 KB, 859x1088) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You're a cishet white male, obviously.



Careful now, you're beginning to sound like the ranting super commie Jive.


They did ban Alcohol in the U.S. It was called prohibition and it was a massive failure and a fantastic example as to why the government has no place dictating and legislating morality.


White liberals are the worst. They are middle to rich class of pampered shitheads that lived in their little white only gated communities.

They are the most racist of all. SJWs can fuckìng kill your selves. Im not white btw.



>But what you're advocating for is a socialist government

Hu, no dipshit.
I call for a balanced economy.
Like it has been said many times.. anything from the hardcore right is "socialist and commie" for you brainwashed twats in the USA.

You were sponfed so much hate against russia and all you see is red, except of course when "your team" wins . (aka trump)

File: You_Dont_Say.jpg - (53.17 KB, 550x425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>They did ban Alcohol in the U.S. It was called prohibition and it was a massive failure and a fantastic example as to why the government has no place dictating and legislating morality.

Thats the point you clown.

The "war of drugs" was just a fucking monstrous cash grab by those selling "security".


Im not altright or anything, but im on here. welp


You're not relevant enough in the fandom, that's really why we didn't put you in the original list. Get lost you attention seeking kike.


>>3477369 So Kilala you're saying that you and vappykid5 made this exceptional list as well as the retarded collage posted earlier?




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