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File: 1501317806.wolfy-nail_donkey_12_col.gif - (199.24 KB, 560x315) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
204026 No.3473860

What happened to Wolfy-Nail? He used to draw a lot, but after he moved to Rotarr he don't do much anymore, he almost went completely silent. Plus he don't accept comissions now - is that a rare case when artist got so much money that he don't need to draw dicks anymore?


Maybe he is burnt out on the whole scene. Drawing for a bunch of socially inept retards for over ten years can be very draining, I'm sure. Plus, he is older now and maybe his tastes have changed in regards to his artwork.



He explained this a long time ago.
He did commissions because that was his main source of income. He now has a job that pays well so he stopped doing commissions, and since he's working now he just doesn't have much time anymore to draw new shit, so no more commission + not a lot of time = art output -95%.


Maybe he got a life an a "real" job?



Why in the hells would he do that when he can shit out a commission in a few hours and make hundreds of dollars


What was the name of that mobile game he did the art for anyway? Some generic airport management Sim but the mechanic girl had some nice titty


yeah im wondering this too, what fucking job out there pays more than being a popufur that charges above 1k for a picture that takes 12 hours tops to make?

on furry porn he was getting well above 50$/hour, what jobs out there pay that? hell, if there is any, it probably requires either
A) mastery on very, very complex skill
B) carrying a load of responsibility/risk to your health
C) fame

i mean hell, the job he had, doing furry porn, required A and C, so what could possibly be better than that?



Gotta remember that furry porn doesn't pay into your retirement, doesn't pay for your medical coverage, doesn't give you marketable work experience, and exists within a highly volatile market environment. That 50$+ an hour goes a lot less further than you'd imagine, and there's no guarantee that you'll still be meeting demand as the years go on and new artists/popular styles pop up that you may or may not be able to keep up with.

Good on him for getting a fall-back career started. I imagine he'll ebb back and forth over the years as he splits his focus across separate career paths.



>12h tops

I earn 700-1000€ in 3-5 hours by detailing cars.
PDR alone nets me a good 60-300€ in an hour or two, depending on the car and the nature of the dent.

Compared to that, a popufur's earnings within a month by drawing dog dicks is pretty shit tbh.


It depends on how popufur you are.
I remember Ahnes was making nearly 3000 USD a month for just drawing dicks on his patreon.

And I know wolfynail and similars crank like 900 USD ore more for a single piece of porn. (even more if it has multiple characters that are YCH)



Yeah, and these are top tier furry smut artists, mind you.
(also I wish Anhes didn't just do almost exclusively gay stuff, his detailing is stellar.)

It's only downhill from here.

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