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36681 No.3473805

So apparently the copyright alert system is dead and yet I got my 4th warning from Time Warner (Spectrum) internet. Has anyone got their internet shut off from downloading too many torrents or is this just a bluff?


I never downloaded too many torrents. I mostly got things like music by renting CD's from the library and ripping tons of songs that way. Netflix everything else mostly. I don't watch much anymore, so no ISP ever sent me anything.

File: 3053683-5860916868-Super.jpg - (18.39 KB, 457x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I use btguard, my friend uses torguard. Get yourself a proxy. Even my phone thinks I'm in australia. fork up a few dollars and encrypt yourself my negro.


For media i havnt used a torrent in about 2 years, there are plenty of decebt streaming sites now.

...unless your a blueray pixel perfect quility fag.


Decent VPNs are cheap and plentiful these days.


Proxies aren't reliable- many of them will give out your info if they get a court request, if even that strong, some just hand over your info when the company wants it. Very few are 100% safe and they likely get shut down for "obstruction" after a time. Russian proxies are 100% unsafe with Putin going all anti-piracy.

Torrent monitoring will continue and has gotten worse. Rightscorp may be losing piles of cash yet the RIAA & MPAA pump money into them so they can monitor torrents and send out notices.

Think TPP is dead? Bullshit. Trump pretended to kill it so he can pretend he hates anything Obama did, yet we're seeing chunks of it pass and go into effect here and there, slowly, in small parts, without any fanfare. That's how you force strict things onto society- do not do it all in one fell swoop that gets attention and can be killed, do it gradually so no one even notices until it's too late.

Companies are now using DMCA notices to get themselves removed from ad blocking plugins. They were trying lawsuits but those were unreliable, even if Exoclick and others bullied Adblock Plus into adding these malware-spreaders to the whitelist and NO you can't blacklist or remove those domains no matter what you do.

More companies are going after any Youtube video that may cost them income such as negative reviews. The focus on going after torrents and pirates is getting stronger with more countries willing to appease the rich.

Give it 1 or 2 more years, Drumpf will have people in prison for piracy, and oyu won't even notice he did it until you're in prison getting raped by a serial killer because you downloaded the newest GoT episode.



I use to get those letters all the time then I started using peerblock and it hasn't been a problem since then. It's a software firewall. I use it pretty much all the time. You trade off having to allow IP ranges for short periods of time in exchange for having control over what your computer touches.


my network device came with vpn settings so while they see im in canada they still cant figure out who. reason for that is its shared vpn proxy


>>3473842 it means anyone who used it at that time which is in the hundreds.

good luck finding which.

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