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File: haircut.jpg - (467.39 KB, 728x670) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
478604 No.3473797

I feel like Ozy and Millie is a bit of a 'tainted' comic now, knowing it pushes a fetish (shaving) in a few instances, and knowing DC Simpson (years later) is one of them "not right in the head" types. Was it really a good comic, or just a Calvin and Hobbes clone?

Whatever happened to Rainedog, does that strip exist anywhere online now? I wonder what their endgame was with that strip. I always thought there would have been a scene where the kid and the dog meet as adults and have like, a good conversation about what happened in the past.

I've seen their latest comic with the Unicorn in local comic shops, published under Dana Craig. They were also at a local comic-con signing thing, I never saw them though. I guess they found some success. Little do these readers know of their author's furry past. Simpson also released some music at some point (under his male name) that I tried to find, but couldn't.


how did I not know about this comic sooner, it looks adorable


Didn't you already fucking do this exact thread? Are you just begging for attention?


No, I did not make a thread like this before. I wanted to discuss Simpson and their comics, and if anyone has a different opinion on them, now that they are older.



>board is dying
>/pol/ spam and other bullshit
>actual furry conversation happens
>AAURRRUDAAGRLEBARGLE what are you an attention whore!!!

This is exactly why people don't bother with this place anymore. An audience of retards that shoot themselves in the foot, every time.

File: 700px-Gender_Chart.png - (185.42 KB, 700x569) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>their comics

Go back to Dumblr.


Go back to 4chan, you easily triggered teen, holy fuck.


Weirdly, I bought most of the books at 1st printing; I genuinely enjoyed it as a strip and hoped he'd achieve syndication at one point.
There were some weird arcs and the author tended to soapbox harder and with less elegance than Berke Breathed, but the 'kids acting like kids' stories were charming.


What is the point of your thread?


Is Simpson a hack, or a decent comic artist/writer? Does his fetish or female leanings effect how you perceive his past works and current works?

File: college_ozy_and_millie_by_pedantia-d596agi.png - (431.64 KB, 1228x1203) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[spoilersdonotworkhere]She[/fuckthissystem] is a good artist, with Raine Dog being the only blunder, which [fuckthis]she[/shit] promptly removed after readers made it clear it is garbage.

Not every artist who does work you don't like is a "hack".



>please reinforce my lonely opinions about stale drama
File: JfATUfzsOUisDarkdoo.jpeg - (81.01 KB, 690x460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 828847 - DC_Simpson Millicent_Mudd Ozymandias_Llewellyn Trollface meme ozy_and_millie webcomic.jpg - (300.19 KB, 743x1065) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 46846 - Millicent_Mudd Ozymandias_Llewellyn mizzyam ozy_and_millie webcomic.png - (233.93 KB, 600x657) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: Millie.gif - (27.79 KB, 550x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's been about...ten years now, since any new O&M lewds have been drawn. Same goes for clean art, I'm sure. Funny how shit gets forgotten about, and slips away from the collective. These were cute characters. Millie would be more assertive in the bedroom, Ozy would go along with it and make suggestions during the session. I'm sure they would communicate very well.



Basically this. It's a really good comic except that the politics is super fucking dated (and I agree with DC Simpson's political views). The Berkely Breathed comparison is apt; he was always really good at making his political references feel timeless even when they were extremely specific. O&M never managed that, but the non-political stuff was really compelling and fun.



>my lonely opinions about stale drama
>stale drama

What is lulz dot net slash furi?

I would draw some if I could draw.

Is O&M a "furry" comic first? Or is it a "comic" first, that just happens to use anthropomorphic animal characters? I feel those lines are kinda blurred. Did it start online first? Was it ever printed in a newspaper? Did the books sell in retail?

Also holy fuck its almost 20 years old. I wonder if Simpson would consider making a comeback for it, with all the skill they have acquired since the comic ended. Then again, like Watterson, maybe its better to end it when you know its time.


Like all tranniy webcomic creators or webcomics with tranny characters, his comics are shit. O&M was shit. Raine Dog was shit. The unicorn comic is shit.

He just makes his comics bland and boring enough to not draw much criticism. He makes them as inoffensive as possible so they won't draw much attention. It's all shallow fluff in a boring and cute package with the occasional soapboxing and fetishism.

It's hilarious how detached from reality trannies have to be in order to think that a preteen boy fucking a dog and the dog getting spayed as punishment is a good allegory for the tranny struggle. He also always relies on drawing "cute" perfect little girls in his comics which are obvious self inserts.


Keep in mind, that during the O&M years, Simpson was a "dude". Also, I don't remember Raine fucking that boy. She "spent the night" in his bed. I do recall, though, the shitfit that happened when that comic page went out. I think some had a good time with it. It made for some funny fodder.

File: Tranny Allegory.jpg - (100.51 KB, 417x599) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


> I don't remember Raine fucking that boy. She "spent the night" in his bed

It didn't explicitly show the kid fucking the dog. It showed them sleeping together nude with an obviously sexual kiss. Even if it didn't imply sex, it was meant as something sexual, which is why she was spayed after getting caught.

File: Pheobe-and-her-Unicorn-Sept-4-2017.png - (131.96 KB, 917x290) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>The unicorn comic is shit.

No joke, it's pretty much complete shit. How are newspaper comics even still a thing?

File: dana_simpson.jpg - (231.82 KB, 1043x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also it looks like Dana's chunked up quite a bit. Anybody still have that old photo of him showing off his new (at the time) set of grotesque franken-tits?

>ozy and millie

Wow, been almost a decade I last heard someone mentiona that.

File: t3_6xvs6d.jpg - (540.79 KB, 1152x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He's still active on FA:

Most recent journal 7th August 2017. "Claire La Mouf" is a 12 year old skunk character, that he uses for his sexual shaving fantasies and general unsavoury stuff.


He looks like a flabby eunuch. He is one now, I suppose, if he's had the dick chop. He looks really unhealthy.



This is why I can't deal with trannies. They're just uncomfortable to look at.


"Claire La Mouf" is a 12 year old skunk character, that he uses for his sexual shaving fantasies and general unsavoury stuff.

He always self-inserts himself as a preteen little girl who he sexualizes in a fetishistic way in all his comics.

Another pedo tranny webcomic artist, just like shmorky

File: 452.png - (772.86 KB, 914x693) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Simpson had a GREAT Comic. Ozy and Milly was great. A lot of people wish for more.

But I see that the comic was stopped at EXACTLY the right moment. The comic was stopped EXACTLY when Simpson tipped from being "Pritty dang Liberal" over into "What the fuck Liberal." and was stopped the moment Simpson realized that it could no longer keep it's personal politics out of this comic.

Even though it served as SImpson's soapbox more then once, Simpson didn't want the comic to become nothing more then a soapbox.

Also lol >>3474083
Simpson will deny it up and down, but that was actually drawn by Simpson. Simpson wants that image buried so keep it spreading =u=!



>Ozy and Milly was great

No it wasn't. It was shit. The writing was fucking terrible while trying to be a cute and inoffensive rip off of Calvin & Hobbes except made with far less talent


Simpson does not make for an attractive female. Those glasses are doing them no favors. Didn't he look decent, when he was a "man"?


>that it could no longer keep it's personal politics out of this comic.

I see what you did thar. So, I guess it ended at the right time.

File: DSCN0438.jpg - (349.06 KB, 1126x845) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Based on what I see from the books, I take it this was around 2007/2008? Before he switched sexes? He looked okay as a guy. Maybe try a different hairstyle.

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