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File: frightenedkittycat.jpg - (117.52 KB, 1280x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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im so scared of everything. parents made me afraid of everything. 24 years old and still living in my dark little room, afraid to go outside and getting killed by some random psycho. all i can do is sit in my room feeling safe and paranoid at the same time as i waste my time away watching videos. im wasting away, i feel so weak..i rarely eat anything, im so skinny and frail. how do i break out of this personal hell!?

File: She_Found_The_Cocain_Again.png - (523.03 KB, 1107x609) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Get a roommate. Use them as a body guard or human shield as the case may be.


Drink heavily and masturbate to ponies.


Did you know that lulz is secretly the Livejournal of Brave? Because whenever I feel mentally insecure, I seek validation. From a board of furry trolls.

Similar to being a dumb faggot teenager like Cinox. Oh wait, is Brace truly Cinox? Stop the presses.


Try suicide.




You need to repeatedly punch yourself in the face while shrieking at your parents "LOOK WHAT YOU'RE MAKING ME DO!!" This is a physical demonstration of the emotional trauma your parents are causing you.

If they don't get it it's because your action are not sincere enough. So keep hitting yourself, harder and harder, until they understand. Remember, you're worth it!

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