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File: monglor_fanart_humiliation_fetish.png - (19.04 KB, 475x586) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
19494 No.3473484

what ever happened to Monglor/Donro?

I've been gone for a fat minute but I kinda miss his dumb adiago threads. Did he get banned from everywhere or is there some rogue tumblr account with his traced stuff on it?

I mainly just wanna read more of his salt posts.


Who gives a shit. Dead board is dead.

what ever happened to Lon?
what ever happened to Hino?
what ever happened to candlefag?
what ever happened to bearfag?
what ever happened to sam farber?
what ever happened to most of the notable content, edit and namefags?

Oh that's right, they left this shithole. Between the /pol/ spam (40B and his buddies), CP spam issue that lasted waaaay to long (a year), and complete mod/janitorial incompetence (whoops I just wiped out a whole bunch of innocent threads! / I don't like this thread), everyone of worth left over the last couple of years. Not to mention the fact this board looks exactly as it did ten fucking years ago, and lacks all modern image board advancements.

/furi/ was a nice romp, its sad that it rotted on the vine thanks to idiots.


Here you go.


Hit the nail on the head.

>what ever happened to Hino?

He left this worthless shithole for /trash/, and I don't blame him. I'm spending more and more time there than here. If I post content, it's on /trash/. I only post bullshit here anymore, because that's all this place deserves.

This site is a containment board for dumb autists who can't let go of the past.


where is everyone moving on to then?


Most relevant people went to /trash/.
It was excellent from 2015 to mid 2016 but then content creation threads filled up with garbage. It's bumps, low interest topics, and shitty e621 dumps now. Occasionally still good when a new FOTM series comes out but those end up overstaying their welcome and becoming infested with resident retards and discord ruin.

I can barely bother crapping out a half-ass request in the drawthread nowadays considering it's a train wreck well past it's prime. There really isn't much discussion to be had either, everyone sits alone in their their empty fetish threads dumping E621 shit or circle jerking in a discord. You might be able to find people in IRC still, haven't checked that in a few years.


If you like 75% of the 1st page filled with general threads, /trash/ is the place to be!!!!

Furi is and remains exactly what it wants and needs to be. This thread only goes to prove it :3.

>what ever happened to sam farber?

Poster admitted he'd been a joke the whole time and that it was only posted here because 4chan and /pol/wheelchairchan somehow ignored the gimmick. He gave it up because he got bored and because the actual /pol/ shit was almost identical in content. /pol/ is a real life version of a shitposter.

His old ID has been posting obvious pro-Trump pro-white bait yet the "I obsess over every poster ID" faggots here failed to notice.


What's /trash/? Like what board is that on? I googled it and got 4chan's /trash/ board, is that it?


He still does his dumb shit constantly, like this

I got him banned again from FA. Does anyone want to compile info on Donglor so we can make a Kiwifarms thread? This tumblr has lots of stuff:

The board for Kiwifarms furry shit is:


/trash/ is the 4chan furry board. Sorta. The tulpa threads make me question my sanity.


He tried banevading just last month.

Most people are on to his shit and know when it's him posting, so he ends up ignored.

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