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File: 3465345643643.jpg - (829.87 KB, 900x899) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
849783 No.3473294

my boyfriend did something really horrible to me last night... we were having sex and i was bottoming as usual when he started fucking me too hard that it started to hurt. i told him to stop but he didn't listen and kept on going at it. i tried to get up but he pushed me down and starting going in and out at sharp angles which made me scream out loud. i begged him to stop but he just wouldn't... he just kept fucking until he came and the he slapped me in the face. usually he only only slaps me when i mouth off to him and sometimes he's rough with sex but this time was different. i feel violated and now i'm really freaking out inside. what do i do about this!?


Get a girlfriend like somebody normal maybe and quit being a freak?


>>3473295 Why do you want freaks to spread their genes?


Sounds hot.


I came

>I begged him to stop

You liked it. Unless he's holding a gun to your head or a knife to your throat, you always have the ability to take agency and stop the situation yourself, but you sat there and took it like a bottom bitch because you didn't actually feel threatened. He knows this, and your lack of a real fight encourages him to keep doing it and do it harder. This is a deliberate and gradual process designed to subdue your fight or flight instincts so that eventually he could rape you bloody and tear your asshole apart and you'd still just sit there like a mannequin and probably apologize for it too.

The correct course of action is to tell him not to do that again. Don't ask, suggest or request; tell. Convey that his behavior is not acceptable. If he refuses to control himself or questions you in any way, you break up immediately. You don't discuss or negotiate it, you either get an apology and a promise that he won't do it again or you get the fuck out. If he gives an acceptable response then still does it again, you break his god damned nose with prejudice, kick him the fuck off of you, and then get the fuck out.

I will never understand why so many gays think being a bottom is the same thing as being a pussy-whipped porcelain doll who is afraid to defend himself and can't recognize that his personal safety and well-being are more important than having a dick in his ass. Grow some fucking balls and take control of your life, you are not beholden to your "boyfriend" just because he fucks you regularly.

File: faggot.jpg - (50.15 KB, 960x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3473294 tone down your mental illness to the point that you have a bit of self respct and dump that faggot loser for something better?

>allowing him to slap you prior to this.
>not taking action to end the abuse immediately.

You deserve to be abused

File: movie_rock_bottom.jpg - (38.65 KB, 650x441) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

before he fucks you, smoke meth. that's what serious bottoms do [in san fran].


You need to repeatedly punch yourself in the face while shrieking at your boyfriend "LOOK WHAT YOU'RE MAKING ME DO!!" This is a physical demonstration of the emotional trauma your boyfriend is causing you.

If he doesn't get it it's because your action are not sincere enough. So keep hitting yourself, harder and harder, until he understands. Remember, you're worth it!


Furries will deny this turned into rape and that you were consenting the whole time.

Oh wait, that's already been done.

What do you expect from people who think age of consent laws are unnatural? Logic? These are retards who hold conservative views yet jack it to furry porn then think leftist artist are "disrespecting their fans" by not being conservative. These are conservatives who watch leftists in the first place. If someone ha slots of gay content in their galleries, they don't share your views. "Separate art from artist" is a lazy thing losers do who want to hate a thing yet indulge in it regardless.

Furries are goddamned clueless and anyone who defends what your bf did needs a drill to the kneecaps. Call the fucking cops on his ass, never ask furries what to do if you are raped, they like rape. It didn't work out so well for the lats rape victim.


There's your first mistake, OP.


Consent is overrated anyway.

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