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30670 No.3472422

How is it possible to have an anal orgasm with squirting precum like in the video? I've seen similar videos to the one above before.


I'm pretty sure that's piss



have you watched the video? im pretty sure piss is all sticky and gooey like i saw in the video if you actually pay close attention to it.


No op but I've seen similar videos and wondered about it as well.
It's clearly not piss! The liquid is sticky and water clear.
I thought it's maybe the result of these "god tier cum/precum" supplement regims?!


I'd say it was Prostate Fluid, the guy is banging him in the ass hard enough and at an angle where he is literally squishing it out of his prostate. I've seen guys do that to themselves with dildos, too.
Look on or similar and search for 'prostate orgasm'.


precum and clear piss


I'm no gay but love the concept of handsfree/prostate orgasm.

It's so hard to achieve on your own


cum after vasectomy.



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