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File: toppled+confed+statue+in+Durham.jpg - (91.63 KB, 810x455) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
93825 No.3471160

HAHAHAHAHA! Antifa are tearing down Confederate monuments! Take that, Aufy!

Tear them all down! Burn all the Confederate flags!


Scourging the Democrat confederacy and their embracing of slavery should be deleted from the records and serve as a warning about how vile the Democrat party in America is.


Here comes the arrests. And it's not the Naazees


Two words the left doesn't understand. They are Facist and Nazi. These labels ARE their party. The problem is they try to change what they don't like in history and brand the right as these. Hitler was both and acted just like the left.



I didn't know that Robert E Lee enlisted in Nazi Germany during WWII. Or could it be that the alt-left is throwing "nazi" to justify committing criminal activity?


Takiyah? Like... that's the phonetic word for lying for Islam. Her mother is a kekistani profit.

"We brinnin down to fight white power" Nah, you don't care about that, you just want to stick it to the modern day rightwingers you know it'll upset. Child with a stick named takiyah





I don't know why the dems are attacking dead confederate soldiers, they too we're dems,in life and in death they are probably still voting dem. This is one of the most disgusting things the left has done lately, on par with Isis, Mao, or any other fascist mob.



So that leftists can erase the history of their role in the Civil War. :^)


"muh heritage"

Fuck you, the confederacy lost, it never deserved monuments in the first place. We don't have Hitler statues up, why is that? Right, he fucking lost the war.

You violent-minded shits are just too limp-dicked, cowardly and weak to fight so you cry and sort of pretend to fight back when the left stomps on you. Go fuck your mother, you asshole. Right? More like WRONG!


"the left are the real nazis"

Says people who want to exterminate all non-whites, kill free speech and implement a narrative instead of facts.

Go on, pretend you're innocent little special snowflakes and not evil people. Your delusional state would be funny if you weren't such a threat to society. You've managed to start Civil War II because of your bigotry, and you're going to lose it just like you lost the first.



Yep, I'm sure the multiple jews and black people at the rally in support of it were totally all about getting themselves cleansed out of society. Totally. Sure.



>multiple jews.. blacks...

You know it was a mixture of different hate groups?
Also there was only a single black dude?

Group A could be hating all blacks and wants extermination of them.
Group B could be full neo nazis and want to kill both blacks and jews..

There was a website that identified a lot of the members and they were all of different groups. From KKK to Whitepower, Neonazis and White supremacist groups.



There was more than just Terry, and I don't know if you know this, but hategroups evolve just like religion does. The KKK was even considering that they'd have enrollment for mexicans and latinos because they also believe in christian non-sense.

It's more about preserving right wing government and heritage, the ethnic cleansing shit is the Nazi's bag, and the Nazi group was like 1 in fucking 10 there.



>right wing government and heritage


I find it even more hilarious when the main bitching of the alt right is about immigration and "they took our jobs!"


We are not nazis, we are just fucking pissed at America, and we will fight to get America back.
There is a social revolution going on. A revolution, and this revolution will lead to general insurrection.
It's the turn of the oppressors to be oppressed.
You will pay the price for several decades of hate and ignorance.
We are sick of your shit.
We are disgusted by your non-elected racist leader.
Rejoice while you can, because these are your last days. Your last moments.

File: Lee_Removal_640_Confederate.jpg - (32.06 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Keep crying your bitch tears over the removal of traitor monuments. I hope they all get replaced with statues of Malcolm X just to spite you white supremacist assholes.



And you wonder why the extreme right is growing. The iconoclast of civil war things is the best recruitment drive the KKK ever had I'm pretty fucking sure.

God job idiot, are you going to shoot yourself in the foot as the grand fanale?


Personally, I can't wait for impeachment of Trump.

When Pence becomes the president, this will be so beautiful.


And the mowing down of innocent protestors is one of the best recruitment tools for Antifa. Statues don't have the same appeal as martyrs.

File: Clinton_Carter-282083.JPG - (32.29 KB, 385x485) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


But a Bernie bro did it. How does that help? Are people in those extremist groups so stupid as to think some "Nazi" did it?

Because the dude's a Bernie bro.

File: double_yes.jpg - (8.76 KB, 183x275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

In addition to the nigger woman, they now have in the slammer 2 white race traitors and ....a gook?



U.S. cities step up removal of Confederate statues, despite Virginia violence


Trump’s Interior Department Won’t Be Removing Confederate Monuments From Civil War Battlefields


There's a difference between memorials and statues, in my mind. Memorials are meant as a way to commemorate the dead, while statues are meant to honor them. It's a very fine line, I know, but it's the difference between not saying anything nasty about someone you hate and singing their praises.


Kentucky city mayor: Confederate statues to come down after Charlottesville


It's a tug-of-war battle back and forth that the Nazi Antifa left is going to lose, and they'll wish they hadn't started it. They're not the ones with most off the guns.

A new Civil War over the Old Civil war. Well over 100 years later, who would have thought?


Baltimore hauls away four Confederate monuments after overnight removal


Any bets on when black churches will start getting firebombed in retaliation?


The nazi filth don't need a reason to do that. They would've done it anyway. They're rabid animals.


Why in the middle of the night?
What are they trying to hide?


So you're saying that Antifa is going to be burning down black churches? They're the only real nazis.


Nazi violence, of course. The rightwingers have a proven track record of that sort of thing. It's unfortunate, really, far better to tear down this garbage in the middle of the day right in front of their tear-soaked faces.


Are they communists or are they nazis? It's almost as if you people are a bunch of dimwits.

File: 21v4we5r4yvx.png - (493.40 KB, 745x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 3c8e15226f5c8d03ad8814b9b134de55--gun-control-nd-amendment.jpg - (13.54 KB, 236x208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: leftists.jpg - (70.13 KB, 693x381) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: DemocratPeople.jpg - (86.09 KB, 750x514) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 76451b1b492f126ce35513fe9a64beda.jpg - (213.29 KB, 736x2181) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>What are they trying to hide?

Their identities because they're too wimpy to risk prison for what they believe in.

You're dealing with people that believe age of consent laws and requiring a driver's license to operate a vehicle are a form of white genocide.

>really wish I was making those up but they are actual beliefs held by these people

People that believe a flip-flopping dishonest pedophile coalburner Jew is an honest Aryan reporter because he says shit they want to hear

>while labeling Chris Hansen as a fraud because he busts white rednecks trying to screw 12-year-olds and Anderson Cooper as a shill because he hurts their feelings with facts

People who believe God exist and claim to hear his voice yet will label other groups as mentally ill

>because hearing voices means you're sane

People who believe Muslims are a threat to the white race

>despite it being documented historical fact that Hitler loved Islam and willingly allied with them on numerous occasions, but then again Hitler was a self-loathing Jew and not Aryan either

People who have brown hair and brown eyes

>because they're so desperate to pretend they're white, those mongrel characteristics are now white

People who get their feelings easily hurt yet claim only their enemies do

>if gay marriage, women's rights, the existence of other races and atheism piss you off, you're a sensitive cunt

People who aren't worth talking to anymore, only worth chucking a damn brick at on sight

>because you can't reason with a bunch of Chris-Chan-tier idiots

If this ocunty wants ot be divided, fine. You want to flip a shit fit because Miss Piggy dumped Kermit or because someone doesn't believe in god, pick up guns and start shooting. I don't care if both sides end up completely eradicated, at least it'll be quiet when its all over. At best one side is dead and the other can shut the fuck up about the other side's existence. McFucking kill each other already, you can't be friends, don't even try, start shedding blood if you hate the other side so bad, you fucking pussy. Diplomacy is shit that doesn't work- it's an illusion. The losing side falls in line with the winners, there is no real peace.

This is why the north should have slaughtered the south when Lincoln was shot. "Abloobloo only 3% of the south owned slaves, stop claiming they were all racists!" Uh yeah they were all racists but slaves cost money, of course only the rich owned them, you brainless fuck. The confederacy seceded because they did not want the north to end slavery, ti was a major part of their economy. Just like how modern whites don't take jobs when illegals can no longer fill them, whites didn't want to work those jobs back then.

File: 1ed7yl.jpg - (56.67 KB, 660x371) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: lefty-pool.png - (359.19 KB, 500x382) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: you-save-the-world-and-but-you-go-down-in-15482123.png - (426.78 KB, 500x592) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: i-want-yot-to-punch-nazis-punch-every-goddamn-one-12884462.png - (491.60 KB, 500x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


More than a few church, mosque and sinagog have proven to be false flag since august of last year. People are willing to burn down their own shit to make someone else look bad.

File: kaschist-aktion-wedefeated-them-in-1945-lets-do-itagain-are-8999907.png - (219.85 KB, 500x494) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Rightwingers are more willing to do that.

File: ive-made-cuck-cuck-cuck-cuck-cuck-cuck-an-alt-2459021.png - (452.79 KB, 500x498) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 197879_5_.jpg - (39.32 KB, 355x231) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Trying to scroll off the truth about your affiliation does not reverse your lies, nor hide your crimes.
It just demonstrates more of what your kind always try to do.

File: 859_324846877622102_1696942759_n.jpg - (80.75 KB, 960x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: fuck-calm-i-want-full-communism-1.png - (28.22 KB, 600x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

My biggest crime is not breaking your fingers yet. :-)


Nazis are national socialists, that is literally what nazi means, none of the people on the right are national socialists, that is the left


Which group was waving around swastika flags at that "unite the right" rally? Was that Antifa or was that the rightwingers?


And ladies and gents, like I said, antifa is not anti-facist. it's just communism trying to get it's foot in the door. At least we got one here willing to admit it.

File: OcEUxt8.png - (704.36 KB, 2880x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You sure got me.


But seriously folks, I'm a transhumanist with grand visions of making The Culture into a reality. Communism is just one step along that path.


Okay, have to ask - with the "low incidents of gun violence", is that per capita or "They had X number of gun violence per year"? Because one would really skew the data.



Socialism/Communism is the solution to go with the modern world. Anyone who stand in the path of the new world order will be dealt with.
We're just fighting against the US and Russia, not very fair but we can fight from inside and get Trump impeached.
I hope he'll attack DPRK, then he looses.


200 confused idiots out of 50 million. I'm sure the left is many times that. Next question?

Never happen, but you can dream.
Wait until Trump gets re-elected, and he will, your meltdown all over again will be so sweet.


It's a map of population density. Of course the areas with the highest density will have the largest total number of crime incidents. It's just right-wingers being dishonest/retarded as usual.


The reason why both Obama support and gun crime per population is more prevalent in the cities is because they're full of entitled idlers who come to the cities explicitly because they can't mooch off the state in the towns and countryside. You can't be a limp-wristed antifa-faggot in a small town because there's not enough of you to form a gang, and you'll starve to death because you refuse to work.

They vote for the left, and commit most of the crimes.



>per population

It's per area, dumbass.


I know. I wasn't referring to that map.

Crime per population in cities IS higher than in the countryside. In some cases there are just statistical flukes like a crime happening in a town with only 100 people in it, so the county gets artifically high rates.


We have confederate monuments because it was a civil war, mostly fought over state rights. It was brothers in arms. Family against family. It was more complex than this dualistic fairytale
Version north good south bad dynamic that is being portrayed. We have these monuments to honor the dead and remember what happened so we don't end up with another one. Now antifa comes along and is acting as if they're trying to instigate another civilwar.
Lincoln is on record as stating he didn't give a damn about slavery, merely preserving the union. Ulysses S Grant is aslo on record as a slave owner. It's so funny how some the left are calling southerners primative and violent when they're ones tearing down monuments, calling for dead cops threatening to assassinate the pressident, instigating civil disobedience and repeatedly threatened Aufy with physical violence until he flaked out doxed himself and left. Why? Simply on the grounds he's a white southern male with a confederate flag who doesn't identify as a liberal? The hypocrisy knows no bounds. To make matters worse you come on lulznet where your bitching mostly falls on def ears and classify anyone who doesn't identify as left or liberal as a fascist or Nazi in order to justify your thugish behaviour.
Fuck off already.



This is bullshit, because the cities that are mostly blue are the most populous areas and biggest cities.

Also, are these graphs by percentage of ownership or just plain out raw numbers not based on population amounts?


They get firebombed already by crazy rightwing terrorists.


I understand representations of the past are problematic, does glorifies people who were not heroes, or bad examples, and keeps our society from progress, anchored in blind nationalism.

I will think twice and understand the necessity to remove such monuments from public places.

File: whatthefuck.png - (141.01 KB, 560x326) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>We are not nazis, we are just fucking pissed at America, and we will fight to get America back.
>Outright use the Nazi salute multiple times.
>Support and follow multiple views of Nazism.
>Engage in protests and groups that actually follow the worst of the Nazi ideals.

Lol ok.



>wants to convince people its not about race..
>wants people to say that alt right is legit...
>use the word nigger and other slurs




The rights of states to consider a human being property yes.



I always laugh my ass when people post this unironically.
Because its just a collection of alex jones style bullshit collected in a single image.

Lets not forget that:

  • GOP follower outright tried to murder and shot many times a democrat representative.
  • GOP fanatics launched his plane onto a IRS building.
  • GOP and ultra right racists have torched minorities churches and mass shooting for race issues.
  • GOP whine about how the state is being repressive for them, while oppressing minorities and woman further.. in an state full of stupid laws which are mostly based on ancient bible bullshit.
  • GOP whinny neonazis and KKK claim oppression by making demonstration with torches, resembling good ol' black murdering lynching mobs and bitching that same rights to minorities equal "oppression" to them.
  • GOP playing their way with millions of american lives by "repeal and replace" with zero plan on how to replace. All because Trump is a whinny bitch whose only agenda is to make sure nothing of Obama's legacy lives on. And all because he's butthurt for what Trump and Hillary told him.

>>3471510 owner ship of a human being? Like Grant is guilty of? More advanced civilization take unfair advantage of less developed civilizations. That's history. It has happened all over the world. Slavery was a global institution. In this country it is a thing of the past and you're still crying about it? Why can't you just bury the fucking hatchet already?

We have these monuments because the south remains a part of this country. We need to live along side our own country in peace. The south has it's own unique culture and where there was a time when being from the south was fine, these leftist radicals attacking the south and throwing civility out the window provoking southerners until a radical right strikes back and then they play the victim card. This has to end. You're raising a stink about ancient history. You're the absolute worst kind of hypocrites. You're losing your minds because the KKK exists? Dude even in the south Klaners are viewed as a fucking joke. The klan are fucking ignorant clowns. But oh no here comes Antifa Hell bent on being even bigger assholes than the klan. The only reason we're seeing an increase in klan activity is your lot instead of laughing at them and just not taking them seriously which has been working to gradually push these bozos so far into the fridges of society until they become a thing of the past... well your deliberatly provoking them and making matters worse for everyone. This is nothing more than a power trip for leftist millennial shit bags. I hope antifa get targeted as a terrorist organization and get stomped.

File: jie.png - (167.65 KB, 500x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A whole country destroying itself because some people claim they are victims.

Anon, try for two minutes to think without the bias of social justice, and I dare you to tell me there is anything wrong with racism.

People are racist, unless you have a mental problem, you normally like and accept the race and body, and sex and other abilities nature gave you. You instinctively know you must defend it, and assume your role.

Each race belongs to a part of the planet, black people are not supposed to live and do things in the northern hemisphere, and vice versa for white people.

I won't go at the point of blaming who started to invent all kind of words and terms to make a zebra believe he's at home in a fir forest, and don't need to adapt his lifestyle, or an unicorn in the jungle.

You just can't cheat nature and you cannot get rid of racism, or biology, by threatening them or thumping them with the Communist Manifesto or any socialist doctrine, because biology is much stronger than you think. And your ideals are harmless midgets against nature.

You have to deal with the problems you have created first instead.



>Each race belongs to a part of the planet, black people are not supposed to live and do things in the northern hemisphere, and vice versa for white people.

Yeah! And it's too bad modern civilization hasn't invented any easily accessible tools to allow people to function in climates or biomes different from where they're from. You know, like jackets, sunglasses, sunblock, air conditioning, vaccines, or bug repellent. Different races should clearly stay where it's safe. Also, human beings should never go to space. I mean, the vacuum!

File: 299146__UNOPT__safe_silver-spoon.png - (120.83 KB, 615x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You are blinded by your technical progress, Anon. You remain an animal, like everyone, no matter what you do, you depend entirely on biology.


All those things you name were invented by Whites.
ALL of them.
Prove me wrong.

File: BysWsup5.jpg - (32.03 KB, 407x405) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 20914306_2004188603149185_2087559527873769811_n.jpg - (34.35 KB, 480x490) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Score another victory! Another old rich slave owning cracker monument got it today!


All you have won is the guarantee that a Democrat will never again hold the office of President, and that your Communistic Dream is forever dead.
Think about that for a while.


I can't take you morons seriously when you defend right wing, pro nazi groups by calling a group that is literally 'anti-fascist' nazis and fascists.
We know what doublespeak and doublethink are, we read 1984, go fuck yourselves.



>Groups are based bad on their name and not on their action.

You're a retard, they were permitted to protest there whereas Antifa wasn't.

You're right that they're not fascist though. In fact, they are worse than Nazis since they're a communist organization who restrict rights.


That's cute, Trumpets think their retarded senile old kike is doing a good job and they're winning. You dumb motherfuckrs, actual mother fuckers, since you fuck your mothers, you are only looking like shit in the eyes of your fellow countrymen and to the rest of the world. You asshole sare't fighting a real war, you'r ebitchign and crying like babies because non-white non-Christian things exist and barely putting in much effort. You will never be normal, the days of you being accepted are long over with, you're on the way out, and soon you will all bleed. Day of the rope? You get the guillotine.

Oh and since Trump is strongly opposed to piracy and all that, I wonder if this here is a new Trump method to go after any major figure who disagrees with him, threatening to out people as gay with made up evidence if they don't pay big bucks-



>a Democrat will never again hold the office of President

But all this is happening under a Republican president. :^)


yeah, it's OBVIOUSLY Trump's fault!





The reason why you guys form irrelevant strawmen because you know that lefitst ideals are fundamentally stupid, narcissist, and juvenile.


I can't believe that there are developmentally stunted >18 year olds who have that logic.


I don't get why we don't end all the hate, and just make being a white male CIS peice of shit illegal.



The real joke here is that the Democrat party these leftist extremists are fighting for were literally the party of slavery, Jim Crowe, and even today, urban centers of "stupid blacks" that keep getting worse off no matter how much the Oreo Democrats, and honky Democrat rich folks promise.


Black Democrats who were never slaves fighting white Democrats who were never Nazis over Confederate monuments erected by Democrats. Because Democrats can no longer live with there own history while trying to destroy America and our Constitutional Republic. Yet somehow this is supposed to be President Trump's fault?


fighting white Democrats who were never Nazis

Have one of the organizers of the rally talking about how he generally approves of Trump, but wants someone more racist who "won't give his daughter to a Jew" -


Well, the Bubonic plague is in southwest America.

soon, there will be nothing but pleas for help, and then silence. god punishes the west.



Well, you know how Trump loves "fake news"

But hey! he also said that the "antifa" and "left" started all fights..

Oh wait.. thats a lie:

How about that supposed proof of "antifa" beating down cops?
Whoops! they were shopp'ed!



There is no information on who did this.. and you are instantly labelling the left? lol


how stupid are you that you think leftist extremists fight for the democratic party? leftists have been giving up on the democrats en masse for years now


The Antifa never had to fight any cops because the antifa mayor told them to stand down and let an illegal gathering disrupt city traffic.


If the mayor okays it, it's not illegal.



Uh, no. That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. Mayors have been arrested and disgraced for allowing illegal actions to persist on numerous occasions.

Yes, they can tell the police to stand down in a crisis, but that hadn't stopped the police from arresting Takiyah or whatever the fuck her name was, after the fact. And the Mayor honestly might face legal trouble himself.

File: kw2ur5mx1h3z.gif - (887.95 KB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


One thing's for certain; political officials telling the police to stand down and not let them do their job is a clear indication that the establishment elite want there to be violence. This will only escalate the situation, and the self-proclaimed alt-right (white nationalists specifically) love this, because it serves to polarize people to their side of identity politics (just as it does for identitarians on the left).

I'm not sure if they know the fire they're playing with. They're not a hive-mind, just low-level establishment ideologues enabling some real serious shit that's gonna go down eventually.


They have a constitutional right to protest.



Then you need to learn what the fuck protest means when spoken in a legal sense, which the constitution is framed in.

What they're doing steps over the line, and is illegal. Further, you should have seen what they considered free speech in washington's time. Insulting the president in the press or in public during his time would be a hanging sentence.



>Insulting the president in the press or in public during his time would be a hanging sentence.

Irrelevant and incorrect. Also, Washington wasn't an idiotic douche like Trump.



No, completely true. The bar for treason and sedition was so low at founding that simply shit talking about the president was a death sentence.

You shouldn't talk about history if you're this ignorant.

File: DHVZ2aXXYAAx3NA.jpg - (79.08 KB, 960x820) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


What is happening, is that the leftist extremist groups are threatening the police departments with hordes of lawsuits and other protests if they don't stand down.

It's kind of like Baltimore where the city offices allowed the rioters "Space for destruction" for the impending chimpout, rather than actually do their jobs and crack down on it.

Remember: Leftism today is about trying appease a bunch of different special identity groups, not the country as a whole. The ones that are most destructive get a pass.


Leftism today is about beating the shit out of fucking Nazi trash who use the word "chimpout". It's glorious. God have you cocksuckers had it coming.


Because conservatives aren't baout stripping personal freedoms, enforcing their way as the only way and pushing an agenda based on religious lies.

"Not using your real name online? Got something to hide? I bet you don't even attend church, you potential terrorist! Paying for goods with cash? I bet you sell drugs and have no legit job. Supporting gay rights? I bet you worship Satan!"


Yeah, that may be true but Washington was a slave owner.


>>3471777 yeah it's also about broadening the definition of 'nazi' to justify violence towards people who don't agree with their views.

File: 20914645_10211852207253321_119312746710143095_n.jpg - (58.51 KB, 576x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Well, to be fair, socialists have always hated other socialists.

That's why they use terms like "Fascism" in today's conversation, a dead political movement from the 1930's, but it's part and parcel of socialist canon.

Look at what happened to Leon Trotsky and his version of socialism, killed by other socialists. Makes sense they hate National Socialists, and want to call everyone that.

>In today's politics, youthful extremists use ancient language to control the political debate. And if you say otherwise, you're a no good Whig!


>Insulting the president in the press or in public during his time would be a hanging sentence.

Under the Sedition Act, the harshest sentence ever imposed was a $480 fine and 18 months imprisonment. This act expired in 1800. In America, no one has ever been sentenced to death over thought crimes. Eat a dick, fuckwit.



>No one has ever been sentenced to death over thought crimes in america.

Salem, Massachusetts. Suspected witchcraft.

South Carolina. Suspected homosexuality.

Theres a lot more, those are just the first two that pop into my mind. Colonial and early America used to kill people for all sorts of thought crimes.


Just about to amend that to say post constitution.


Salem witch trials were so crazy. Not even thought crimes, but false accusations of supernatural crimes.


I think I figured out what Trump is really doing- he's tricking the white supremacists into IDing and doxing themselves by coming out of the woodwork and expressing their views. Funny how he went from insulting them to patting them on the ass to encourage more to come into the light. You have all these bigots walking around with signs, screaming things, and we can see their faces.

No doubt soon Israel will be all "oy vey, the Nazi party is rising again in the United States" and the Jewish president will take action against them.

He's still a despicable piece of shit though but watching him backstab anyone who thinks he's on their side is going to be hilarious. The man was friends with the Clintons for 20+ years, you think he cares about white supremacists? He only supports slavery because he doesn't want to pay employees, he's the Donald, he's always felt himself above everyone else because he's rich for doing no real work. No wonder he voted Democrat most of his life.



>Because conservatives aren't baout stripping personal freedoms

You mean, not stripping white men freedoms. I bet they are so happy to strip and remove every right and protection any other non white group have.

File: 20841114_2005242559710456_7221750376642883349_n.jpg - (49.73 KB, 480x522) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Or maybe, Antifa and the other leftist douchebag wanna be revolutionaries are just clearing space for Trump statues.

File: WASHINGTON_FINAL.jpg - (325.50 KB, 1200x823) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Has anyone ever considered that the " HOLY WHITE MALE ARISTICRATIC GODS " don't include guys who are working with everyone else, and maybe those white guys whos lives suck are getting the shit end of the stick every time in every progressive act thats happened since the 90's? And maybe we're a little irritated at that? Maybe white guys want to have a little recognition for the sweat on our brows rather than get shit on 24/7?

You know... just maybe?

I mean if it were so much cheaper, and provided so many fewer rights to just higher women and minorities... why would any company even bother with lowly white working class men? Unless you know, we did stuff.


your just proving how much of a racist genderist fuck you are



>Lookit all the buzzwords I can use


I don't quite follow what's going on in this pic.

Several of the stereotypes seem like they're pleading/petitioning Washington, while a couple cower away from him. Are they pleading for him to let them in? It's such an odd mess.

What is the guy praying at his feet supposed to be?
The stereotypes on the right seem more derogatory.
Only the Jew cowers at Washington's visage. Gotta keep up that persecution complex!
The Mayan doesn't like the look of those sharp flagpoles. Bad memories of those Spanish halberds, I'd wager.
Why'd they feel the need to depict Chinese twice?
And the whole point of the image is completely destroyed by including a Native American.

But considering this is from Bioshock Infinite and thus essentially 1910s Steampunk-era propaganda, it fits right in.



again posting those shopped and debunked pictures of supposed "antifa" attackers that were of protests from europe and more eastern countries?



>>Maybe white guys want to have a little recognition for the sweat on our brows rather than get shit on 24/7?

Recognition of what? being white and run the easy life of being more "selectable" than the rest of the population?
I always laugh when twats always claim somehow white men are "oppressed".

Well, its a caricature of the racist cartoons of the era.
And a pretty much blatant pointing at how ridiculous ayn Ryan's bullshit is.


The white people who do great things do get recognition. Like Isaac Newton for instance. It's just that the minorities who do mediocre things get recognition too. Like Niel DeGrasse Tyson. It's called the soft racism of low expectations, and it actually helps get minorities to act more civilized. Except for East Asians. They don't need any help.


Yah whites are so evil and oppressive and everything... every non white in the world is killing them selves to come live in white countries... weird that



You're an idiot. Since 1950, family court is only hard-mode for men. Meanwhile women have 4 ways to renounce their parenthood WITHOUT owing monetary support or maintaining ANY responsibilities. And no, that's not including abortion.

File: 01BARKLEY1-master768.jpg - (77.54 KB, 768x513) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Charles Barkley: Most Black People Haven't Thought a Day in Their Lives About Confederate Statues

“I’m 54 years old,” Barkley said. “I’ve never thought about those statues a day in my life. I think if you ask most black people, to be honest, they ain’t thought a day in their life about those stupid statues.”



Charles Barkley is kind of a jackass anyway, nevermind your shoddy argument and his input which isn't going to change a thing.



How about the fact that King Nigger was president for eight years and no one complained about those statues, nor did he demand they be taken down.

What did happen was the Trump-Russia collusion fell apart, and a week or two after, Confederate statue, Trump is racist started up.

It's amazing how many "smart" and "intelligent" people get played so easily.


That's because Obama was the president of law and order, while Trump is just an incompetent instigator.


just like a true're inherently deceitful.


Said the dumb asshole who voted for a clown who promised to release his tax returns. So what happened with that?

File: trump 95 tax.jpg - (265.72 KB, 1047x1358) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Idiot. Try to keep up.



Charles Barkley will kill us all anyway. Fucking Chaos Dunk.



so.. tax record of a single year.. 1995 and only released because of pressure and not the full thing?

Plus you mean when SOME of the tax records were actually leaked to the New York Times?

How is that Trump releasing them?

How about real Russian money? lol



Instigator means "Starts something"

Please explain how Trump "Instigated" the Confederate Statue thing.


My tale begins on June 16th, 2015, when the orange retard descended from an escalator and announced that in addition to running for President, Mexican people were rapists and criminals...


You are monumentally retarded.


He not only ran for President, he won.
And they are.
I bet that burns you like the heat of a million exploding suns.


Regardless of politics, I dislike the destruction of art.


What really burns is the desire to gulag your Nazi ass. I'll feel better after your retard in chief is thrown out on his ass, though.


Good news, no art has been destroyed.


>>3472034 That bronze statue is looking pretty fucked up.


Can't they just cast a new one? If not, meh.


As I said, no art has been destroyed.



Statue creation isn't art?

We're learning all kinds of new things since the Russia collusion collapsed and we're mad at statues now.


Boston was a test...100 free speech folks...10,000 ANTIFA, BLM, NEODEMS...hahahaha... They looked so confused.
The right should plan thousands of protests across America and not show up. The retarded left would pour all kinds of money to bus their retards there for nothing. Do it now. Bankrupt the bastards.



>his favourite "freedom of speech" warriors got utterly decimated by the left.. and he skews the news by claiming "they where confused, bankrupt them!"

Christ, I bet you will make fine zombie of any dictadorship like China.


>>3472046 If you weren't a fucking idiot you would see that antifa and other groups have been staging fake events for months getting right wing retards out to protect confederate statues that nobody was coming for and bake in the hot ass sun

So this makes right wingers stupid right? I mean the left is stupid and they would do it, the left has already been doing this!


Idiot, the Right deliberately announced the non-existent 'Rally' to be held in a hugely majority Liberal City. They knew what would happen, it's like putting shit out for flies.
BECAUSE, the pussy-ass faq-queer rainbow-clown hair Leftists NEVER SHOW UP when a rally is announced in a Conservative City! They know what would happen to them.

File: White_Supremisist_Runs_Like_A_Bitch.jpg - (272.22 KB, 1200x799) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>A Bernie Bro did it.

I can't tell if you are just so right wing you have lost all grasp on reality or if you are trolling.

I would like to believe you are trolling but with Trump in power I have had to keep lowering my bar about how stupid humans can be.

File: 3rdway.png - (343.54 KB, 488x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>you would see that antifa and other groups have been staging fake events for months...

Which do you think is more likely?

A) A wealthy democrats are paying people across the country what has to be millions of dollars a year, to pose as nazi and KKK for months or even years. Dating/Marrying people and making friends with people who are racists just so they can be triggered like a sleeper cell and used to organize marches to make the KKK and Nazis look bad.


B) Real racists who just live normal racist lives came out publicly for the first time in decades thinking that because we have a racist president they could get away with being in public. Society as a whole responded by smacking them like bitches and taking down the monuments to racism they adore as punishment for them daring to step into the light of public awareness.

I'm guessing B. It sounds a lot more likely than a vast national conspiracy.

Fun fact: The guy who organized the Charlottesville rally for the Nazi's got chased out of town, literally by liberals, and is now in hiding because he is afraid for his life from the RIGHT-WING death threats. His own people are saying he was working for Soros all along and the fact he has run a right-wing white supremacist organization since he graduated college 2009 was all just a cover for the psy-op, false-flag, operative to set up the march in 2017.

I gotta say, if these kind of conspiracy theories were true, I'm pretty sure they would have won by now.



That Kesser guy at Unite the Right was a Hillary supporter, voted for Obama twice, was in Occupy, and magically, suddenly, out of fucking nowhere, became a "Nazi" right after Trump was elected.

Wow, that's pretty crazy.

File: Assassin_pip_by_invisibleguy_ponyman-d6shcr3.png - (1281.64 KB, 437x1761) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


There is an old saying, "Don't interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake, it's rude." so instead I'm just going to post a pony.


Guess what pathetic 3B,
All the ones who voted for Trump are going to be stupid again for you in 2020.
We're going to be so stupid you will have to take even more stupid pills than you already do just to keep up.
Because you earned it, continue to earn it, and you will continue to own what you've earned.

>>tearing down statues

Always glad to see shrieking, hooting rage monkeys punishing themselves.
They have ensured... nay, GUARANTEED the re-election of Trump in 2020. You think all this bullshit by them won't be re-played endlessly on air come election time?
Never underestimate the Fury of the Silent Majority.
Oh wait, you already did in 2016.


Just you wait. 3B's 3rd party candidate is going to totally smash Trump in 2020!

>implying there will still be an America by 2020
File: 4d6.gif - (2.91 KB, 452x523) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Daily stormer move to an onion node, so antifa's proposal is to destroy Tor

Keikaku doori....


But it's okay when the mods here do it...

File: Antifa_Manual_1.jpg - (14.89 KB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's some delicious insanity.

File: Antifa_Manual_2.jpg - (47.52 KB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: Antifa_Manual_3.jpg - (51.30 KB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: Antifa_Manual_4.jpg - (51.87 KB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: Antifa_Manual_5.jpg - (48.43 KB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you will be fired if you disagree with Antifa ;)

File: Antifa_Manual_6.jpg - (54.13 KB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

make childless white people trendy

(fuck me, why do these dipshits have to the "muh white genocide" white nationalists such perfect ammo)

File: Antifa_Manual_7.jpg - (62.99 KB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Antifa World Order

File: Antifa_Manual_8.jpg - (53.83 KB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Phase 4: One World Government

Basically, kill whitey, bring low IQ races into Europe and US and create... the perfect worker's paradise? Those who can't work will be given an endless supply of cocaine and meth. Oh yeah, fucking brilliant idea. I'm sure that will end up just peachy keen, and not a desolated wasteland full of crackheads living in abandoned flats and factory buildings. The future looks bright, my dudes.


Reading that is making me think maybe 6 months of fascist dictatorship to purge all the commies and ((enemies of the western civilization)) is perhaps not such an abominable idea. God damn it, left, get your shit together.


Ironically, it will probably be this same fascist dictatorship that will purge its own members that it deems too liberal (tolerant).




Take a look at all the anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight, anti-capitalist, anti-freedon-of-speech rhetoric and stated communist internationalist allegiance of Antifa that we already know of.

Then read this leaflet. You fucking tell me that this totally isn't exactly the kind of shit you'd expect Antifa to write. If it is a parody, then this is Poe's law in full motion at work, cause I can't fucking tell.

Even better yet, you go pretend to be an Antifa, and give it to someone who is already an Antifa to read and ask them if they agree with the gist of it. I bet my bottom fucking dollar that most will agree.




The coffee-cup stain on the first page says to me it's of questionable authenticity, since that's kind of a literary stereotype, trying too hard to make it seem real. But the contents do seem to be in line with what Antifa has been pushing, and the unworkable insanity they have planned. Reading this would make even most Liberals run away from them in horror. Send it to, which is said to be run by Liberals, and see if they will tell you if it's real or not.


It's not real because they're using phrases and terms that would be considered offensive "micro-aggressions" by real leftists.

Like calling brown people "brown people", or pointing to "genetic disadvantages" which simply do not exist if you're a leftist because everything is supposed to be socially constructed. It's obviously written by someone with diametrically opposite understanding of the world, posing as their leftist counterpart.

File: Income_Inequality_Explained.png - (179.54 KB, 557x297) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>All the ones who voted for Trump are going to be stupid again for you in 2020.

I was talking about Trump being stupid, not his voters.

I don't blame the people who voted for Trump at all. He was promising to take us out of many of the wars we are in and to fight wall street. He lied, but at least he lied about the right things.

That is why he won. He ran what looked like a populist campaign and it worked. He looked at Bernie Sander's successes and adopted it to his brand.

Trump is a moron in many, many ways but he knows how to sell his brand to the market in front of him and that is what he did.

He was promising to be less interventionist (Less war) destroy Obamacare and replace it with universal healthcare (Medicare-for-all) and destroy the trade deals that have been upending the middle class (TPP)

He ran LEFT of Clinton in many ways and that's why he won. He was both a primitive strong-man like the Republican voters love and a liberal at the same time.

The fact that it worked doesn't make his voters stupid.
If they vote for him again, that will make them stupid because it's obvious he's not going to keep his promises.

He killed the TPP then after that the people with real power stepped in and put him in his place. He's the 1%'s bitch now. That's why he keeps swinging so radically.

He's rebelling like an angry child because the adults are telling him what to do and he doesn't like finding out the president is just a puppet.

File: Time_for_A_change.png - (0.00 KB, 337x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>They have ensured... nay, GUARANTEED the re-election of Trump in 2020.

Hey, I agree 100%. The DNC is managing to lose, still, with literally the most unpopular president in history to run against. Even their own donors have stopped giving them money because they are just so fucking stupid. They can't move past identity politics and that just doesn't win elections.

Though I don't think it will be Trump. I think it will be Pence. The Republicans will turn on Trump long before 2020. He's not playing ball with the donors. His popularity is the only thing that kept him alive the first month when he stopped the TPP and now that is gone.

File: Cory-2020.png - (2866.11 KB, 3000x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The only worry is if Trump manages to pass a repeal of Obamacare while the economy is still booming as it is now. That's his only hope of getting through 2020 unscathed. Otherwise Cory Booker is going to crush that billionaire douchebag. Either him or my bae Kamala Harris.



>run by Liberals

everything outside of these shitheads' mentally ill reality is liberal propaganda




I figure this was a fitting place to post this:

File: Kamala_Harrris_Bank_Champion.png - (339.38 KB, 669x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


They already gave up on Obamacare. They are just trying to get the tax cuts for the 1% in before Trump implodes or nukes someone.

Booker or Kamala Harris would just be a repeat of Hillary. They can't even get agreement within the corporate whores of the DNC much less garner the support of the left's actual base.

Obama is pushing for Booker while Clinton's people are pushing for Harris. It's a clash of massive egos and while they fight like children Bernie is racking up the wins. In the end it's going to be Sanders vs Pence or they will lose again.

They may think losing would be the best option so Sanders will die before 2024 but he is already grooming people to replace him.

File: kh3.png - (393.10 KB, 700x646) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Bernie is racking up the wins

Hahahah, what wins? Surely you don't mean Russ Feingold of Wisconsin or Zephyr Teachout of New York? Are you including the asshole who hilariously failed to unseat Debbie Wasserman Shultz? Do you mean Heath Mello? Or how about Tom Periello? Or the Montana cowboy Rob Quist who lost to a Republican who bodyslammed a reporter just days before? Where are these Berniecrat victories?

See, I can already tell how worried you bernouts are because you're already trying to bring Booker and Harris down even before they've started any actual campaign. You fear them, as you should. One of them is going to be your new president in 2020.



So she got $25 billion from the big banks. How much has Bernie taken from Wall Street to pay for the financial crisis?


Not enough.

File: Xi95Kyu.jpg - (659.77 KB, 2448x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Again, you are not separating corporate whores from liberals.

Russ was a massive corporate cuck who was defeated by a Republican who ran an anti-establishment, anti-Clinton, Anti-Isis campaign.

Russ Feingold's campaign was about fixing the existing senate and bringing back bi-partisanship. No one, on either side wants bi-partisanship. Both sides think the other side is crazy because for the most part, they are. Washington is so far right that you have to choose between a corporate whore and a corporate whore who is a racists. No one wants to make that choice. Running a campaign on making Washington work isn't going to fly.

We need to fire and replace the crazies on both sides. That is the winning message. Get money out of politics.
Feingold took Super-pac money as fast as they could shovel it at him and it cost him the race because he was just more of the same.

Zephyr Teachout was a great example of the damage citizens united does to democracy. Koch brother super-pacs swept in and ran millions of dollars worth of ads saying Zephyr Teachout was going to double or even triple property taxes which was in no way true but the democrats didn't have the time or resources to counter the lie before the votes were cast. Those last three days the Kochs poured millions into ads for the Republican lying about Zephyr Teachout because she has been fighting to overturn citizens united for years.

She was already at a massive disadvantage in a district popularly known as "The Octopus" because it so so gerrymandered for rich, white voters. That wave of what would have been illegal attack ads until Citizens United pushed the vote over the edge.

She fought big money and big money won. You're going to see a lot of cases like this. I could go on but that's pretty much what is happening. The Democrats are not supporting liberals and the liberals are getting ram-rodded by the RNC and Super-Pacs to stop them from interrupting the flow of bribes.

I agree, the dems are losers. As long as they keep working against us they are going to keep losing and eventually the country is going to be so broken civil war will be the only way to fix it.


As expected, the left's violence has now expanded. They vandalized a peace memorial last week, thinking it was a confederate memorial, a holocaust memorial was destroyed, they have vandalized statues of saints, political leaders, including Abraham Lincoln (!) and Columbus, and now they are attacking people based on a stereotype look. War is coming.
Wait until BLM starts raping women for being white. I wonder what their excuse will be??
Rage due to racism made them do it?
An African 'refugee' in France has already used that defense!


Ha ha, the civil war is already going on and the right are too chickenshit to fight. You're getting your pussy little asses kicked. Suck it, your god is fake, your beliefs are shit, and you have no backbones.

>So much for the tolerant left
>no YOU'RE the Nazi for not agreeing with me, free speech!

You reap what you sow. You're getting the violent response you've been pushing for. Oh boo hoo, you can talk all big but you don't have the balls to really kill niggers or fags! Because you want to suck them off, apparently. They're killing you first, oh waah. If you weren't all talk you'd be winning, bitch. Go die of the cancer that makes you a retard.

File: Slavery-Today.jpg - (265.94 KB, 2048x1536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Keep it up, how long before the bear bites back?


The fuck do you think is happening right now? Fucking rightwingers have been threatening genocide and gleefully mocking people for their legitimate fears and anxieties for at least the last two years. No shit normal people have turned hostile.



"Normal People"

People like Sasnatch the Antifa dreadlock wearing white girl who got "punched by a Nazi", and Obama voting "White Nationals" are not normal people.

Normal people were find with statues, especially since Nigger President didn't do shit to get rid of them while he was in office.

Violent, hate filled extremists, literally wanting to "punch" anyone they think is a "nazi" have been emboldened.

Thankfully, history is filled, utterly chock full of accounts of socialists, either National Socialists (Nazis) or Marxist Socialists (Antifa/Bernie) being shot, and thrown into ditches.

So yes, the situation will work itself out, because Socialists always lose.

File: woodie.jpg - (15.67 KB, 298x379) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Miss Pavilichenko's well known to fame;
Russia's your country, fighting is your game;
The whole world will love her for a long time to come,
For more than three hundred nazis fell by your gun.

Fell by your gun, yes,
Fell by your gun
For more than three hundred nazis fell by your gun.
Miss Pavlichenko's well known to fame;
Russia's your country, fighting is your game;
Your smile shines as bright as any new morning sun.
But more than three hundred nazidogs fell by your gun.

In your mountains and canyons quiet as the deer.
Down in your bigtrees [SIC] knowing no fear.
You lift up your sight. And down comes a hun.
And more than three hundred nazidogs fell by your gun.

In your hot summer's heat, in your cold wintery snow,
In all kinds of weather you track down your foe;
This world will love your sweet face the same way I've done,
'Cause more than three hundred nazzy [SIC] hound fell by your gun.

I'd hate to drop in a parachute and land an enemy in your land.
If your Soviet people make it so hard on invadin' men;
I wouldn't crave to meet that wrong end of such a pretty lady's gun
If her name was Pavlichenko, and mine Three O One.

File: album.jpg - (29.70 KB, 270x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

All You Fascists

I’m gonna tell you fascists
You may be surprised
The people in this world
Are getting organized
You’re bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose

Race hatred cannot stop us
This one thing we know
Your poll tax and Jim Crow
And greed has got to go
You’re bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose.

All of you fascists bound to lose:
I said, all of you fascists bound to lose:
Yes sir, all of you fascists bound to lose:
You’re bound to lose! You fascists:
Bound to lose!

People of every color
Marching side to side
Marching ‘cross these fields
Where a million fascists dies
You’re bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose!

I’m going into this battle
And take my union gun
We’ll end this world of slavery
Before this battle’s won
You’re bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose!

File: niggers-back-to-africa.jpg - (109.47 KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
Gather all those equals up and herd them on the pier
America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back
Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
Twenty million ugly coons are ready on the pier

"Hey there man, I ain't gettin' in that boat, looks like that boat's leakin' to me, man," (whack!) "Ooooh yes, White Man, here I come!"

America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back
Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
Boats are ready for the trip, we won't shed a tear

"You actin' like you don't love us nice colored folks any more," (whack!) "Ahhh! Ahhh, White Man brought us from Africa, your fault!"

America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back
Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
Hand that chimp his ugly stick, hand that buck his spear

"Hold on there man, I've left my bottle of wine back there on the dock," (whack!) "Ahhh! Oww, man!"

America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back
Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
Twenty million jigaboos, to Africa we'll steer

"How we gonna find Africa man, we ain't got no compass, how we gonna find that island, man," (whack!) "Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!"

America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back
Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
There they go far out to sea, see them disappear

"Hello, hello back there on the dock, I believe this boat is leakin' man."

America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back
Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
Boats are leaking badly now, they sink, we've settled here

"Help! Help, we're sinking! Gggglllluggggg..."

America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back
Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
No more nigger civil rights led by nigger queers
America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back
Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
Our homes, our schools, our city streets of niggers will be clear
America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back
Ring that bell, shout for joy, white man's day is here
America will be all white, the land we love so dear
America's for whites, Africa's for blacks
Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back

Ship those niggers back

Ship those niggers back



That thing actually reads like a manifesto written by 4chan faggots to mock antifa by using the most hilarious remarks taken by from the most idiotic individuals of Tumblr and Twitter.

File: All-the-niggers-are-dead.jpg - (64.45 KB, 570x427) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Keep pushing.



Man, you huge faggot really live under a rock right?
I wonder how much Grand Wizard dick you eat to spout all the bullshit you write and really believing it.

File: you-cant-if-you-dont-you-cant-be-a-racist-if-all-niggers-are-dead.jpg - (26.12 KB, 500x279) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: jorge_hardcore.jpg - (60.98 KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Be buttdevastated
>have no comeback or any proof of the bullshit the right wingers have against those silly protests.
>has to resort to racist memes.
File: Dukes-of-Hazzard-TV-Cast[1].jpg - (85.56 KB, 640x490) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Symbols can mean different things to different people. Just like words. Polysemy, for instance, is the greedy habit some words have of taking a large number of meanings for themselves (this is of course offset by a word like erinaceous -- of or pertaining to the hedgehog family -- terribly useful word).

Words are simply symbols that you can pronounce. Flags are symbolic objects that almost exclusively convey meaning or sentiment. Territory, yes, but territory is defined as distinct from other territory by the people that identify with it.

When readimg a polysemous word, it's important to be self aware of your own selection bias in interpreting which meaning the author meant in order to avoid artificially injecting offensive sentiment where none was broadcast by the author. The same is true for polysemantic symbols. Like flags.

I believe in State's Rights. I believe in the right of people to govern themselves, for better or worse. And while I also believe in social (socialist?) programs that help people, such as public education, public utilities, public fire departments, public transportation, public mail delivery, and that there shouldn't at all be anything controversial regarding the idea of extrapolating those concepts out to public health care and basic income, I understand that they are controversial to some people and they don't want those things.

I am also afraid that the larger and more centralized a government becomes is inversely proportional to the level of representative personal enfranchisement between the governors and the governed, and that growing conflict between law enforcement and a populace policed by policy decided thousands of miles away from their daily lives and cherished values is a symptom of this disconnect, and increased force projection is an inevitable reaction.

I am also distrustful of monopolies. I do not believe that "corporations are people" or that money should be held in higher regard than speech, or that it should be a barrier to entry for speech. My distrust of monopolies extends to monopolies of governments, such as the monopoly of force projection. In the same way that people, and societies made of people, are benefited by competition in the marketplace, so too are they benefited by competition in government. If you don't like the political climate in your state, it should be a realistic and viable option to move to a different one to see real tangible differences and not the same flavor in a different labeled can.

Those ideas are what the polysemous symbol of the Confederate flag mean to me. It has many meanings, but just like a polysemous word used in print, the reader shouldn't select and assume the most inflammatory meaning possible to further a personal or political agenda. Such disingenuous mischaracterizations demonstrate a willingness to -- if not exactly lie, to at least stress the structural integrity of the truth -- and favor convenience and aesthetic verisimilitude over genuine truth when it is advantageous to do so. This makes it more difficult to accept such future claims of grievance, and much more likely for such grievances to met with apathy and skepticism (which often times is in and of itself a desired political tactic, as moderate apathy and skepticism has a tendency to further radicalize even slightly receptive moderates, and further entrench existing fanatics).

Lastly, this kind of mischaracterization disenfranchisement also ironically serves to disenfranchise the listener of their free will, as all opinion and action is entirely at the mercy of the validity and authenticity of the information that informs it.

File: imagine_cat.jpg - (113.60 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

he has a point though. the world would be much, much better without blacks.

File: ventura-640x480.jpg - (42.66 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Typical Liberal.
I didn't know that Charles Manson had a son. He has his dad's eyes.
Some people just have that look. That lock them up look.


You white Nationalists need shut the hell up and get lost.You no more represent the south than Isis represents Muslims! You're a throwback, a joke, you're pathetic clowns and no one is impressed.
Your whole lot needs to be whipped off the face of the earth along with Antifa. The south has been taking the heat for your buffoonary for too long. Don't you see what's happening? We're all being played for saps! Ya come along and act like you speak for the white race and you don't. Meanwhile the left is getting weaponized and labeling anyone who isn't with them as a Fascist Nazis.

And you scum bag Antifa! With you're satanic one world order agenda! We are supposed to learn and grow from history, not get mad at the people who made it simply because you don't share the same values as them! Communism? You're supporting a political party that killed millions more of thier own people in numbers that dwarf the numbers of the Nazi? How can you even justify that? It makes 0 since! You're shacking your fists at dead men! At least white supremacist tend to be quiet about it, they typically shut the hell up their backwards politics. They keep it online and with thier cracker friends. They're not forcing their backwards politics on anyone and everyone they come across. You liberals like to force your views on everyone even the dead and it's fucking disgusting!



>They vandalized a peace memorial last week, thinking it was a confederate memorial, a holocaust memorial was destroyed...

Are you talking about the Boston holocaust memorial? Someone threw a rock through a window. They've been arrested. It's not a big conspiracy.

File: FDR_in_1933.png - (203.18 KB, 876x441) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Socialists always lose...

Except for, you know, the founding fathers who declared all men were created equal... And JFK who they had to murder to stop before he stopped the banks from running rough shot over America and, Oh, right, F.D.R. who was the president for 12 years before he died in office and the establishment had to create term limits because he was so fucking popular they couldn't stop him from getting elected over and over and over.

File: tmp_28250-Heritage_0020_not_0020_Hate676065322.jpg - (90.18 KB, 542x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Antifa aren't heroes! But shut the fuck up with the racial slurs already! You're only fueling them!
Growing up in the south my life has been enriched by black people and I'm glad to have them in my life living along side us as equals. There is going to be shitty people in any race. I will make no apologies for my southern heritage! But you cracker ass white Nationalist are giving the rest of the south a bad name. Fuck off already with race hate!

File: blackavatar.jpg - (19.21 KB, 300x227) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>>the founding fathers who declared all men were created equal.

Guess what? THEY LIED.
Hundreds of years of having to deal with blacks has shown it is not true, and CANNOT be true.
Otherwise, racism would not exist.


His Facebook page. Unemployed Bernie Sander's supporter.

This is the real unmasked face of leftist "tolerance, diversity, and inclusion" and the product of all of its "women's studies, critical race theory, and gender studies." It produces demon-possessed totalitarian maniacs that vandalize and commit criminal mischief in the name of "righteousness." This anarchy is the end product of years of campus and media mind-poisoning with Big Government religion/hate preaching/America-bashing and Big Government's lying promises of socialist utopia. Unfortunately, leftist anarchy is the real "zombie apocalypse."

File: tmp_9155-4e5d61af9097ab15f7563fb4b6fdbeb71180862560.jpg - (13.49 KB, 236x157) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3472280 every race has it's negative stereotypes. They're used against whites as well blacks. But it's in poor taste. I'm not taking my flag down but that attitude that whites are better than blacks has to go.

File: Im_Not_Racist.png - (244.54 KB, 357x636) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Those ideas are what the polysemous symbol of the Confederate flag mean to me. It has many meanings...

See, here's the thing about that flag and the statutes being taken down. They may have a different meaning to you, but you don't matter. Historically, society sees them as racist. Your individual perception doesn't matter because you are not the whole of society.

I liked the movie Water World, the rest of society thought it was horrible. Because my opinion is not more important than all of society, it is classified as one of the worst movies of all time.

This is what the right wing doesn't understand, or perhaps they do and they are just butt hurt about it. Perhaps that is why they want to make white-only nations where everyone agrees with them because then they will have a society that believes as they believe.

Until you move to White-Nation those statues are racist, that flag is racist.

File: PoIM7Zr.jpg - (247.99 KB, 702x676) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


> Unemployed Bernie Sander's supporter.

Where do you see anything about Sanders on his page? Trust me, if he was a Berner there would be no question about it. There would be Bernie everywhere. He looks more like a Clintonite SJW type.

File: catsprin_with_style_finalversion_sized_anonib.jpg - (211.10 KB, 1280x930) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

In developing news a right wing group held a "Free Speech" rally where the cops partitioned off a park to create a safe-space for the thousands of right-wing patriots.

The police set up barriers around the park to keep counter protesters at the boarder of the park. The video shows the real power of white supremacy in America.

File: tmp_25000-72d099b844e9463f262b64b23be0cebc--joker-batman-the-joker-1171995712.jpg - (52.11 KB, 736x552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3472290 I don't matter? Well that includes you cis boy. You and me ... sure I guess you could say niether of us really matter in the grand scheme of things.
but History matters.
Your lot is defacing and misinterpreting history.
History is being written write now as a matter of fact.
Why do you think instigating a second civil war with the south is the way to go? When history of this time is read by future generations my money's on Antifa remembered as just one more hate group. If history has proven anything it is that whites are crafty as fuck & we do fight back & typically win. You think we're all just gonna allow for our entire race to be written off as chumps? Should any race allow for that?

You're attitude is racist. You're making it about race, because you're an opinionated idiot. You you're self admitted that you're a have a sick desire to possess control of other people, which means you're a manipulative asshole too. Guess you'd fit right in with the Antifa crowd.

File: baltimores-poorest-neighborhoods-photos.png - (167.79 KB, 406x304) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I don't want a civil war against the south or even the racists because race isn't the reason they are upset. The next war will be against the 1% and it's going to be a global war. It's already starting. It will take a while for racists to realize that blacks and spics aren't the ones stealing their money and when they do, the 1% will be gunned down in the streets.

File: tmp_23091-72 (1)-759862676.jpg - (178.85 KB, 625x416) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You say that but at the same time you're demozing poor white southerners, kkk or not these people don't matter to you. You talk about how these 1% are behind this division but your stance says you're for it. If you gave a single fuck about the values you claim to have you'd be trying to encourage unity among all races, even whites. America standing together, but instead you take the fuck the south route? It's a lot easier blame us than to take any personal responsibility isn't it? Isn't that what this all about? Media manufactured outraged getting us pitted against each other so they don't have to worry about making themselves better people?
Yet, cis boy wants to blame good ole boy and tell him he's a shit who needs to take his flag down.
These opinions do not add up. Oh wait they do...

To you being an absolute shit of a person.


antifa is the biggest fucking cancer on the planet

you're SJW 2.0 and I wish you nothing but terrible deaths

File: Learn_God_Damn_It.png - (201.65 KB, 511x546) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You keep saying I am telling people to take their flags down but I have never said that. I have always and only said that the flag is racist. If you want to fly it, I fully support your right to fly it but realize people will think you're a dick for doing it. You have the freedom to fly that flag and they have the freedom to call you a cunt for doing it.

I'm not saying you shouldn't, I'm just saying that you can't bitch about it when people gripe at you for doing it. It's like walking up to black people and punching them in the face then getting offended when they hit you back.

File: Time_for_A_change.png - (0.00 KB, 337x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Media manufactured outraged getting us pitted against each other so they don't have to worry about making themselves better people?

I agree 100% with you on that. The media is hyping up this whole mess as an attempt to distract from the DNC's economic collapse and the fact Trump's white house and the GOP are tearing themselves apart.

It's shit on both sides right now but that means there is an opertunity to rebuild with better people on both ends.

File: tmp_19393-MI00027684441951264080.jpg - (23.83 KB, 250x245) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

By standing and supporting the attitude that it is a hate symbol & justifying violence towards people who display it and let's not forget you saying we don't matter, you are standing by the media driven outrage against the south. While it's not literally the same exact stance, it pretty much is.

You can't seem to accept that it means different to things to different people and the outrage towards it is largely artificial. My defending it and having one isn't like punching a person in any way. I am well aware of the consequences of standing my ground thank you. You take this stance because it gives you a nice throbbing hate boner to look down your nose at southerners. It thrills you to no end every time they go after yet another piece of our culture.
You're a terrible person and you're not fooling anyone.

File: safe_space_site.jpg - (319.46 KB, 1200x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>By standing and supporting the attitude that it is a hate symbol & justifying violence towards people who display it

It is, objectively, 100% a hate symbol. You obviously have no idea what the history of that flag is or why those statues are there.

To your second point, you keep saying I am encouraging violence against you because you want to fly your flag. I never say that. I have and never would say that. I don't know why you keep reading that unless you think people disagreeing with you is violence? Is yelling at someone for being racist a micro-aggression? Do you need a safe-space? Are your feelings so fragile that any disagreement with you is painful? Do you need a safety pin?

File: tmp_19632-giphy-facebook_s1539463450.jpg - (95.66 KB, 480x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Of course it's 100% a hate symbol to you. You and everyone else who's bought into the "fuck history and the people in it fuck the south" mentality. You're a horrible person not to mention painfully transparent not to mention an indoctrinated white male openly supporting an idealogy hell bent on destroying and rewriting history ultimately advocating a the same stance as antifa. So of course you think it's a hate symbol. This is what the media has told you to think
You're projecting your own self loathing and it's kinda sad actually.
By cheering on this attitude that all southerners refusing to take down their confederate flags must some how be fascist or racist you're supporting the actions taken against it. Right now the media is pushing for it be viewed in this light and you ultimately support this. I stand by the flag because this pc garbage won't stop at the flag or statues. You being a transparent hypocrite doesn't "hurt my feelings" but it does make me wonder why anyone even bothers talking to you. Of course you would never out right say you're encouraging violence but you're implying it. You spend so much of your time trying convince us your so smart and yet you fall flat on your face every time and then act like nothing happened. You're a joke that has stopped being funny.

But by all means do go on. I'm sure you have some master statement in mind, some fake fuck weak retort you're sitting on. Don't talk to me about history. There's been enough history posted enough facts enough testimony to blow you're pitiful debate skills out of the water. This is on most topics not just the rebel flag. But like the pigeon playing chess, you just sort of hapazourdly keep knocking over pieces and thinking you're gaining some high ground.

You're not.



>It is, objectively, 100% a hate symbol.

Only because you define it as such. Objectively, a statue is just so much bronze on a piece of stone - it doesn't mean anything in and of itself.

Which makes it 100% subjective. Symbols are always subjective because there's no other way they exist: they mean something to someone. The objective reality contains no symbols whatsoever.

So it's your choosing to make it a racist symbol.

File: tmp_19632-a-seinfeld-unaired-episodes-1109987895.jpg - (60.17 KB, 690x460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

3b still going at it. History you say. Statues and monuments are promoting white supremacy? You know because all this time I had thought this was just something humans in general do. Silly me... ya see I had been under the impression we made head stones and memorials to honor the dead as this something humans have done throughout history. But apparently, uhm, it's just whitey trying to oppress minorities again. Go figure!

But no no... by all means keep strutting around the chess baord hot shot. You're so much better than us, explain to us to us how this works smart guy. Because You're gonna do it anyways.


Except these statues were all erected around the same time the Klan was gaining more power in the '20s, and a second wave of them got built during the '60s - otherwise known as that time all them negroes were gettin' uppity about things.

History doesn't take place in a vacuum.

File: 1308743903588.jpg - (39.78 KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah, we do put up stones and statues to honor the dead IN GRAVEYARDS, not statues in the middle of a park. Those aren't war dead memorials, they're political symbols, created by racists to promote the cause of a lost war over slavery, and being used today for a racist cause. Stop trying to pretend you care about 'war dead' for something that happened 150 years ago.

File: tmp_18449-b74-508517669.jpg - (36.22 KB, 400x399) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: tmp_18449-4086117-the-mask1351876709.jpg - (48.18 KB, 335x307) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Any reason to bitch about whitey eh?
Any reason ro go out and dig up the hatchet eh?

Yeeeeah! Fuck being better people let's leave our cities SMOKE'N!


This whole issue is literally like seeing Christ on a piece of toast.

You're the one making them out to be racist symbols by reading that into it. You're like the crazy motherfucker who goes "look, there's his nose, there's his eye..."

Yeah, you can see it that way if you want to create the very problems you're fighting against.



They are racist. Most of them where put up during the Jim Crow era and during the civil rights movement.

File: wonka2.jpg - (48.06 KB, 233x233) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>With you're satanic one world order agenda!
File: grumpycat_hugonneckwitharope.jpg - (75.28 KB, 500x346) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I bet you think that the KKK, alt right and supremacists are really for "free speech" lmao.

Considering the whole war was just to keep slavery running for the consideration of a few filthy rich plantation owners.. I still wonder why these idiots still do not get it why it represents racism at its finest.


>defacing history.

Wow, are you seriously? or just trolling?


>I'm not saying you shouldn't, I'm just saying that you can't bitch about it when people gripe at you for doing it. It's like walking up to black people and punching them in the face then getting offended when they hit you back.

fucking this..

>You're a horrible person not to mention painfully transparent not to mention an indoctrinated white male openly supporting an idealogy hell bent on destroying and rewriting history ultimately advocating a the same stance as antifa. So of course you think it's a hate symbol. This is what the media has told you to think.

You sure like to pull shit out of your ass.

There is a reason there is no monument of Hitler you know.
Neither something to remember everyone where the fuck he died.

File: lincoln_quote.jpg - (8.56 KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Statues and monuments are promoting white supremacy? You know because all this time I had thought this was just something humans in general do.

This problem with statues and monuments seems to be a uniquely black phenomenon. They need to constantly find new reasons to chimp out, riot and generally destroy public property. As I'm part Mexican, I personally couldn't care less if I had to go to James K. Polk High School as long as I was properly prepared for college. That's all I care about.

File: Lincolns_Second_Inaugural_Address_Interview.png - (242.24 KB, 574x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>This problem with statues and monuments seems to be a uniquely black phenomenon.

Most of the counter-protesters were white. Only white people died. You really have no idea how the world works, do you?


This. One of the things "defiled" rather than torn down was a plaque for the Jefferson Davis Highway getting tarred and feathered in Arizona. Said Transcontinental Highway (stretching from Virginia to Washington State) was so named because the Daughters of the Confederacy pushed for it after Lincoln got a highway named after him.

And in more "Stop being idiots!" news, a guy in Houston, TX tried to blow up a statue using nitroglycerin -

File: Richard_Dowling_Statue.jpg - (40.19 KB, 338x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>These are all statues that were erected by the KKK in the 20's and in the 60's

Anon, your link has zero references to verify his claim and GFF, the statue in your link was dedicated in 1905. You two should really discuss your bullshit narrative before you start contradicting yourselves.



Was that statue toppled over? It just looks like a statue you cherry picked out of the hundreds fo thousands of statues in America to try and say everyone is wrong about all the other statues. But the ones people are protesting, the one that came down in North Carolina, the one in the original image of the thread, that one was put up just to piss off black people. That's why it was made of such cheap ass metal.


I guess you can't read because I said that's the statue from the story that GFF posted where some guy tried to blow it up. I find it suspicious that he posts a story where the statue mentioned clearly doesn't fit his "it was all the KKK in the 20's and 60's" argument.


>>3472390 oh right.
Only white people died.
so not a tragedy then because southern white lives don't matter.

File: 231256701.jpg - (109.74 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>"it was all the KKK in the 20's and 60's"

Oh, yeah, clearly not all of them were made to be fuck-you statements to black people. Some of them were for specific people who did great things outside of fighting for slavery. They should all be judged on a case by case basis.

The problem with citizens knocking shit down is that it emboldens crazy fuckers to blow shit up or burn things down. We should be letting the government take them down and put them in a museum where they belong, not destroying them.


I can guarantee you the people asshurt and trying to defend these statues would scream like bitches if a statue of Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein went up in this country.

File: 5061416a1aa5aff74fb97c5c5df0515a--funny-humor-funny-sayings.jpg - (12.14 KB, 236x178) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Only white people died so you think that's ok!

See, that kind of reaction is why people see you as children. You twist everything to be an attack against your spechal snowflake feelings.

You are the Olympic champions of being offended and no one gives a shit. It just makes us disrespect you more because it's like trying to have a conversation with a 3 year old.

Stop being offended by everything you giant fucking pussies. Take out your pacifier, pull your tampon out, step out of your safe space be an adult if you want to be treated like one.

File: 1502567006414.jpg - (352.44 KB, 1174x852) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


So why haven't the DEMOCRAT politicians that have controlled a lot of these cities never did, or that King Nigger never did.

Fun fact: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, have written about segregationists (AKA: Confederates AKA: Slave holder admirers AKA: It's been our history) as people to model themselves after. Fuck, Al Gore's dad was a segregationist.

And yet you all would rather Hillary Clinton, whose husband wrote that he admired a segregationist as a model of the type of person to be, be president, and probably voted for.

File: var8s57n6ffz.jpg - (40.87 KB, 640x651) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Hey, I agree. The Clintons are racist as fuck. They have no place in a progressive party. They are Republicans. They were part of a white's only golf club till the 90's when a reporter called them out on it and Bill's anti-crime bill doubled the number of black men in prison. Why do you think liberals and minorities are so anti-establishment now?

The party that was suppose to defend the minority and the working class turned into racist, corporate whores. That's why we are at war inside our party.

Funny enough, the Republicans seem to be at war with themselves too because their base feels they aren't racist enough.


I love it how the Republitard's best defense is not "our guy is good", it's "but but..but... look at the other guy!".

Fingerpointing and blameshifting. The only good thing Republicunts ever mastered. Constructive achievements? None

File: NY-black-voters.jpg - (138.53 KB, 891x377) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>The Clintons are racist

Black people don't seem to think so.



posts a poll indicating black people favoring Killary
a poll from New York
the state that she represented as a senator

As if there was any doubt that she'd landslide in her strongest district. Real clear indicator there.

File: SCDemPrimaryPolls_BlackVote.png - (20.08 KB, 1320x612) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I did that to show 3B mercy. She kicked the old kike's ass even harder in South Carolina with black voters. Why do you think 3B has been working so hard trying to suck up to black people by acting like he gives a shit about statues?


>>3472433 there he goes again 3B doing what 3b does best ... being an arrogant hypocrite prick.

Dude you already said we didn't matter... and my being " offended " wasn't even the discussion. YOU were bitching at US at YOUR righteous indignation that some of us still have confederate flags. Uhmmm and yeah I think most people would be offended at being told they don't matter.

Aside from that .... what am I offended over? You and your lot are the one's saying YOU'RE offended. Dude like almost nothing you say makes any since. Why don't you try " not being offended ". I'm the one acting like a 3 old? I'm not the taking offence to how other people live. You are SOOOOO dumb and such an obvious hypocrite. The only reason you're gaining any steam is because you have antifa libtards who thrive on hypocrisy sucking you're cock. It's like you saw cobalt's posts and we're like... yeah I think out do this guy. You think you are SOOOO smart... and really not but you are so full of yourself you have built up a mental block that makes you unable to think clearly because of you did, you'd see what a shitty person you really are. THIS is why you get banned here repeatedly this why people are constantly talking down to you. And I bet in person cobalt would actually be kinda of to hang out with. You? You're just insufferable cunt.

Get over yourself dude.


Pull the passifer out of my mouth?

Look who's talking! Mr.It Belongs in a museum over is telling ME to not stop being so sensitive. You're one of biggest cry babies here if not the reigning champ of self important snowflakes here!

You bitch about people being mean to you, how the staff treats you unfairly, how your trip code isn't on the white list. Cry cry cry bitch bitch bitch. Good gawed almighty you're always bitching about something. You should have stayed banned. Butt hurt? This coming from King butthurt supreme?

Yeah... I'm not buying it.

File: 76287805c5a4013e955edad9cc59fe1f.jpg - (360.95 KB, 1500x1114) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Quite frankly, I'm black and I don't give a shit about the statues. Never did. They were nothing more than fascinating history lessons to me. Was never offended in the slightest. So fuck pussy ass wanna-be heroes for thinking they're doing anything at the moment besides stirring shit up.

Charles Barkley was right. We had no beef with this issue during Obama. Not even Bush. We haven't had even a year of Trump, and suddenly the statues have to go? No, I call bullshit. The NAACP shouldn't have stirred up this shitstorm. Not everything they say has America's best interest at heart - they're in this for themselves, after all. Virginia shouldn't have listened and caved to their demands. The Charlottesville mayor is no better than Berkeley's - order the cops to stay out of it, see what happens. The statue defenders......well, shouldn't have been racist, that goes without saying. But for all their undesirable traits, they were more or less peaceful, and at least fought hard to get a permit to legally rally there.

Then THEY showed up.

"Oh boy, gotta punch Nazis!", then everyone's somehow surprised when real violence happens. Fucking spoiled adult-children raining on everyone's parade every chance they get, then having the nerve to say its for people like me? I didn't ask for this shit. I sure as hell don't want it. It's flaring tensions up to the point where it's got people mad as hell, or they don't wanna talk about it because they'll become the former.

Honestly its a shame the statue came down. It's a shame Baltimore quietly and quickly took down their own statues to avoid another Antifa chimp-out (gee, I wonder if Maryland will be the next state to classify them as "terrorists"). Its a shame that local Civil War sites like Antietam have to reassure locals that their Confederate statues and memorials are indeed staying up, because until now it was unthinkable that people would desecrate them to the point of them being torn down or destroyed. It's a shame that I have to remind people that just because real and prominent racists were defending the Robert E. Lee statue didn't mean that anything was going to come of it, just like the hundreds of times in past decades when they've rallied, and most just groaned and ignored them.

It's a shame to have to remind people that the only reason that this became national news is because Antifa showed up, and the shitshow that followed. They're the reason anything happened at all. A loose organization of fascist, fanatical agent provocateurs who are shitloads less civil and informed than the radicals of the 60s and 70s that came before them.

Considering how Universities seem to be infested with them at a high level, its only a matter of time before we see another Kent State.


>>3472479 "Quite frankly, I'm an uncle tom sellout" Fixed for you.


if these so called destroyers of history want to act like apes when offended toss them back to the stoneage where they belong.

File: nude-girl-25.jpg - (482.01 KB, 1333x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is a kick ass video that illustrates exactly what the truth is about the kinds of statues being taken down.

File: isisliberals.jpg - (0.00 KB, 640x430) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

America is an empire of blood, founded on genocide. Until we confront our past honestly, stop idolizing and lying to ourselves about those of our national icons who were actually monsters, those of our ideals which are and have always been lies, and those parts of our past which are fabrications, American society cannot be fixed. Tear em down.

File: neonazi.png - (473.71 KB, 691x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Replacing one kind of monsters with another. Way to go.



>'confused anti-facist'

really? no condemning of stabbing people solely on the basis of their haircut? this person was not 'confused' they are a sociopath and need to be locked up.


>>3472494 He's a what? Man! Fuck you people! We're trying to have a society over here and all you can do is be pissed off that history wasn't some hippie fairytale lovefest. You're dividing our country and you sound like a broken record. Everything is fascist this and racist that and Nazi this and bigot that.

Because a black guy has a civilized take on the matter and is being a reasonable person and taking the facts into account he's an " uncle tom sellout" ? I'm a Mexican. I work with white people and black people and I came here the responsible legal way. But because I'm not shacking my fist at whitey I'm sure you have some nasty ugly label for me to. You're not heroes, you're not doing anything but causing problems where ever you go and telling people to be mad the history happened. You're breeding hate and division and nothing anyone says to you makes any difference. One of the reasons I liked the furry fandom so much is that different people with different views could come together and be friendly and cool with each other put political differences aside. But you want everyone to think and act like you and if they don't their Nazi fascists. You people are violent thug terrorists. You don't care about minorities, that is fucking bullshit lie! All you care about is power. You're the absolute worst kind of people and sooner or later the rest of society is going to wise up to your game. You're not going tell me how to think or that you're heroes. Beat it, get lost, go away already! You're already causing division on this site you breed uglyness and bitterness where ever you go fuck antifa! Fuck your movement you people are scumbags.
I'm not impressed.


We have a dube blocker on purpose. Try posting some original content.

File: 9a66eea1d84ae4e764ab2bf7917b2b26.jpg - (161.53 KB, 900x1350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

the jews are laughing so hard at us right now

File: screen-shot-2016-04-22-at-4-34-06-am.jpg - (33.24 KB, 454x454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Of course the people in South Carolina voted for Clinton. They are some of the most right wing people in the nation. They barely even knew who sanders was when that vote happened because, as I stated before, the DNC front-loaded the election with the most conservative states to give Clinton an advantage.

As for NY, remember, that's the state where he had 30K people size crowds in Brooklyn then somehow after setting multiple records she won the vote because people likely to vote for him were removed from the voter rolls in large swaths. Someone inside the government went through and changed the party affiliation of large groups of democrats just before the vote. Because it was a closed primary if you weren't a democrat you couldn't vote.

This was discovered when a woman went to vote and was told she couldn't because she was registered as a republican. She went before a judge, got a court order and had them show her the paper-work where they had changed her party and shockingly it wasn't her signature on the paper work. Of course the government said they would investigate and then told the Sanders voters that they would have to re-register which means they wouldn't be eligible to vote again for 6 months.

In Brooklyn alone 120,000 voters were purged just before the primary. Diane Haslett-Rudiano, the chief clerk of the New York Board of Elections, was suspended “without pay, effective immediately, pending an internal investigation into the administration of the voter rolls in the Borough of Brooklyn.”

The same woman who had sold a building that was literally condemned after 20 Department of Buildings violations and voted one of the ugliest buildings on the upper east side for $6.6mil to Dana Lowey-Luttway, daughter of Clinton SD US Rep Nita Lowey (D). The actual value of the property was 1.4 million because of it's location when it sold in late 2014

Fun fact, If you lived in the city or a poor area of New York you voted from 12 noon till 6pm. If you were middle class people living in the suburbs you got to vote from 6am till 6pm.
Bernie won every county that didn't have it's voting hours cut except one where he lost by 1%. That's because most working class people can't take a Tuesday afternoon off to go vote for several hours.

New York was always the most corrupt state in America it's no surprise Clinton flourished there. No matter how you slice it, Clinton didn't win. They cheated for her. That's why she lost the general because she alienated the left so hard people chose to do nothing to stop Trump rather than vote for human scum like her.


because people likely to vote for him were removed from the voter rolls in large swaths.
While there was a purge in voter rolls, both parties got hit with it, and there's no evidence about how they "would" have voted.



Pot, meet keetle.



Nice video, and I agree.

Besides, its not the first time we see attempts at rewriting.

The US did the same again during the Japanese surrender and the Korean War.
The clear abuse and massacre in the Korean peninsula was not very well known.. A ton of books also talk very little of slavery and put them as foot note.
In Japan's case.. they tried to hide how they gave amnesty to the most devil criminals of the Japanese war machine, as long they passed all the knowledge to the US.

Only a blind twat or someone who is deeply connected with these racist morons.. would defend the indefensible.



>there's no evidence about how they "would" have voted.

Unless you count the fact that the addresses with people on Clinton's mailing list didn't get effected while the rest of entire buildings did... It just randomly favored her like all the other random mistakes that all randomly favored her.

When every "Mistake" the referee makes favors one team it isn't a mistake.


Cool story bro. Maybe one day Michel Moore will make a movie about it. Yeah NY is corrupt. That's what happens when you have a bunch of dumb nigger voters that vote in jews.

File: b3b080a2910da90bad1844bdf513b252--pecan-pies-rebel-flags.jpg - (13.88 KB, 236x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This video explains point blank historically why this notion of the war being fought over slavery is entirely fabricated after the fact as a pr campaign to as justification for Union invasion.

It doesn't get anymore clear than this guy

You're movement is based in ignorance and myth.

It is a symbol that we are a people who will stand our ground.

File: serious dog.jpg - (96.97 KB, 720x951) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


How about that, literally every single one of the original documents regarding secession mention slavery like every third word and vociferously defend it and cite it as a major reason for secession. Secession was the reason for the war, and the attack on Fort Sumter by Confederate forces was what actually set it off. Saying that slavery was not a cause of the Civil War is like saying that fascist imperialism had nothing to do with World War 2.

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