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File: CroppedFocusedImage96050049-42-Chef-Whites.jpg - (21.93 KB, 960x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
22455 No.3470627
>race traitor

Harassed and tried to rape a white woman and ruined her business, sucked up to a fat black woman. Has always been mean to the white people who ask for his help, sucks up to the niggers.


I don't want this bait, its fuckin RAAAWWWWW.


Typing Gordon Ramsay rape into Google led me here -
Except the complaint is about chefs at the restaurant, not Ramsay himself, and he was working as a consultant at the time, rather than owner.


That dumb cunt Amy accused him of attempted rape. She is the perfect white woman- a total fuck up, brainless, mean-spirited and not willing to accept personal blame.

Her husband is a foreign immigrant criminal with proven ties to organized crime and drugs and will likely be depo- oh wait he's Israeli, Trump probably thinks Samy dindu nuffin and is being picked on for being Jewish, while he continues to label and deport Muslims who have no criminal ties.

Gordon's been accused of staging shit but often by owners who refused his methods and their businesses tanked. Joe from Mill Street was almost as much of an arrogant dick as Amy and there have been a selection of others who had their heads so far up their asses they could see their own teeth.

Oh baww abloobloo Momma Cherri was a better cook than the mentally unstable white woman, must be a conspiracy to hate whites.


And still wrong - - only thing I got searching for her and rape on Google were all related to this interview where she alleged that she and her husband were getting 3 AM phone calls where the caller(s) threatened to rape her and kill her husband.

Whether or not this is true I have no idea. On the one hand, she's batshit crazy - but on the other, people online do take that shit entirely too far.



How the fuck this is Ramsay's fault?
he just exposed how batshit insane and dirty this woman was.

Even most of her food was bought from third party and resold. including the cakes.


Amy and her criminal scumbag husband were nuts LONG before Gordon got there. Firing over 100 employees? Pissing off the locals? They were ON CAMERA harassing customers the night before Gordon even showed up, Amy admitted making a pizza extra spicy hoping it would cause the customer physical injury simply because he hurt her feelings.

Since then much of what has happened was their own fault. Insulting people on Facebook then having the balls to claim "our facebook was hacked, seriously, the FBI is investigating!" only to continue doing the same shit after. Samy on tape threatening a customer with a fucking knife.

But we don't deport Israelis, some of their people died 70 years ago, stop picking on the nice Jewish Man, #MAGA Trump will probably give him a job at te white house when he runs out of others to fire, Trump loves Israel so much and Samy is clearly being picked on by the media for being Jewish, I don't know, can anyone tell me why a man with proven criminal ties and behavior has been ignored by the legal system for so long? Trump probably is playing a part in it.

I give special mention to the asshole couple that bought out Zeke's in New Orleans- the second Gordon left the closed down and sold the business because they thought that the renovations- which they got done for fucking free- could make them a huge pile of cash if they put the place up for sale.

Nah, how about the dub old bitch who ran Flamangos? Insulted and tried to hate everything Gordon did to save her failure of a business, undid all his changes, even insulted her own husband. Stupid cunts like her somehow don't die even of old age and continue going on, being hateful and evil.

Oh damn, the bitch and her bitch daughter that ran Mangia Mangia. Served microwaved frozen shit at a premium price, both fo them insulted and berated their head chef to the point he was taking crystal meth. Yeha it was certainly that fat cunt and her stupid shithead daughter that drove a man to drugs by saying he deserved to die. They fired him? Gordon had to pay for his rehab? Nah, those 2 fat dykes should have been forced to pay, they were the reason he was doing drugs- oh wait, they were broke because their business was a failure.

Calling Gordon a race traitor for being honest? Nah, see, Gordon is what you faggots THINK Trump is like. He's harsh but honest and caring- Trump is just a selfish bitch. And if the white race really was the master race you wouldn't be failures begging for help. But please, insist Gordon is just mean and doesn't know what he's doing and that your way is so much better- that's why he has Michelin stars and your place is full of rat shit and bad food.

I think only around 20% of restaurants he tries to help actually last, some of them fail due to their crippling debt being too much before Gordon even got there but most just ignored what he said and went back to the old ways.


Because there are people online who really do not get when a line is crossed when it comes to that shit. That's why I'm genuinely uneasy about those white supremacist assholes getting doxxed - while I think they deserve societal repercussions (including getting fired) for taking part in that shit, I know someone is going to cross that legal or ethical line and issue direct death threats or some other such bullshit, which - as much as I disagree with their views - nobody deserves that.

With the possible exception of the prick that mowed down 20+ people.


I'm a race traitor then. I'm ok with it since white race is shit.

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