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File: 10022.jpg.png - (39.17 KB, 196x192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
40106 No.3470235

Folks, if you've been around the internet and furries long enough, you probably think you've seen it all. Inflationists, pedos, zoos, toonophiles, baby and diaperfurs, Nazi furs, pedo Nazi diaperfurs; you'd think at some point, despite all attempts to keep digging via shovels and dragon dildo-tipped pikaxes, they would hit some form of bedrock with their degeneracy. which I say, let me introduce you poor deluded fucks to the plushophiles.

Yes, plushophiles! When you were a kid, did you have a beloved stuffed animal? Something soft and fuzzy to make you feel safe and loved after daddy gave you a taste of his belt every night? Well I sure hope you burned that shit or let it rot in a landfill somewhere, because god knows that'd be a better fate than ending up in the possession of one of these people.

For the uninformed, a plushophile looks at what should be a beloved children's toy and source of comfort and decides it's the sexiest thing since canine dick knots. To the point that there is in fact a market for these people to have custom toys made for them with the infamous strategically placed hole or appendage, depending on whether you prefer to stuff your toy or get stuffed by them.

Of course, if you can't afford to get your very own customized plushie to violate, secondhand violation of someone else's works too! Plushophiles can often be found pawing through bargain bins and donation places, looking for their perfect fucktoy that might have been contributed by some well-meaning parent after their kid's gotten too old or too bored for it, or lurking auction houses for discontinued/collectible ones being sold by Disney collectors and the like. Some of the most popular ones include Simba/general Lion King ones, Stitch of Lilo and Stitch, Meeko of Pochahantas, and of course more recently, My Little Pony.

BUT WHY STOP THERE! There's folks with this fetish who not only want to fuck stuffed animals, but want to become stuffed animals themselves and end up being fucktoys to other plushophiles!

Good examples of this sort of phenomenon include our Twilight Sparkle-loving buddy Jin and even former forum member sbm1990, whose pictures and video of him fucking his "Roxy" plush could almost rival Chris' "Julay".

And now, some links!

-Reddit community for plushophiles. Features a Discord and Skype group! :epik:
-Their "NSFW" subreddit.
-WikiFur entry on Plushophilia
-A major community site for plushophiles that's apparently been in operation forever now (NOTE: It doesn't let you access the site unless you register, unfortunately. Any nuggets of lulz will have to be milked by braver souls with throwaway accounts.)
-A horribly coded plushophile forum...guess who's a member?
-And finally, for shits and giggles, a TMZ article about how porn site Clips4Sale approached Seth MacFarlane asking him if they could make porn of Ted, that movie of his with the living vulgar teddybear.


Plushophiles are old news and one of the most vanilla fetishes in the fandom.

Get your summerfaggotry out of here.


Wow, you must be new to the interwebs.

File: dragon plush chubby ball lick.jpg - (54.63 KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I roomed with a bunch of plushophiles one con. They were alright except for the fact that they had a bad habit of not putting away their spooged-on plushes.

Okay.. they were actually pretty awful. Never again.

>Yes, plushophiles!

i like when dumb fucks talk to people on the internet like they're giving a seminar


i'd fuck a plush if i had one custom made for my tastes and character of preference.

i mean seriously how can you think that plushophiles are more sick than zoos?


It's the equivalent to blow-up dolls for "normal" people. Nobody minds when people fuck blow-up dolls. It's the extremes like pissing and shitting on them that make headlines. It's always the mentally ill who ruin everything.


lol this sure backfired on OP.


Exactly! Anyone who thinks that plushophilia is worse than zoophilia or even just as bad as it seriously needs to get their head checked.


Wow OP seems to have discovered fire over here...



>Nobody minds when people fuck blow-up dolls.

That's what you tell yourself.

Blow-up dolls are a common joke.


Eh. I fuck a plush because it makes a good place to put a Fleshlight.

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