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Anyone see GOTG 2?

First was ok but it was gimmicky and superhero flicks don't do it for me anymore. So I watched the sequel just for completeness sake. Turned out one of the funniest movies I seen in 5 years, rescued a really bad week, maybe the only movie with an anthro from the recent past I can remember that I can consider truly good. Maybe it's just cause I wasn't expecting it, and this will just ruin it for someone else (oh well).


I rather liked them both. I think overall MCU has been rather good. A few of them have been a bit bland, but you know, setting the stage and all that.

Also, how many times are you going to just retell Iron Man, Marvel?


seen it twice in the movie theater, it was gold.

The music video used to promote the bluray/dvd made everything even funnier!


The marvel and superhero stuff is what hollywood's best at nowadays in my opinion, but they get a little formulaic and hard to relate personally, I just drift off, even the first Iron Man. It was definitely the comedy that brought this one to life - how they seamlessly inserted it even into heavy emotional scenes. Before GOTG2 my favorite would have been Thor (1), for that reason, even though it's far from a masterpiece.


I'd ask you comic guys which marvel or DC had the funniest moments, but looking at a listing, looks like I already seen most.



>>3470137 Antman had a lot of funny moments too. Honestly the whole mcu isn't really a waste of time.


The second was not as good as the first. You are wrong.

Ego is a shit villain and plot line aside from it being Kurt Russell, and there are plenty of really fucking awful attempts at humor.

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