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File: O_Face.JPG - (12.09 KB, 175x208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
12376 No.3469946

So, I got a cut-rate insertable for $14 from my area's adult shop - roughly 3 months later, it's nigh-ruined for a rather... odd reason. Simply put, I think my dick was too girthy for its design, as I had to practically force it in the first go-around.
Pretty sure it was this particular product -
So - any reasonably-priced (as in less than $100) ones that could handle a 6" circumference?


I should also note - I'm not talking exclusively the Bad Dragon stuff, just in general. Even the original Fleshlight doesn't actually list anything regarding "recommended girth" or anything - just the length.

No.3469948 best stuff from japan brought to the states.

File: 1481943744.kekitopufa_3.png.jpg - (148.67 KB, 1143x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Do you mean penetrables?
Stop buying fucking garbage and buy a westerner friendly onahole. They are a million times better. For that girth you want a Tomax Venus Clone in soft firmness as your #1 purchase.

File: succubus-2d-wavy-ripple-masturbator-02.jpg - (316.91 KB, 2282x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I went on a spree some time ago and bought about $300 worth of onas including a ZXY which people oftentimes compare to the clone series. Out of all of them I really only use this one anymore. Tomax Succubus 2D Wavy Ripple .Ironically one of the cheapest of the bunch.

-doesn't fuck around with exotic shot-in-the-dark interior textures that might or might not stimulate, sticks with ribs which are down-and-dirty, super-high stim guaranteed to make you squirm
-Zero clearance design gives great squeeze action
-wavy pattern means different parts of your dickhead get different amounts of stimulation as you stroke in and out
-2D means you can orient it different ways to change which parts of your cock are getting focused
-fits perfectly in your hand, not unwieldy
-can squeeze it out beforehand and get a little suction action going for even more stim
-Tomax material is a cut above the rest, doesn't stink and is super durable

I could go on and on, seriously, this is the best of the best. And even if it isn't the best, it's got to be the best price/performance ratio out there at ~$25. You have no reason not to try it out. The only thing that would make it better is a built-in uterus so I could squeeze it out and get even more suction going. But I just flipped mine inside out and carved a uterus into it myself with no issues.

Get it in regular (which is already SUPER SOFT), or go soft if you're a huge pussy. Don't go hard on any tomax, it'll chafe your dick to high hell. Don't go very soft or royal soft, it's basically just jello at that point, you can't feel anything.

Side note, I like to take psychedelics and ride this thing for hours while I watch a slideshow of furry porn. The serotonergic activity suppresses the orgasm response so you just sit there on the edge for hours riding nonstop pleasure waves. Highly recommended.


Oh, and I'm 5.5" girth and have no issues with it, in case you're worried about accommodation. It's only tight in the one dimension. You might have issues bottoming out on it if you're much longer than 7" though (still worth getting even if you are).



why wont you get a gf instead?


...where do you think we are?



oh, right.

why won't you get a bf instead?


And how's the cleanup and/or do you need lube with those? I was using just water as lube (might have been a factor in it falling apart), and soap/water to wash it out afterward.


Wut. Of course you're supposed to use lube. Water-based lube. lol

File: mental-illness.jpg - (587.05 KB, 1843x1173) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This goes for the Tomax Clone in soft. If you are getting a Meiki or something they are notably less durable so be more gentle with those.

Step 1: wash your fucking hands with soap and water, if the hole has sat for a while since last use then wash it too.
You use always use a water based lubricant (NO SILICONE, oil based anything, Vaseline, saliva, feces, or other garbage). Don't ever use them with anything OTHER THAN WATER BASED LUBRICANT you will either damage it or your dick (dermatitis isn't fun). It's cheap as hell for a bunch of water based lubes but they do go through lot of it, and you should be using a lot of lube in them or they aren't very good. Changing the viscosity of your lubricant will completely change how the hole feels. Get a pack of Tenga hole lotion lubricants in Real, Mild, and Wild it will give you an idea what type you like most (thick, normal, or thin lubes). I just use Astroglide considering it's easy to get over the counter and thin enough for my tastes. Most closed back onaholes can also change how they feel by squeezing the air out of them before inserting or doing the reverse and keeping an air pocket inside to create a bit of suction.

Mine has lasted years, some people go through them in 6 months to a year. I dunno what the fuck they do to them and I edged for 6-8 hour sessions fairly frequently. As you can see in the picture the exterior on mine has started to fade and look like Mr. Saturn's face but it's structurally fine. They can be loud so if you live with other people they aren't very discrete. They are also bulky so if you hide your skin bin it can take up a notable amount of space as well, make sure there is enough airflow to dry them or you'll get black mold (something I've never personally dealt with considering I clean and dry well).

Clean up is easy and takes under 5 min. Grab a bar of simple hand soap (no added mineral oils/abrasives/other shit that can damage the onahole). Fill sink full of warm-hotish water, lather on hands, finger it and make sure you get the back until all the lube and cum is out. While you can invert them inside out DO NOT do this frequently it stresses them out and can lead to failure, I can fist mine so you shouldn't need to do this ever. Empty sink, fill with fresh water, wash out all the soap until clean. Get a microfiber tower or something soft and absorbent that won't break down into particulate (no toilet paper or low quality paper towels -- I use a large, clean microfiber shammy) Ram it in that gaping hole, press and roll the sides, remove. Put it in a place to dry with a bit of airflow. Done.



>do you need lube with those?

And now we know why his last toy was ruined.

File: mental-illness.png - (330.39 KB, 1238x343) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Get a bottle of J-lube for $15, at the low rate used for a hole it'll last you years even if you edge daily. You can control your own viscosity that way too. Make a big batch, put it in a bunch of 2-oz plastic dispenser bottles and freeze the ones you aren't using as j-lube has no preservatives on its own and will go bad in a few months once reconstituted (or a few days if left in open air).

I have a shower hose with no shower head attached in my bathroom, it shoots a smooth powerful jet of water and 15 seconds aimed at a hole will get it squeaky clean, no finagling required. Then I make a tampon out of a slice of paper towel wrapped around a pencil and insert it. Corn starch on the exterior. With these steps I've never had a problem with mold, mildew, yeast, bacteria, or anything. I think most people who complain about these toys breaking down after a couple uses are dipshits who come in their toys and don't wash out afterward, or they fist them violently while wedged underneath a mattress and get mad when the texture starts to erode.

Too expensive, doesn't fit in my hand, would probably steal my drugs



Post the middle dragon from your monitor.


It's a 12.6mb Patreon rip too big for the board

Here's the crippled version



Anyone have the spread female dragon on the center monitor image handy for posting?


See >>3470031



Okay. where's the unclipped version?

File: Rencom3finl.png - (2316.67 KB, 1900x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




No , its his Fap-Shack =)

File: 1500535975512.png - (132.54 KB, 594x586) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


No. It's where he spends the majority of his life.

Fuck, that's weak. I mean... unless he's 17-20 years old, just left his parents' trailerhome, and is just starting out in a shitty studio apartment with three other guys.


Okay, so how about the liquid-style body washes? Largely the same procedure, I'm guessing?

Also, wash in and outside prior to use, rather than just wetting it?
Yep, I'll cop to that - first time I've ever gotten an insertable, and I'm the type that doesn't use lube when going on a date with Mary Palm and her five friends.


>>3470255 i think you mean Pamela handerson


Can you post the one on the right?


Wound up going with the Lilith uterus and 32 oz. shibari water-based lube. Thanks for the suggestions!


middle >>3470040

File: courage.jpg - (817.38 KB, 3000x2400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



And with the corn starch - how much should be used?


Okay, had it come in today - how do I actually turn this inside-out for cleaning? It also came with a 12 ml sample of Insomnia lube, which I'm not sure is water-based or not - same production company, but the labeling is all in kanji, so I've got no idea.

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