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File: Screenshot_20170801-170420.png - (1534.29 KB, 1080x2220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1571108 No.3468816

How to counter trigger

File: MFF-POC.png - (1799.89 KB, 1080x1566) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This should do nicely.

File: MFF-HPOC.png - (2348.93 KB, 1080x1566) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Now that's an autism spectrum of a different color.


I imagine that fursuiting nigger sjw blm faggot has something to do with this? I forgot his name..



I don't see how Hennessy and Crown in the picture are any less stereotypical than putting grape soda and fried chicken. I mean, all those things are fucking delicious, but just because Hennessy is expensive doesn't mean it's not a stereotype.

Also, "POC" means nonwhite people, not just black people. How come the only stereotypes on the poster are black people stereotypes? There are lots of furries of east Asian descent and lots of Latino furries. How come they're not represented on this poster?


without context this just seems like bait

can anyone confirm this is even real?



It is, the same party occurred last year, though I can't remember the names of the host. I hear some whities got in, but only because they had an in with the hosts.

>it's not racist when black people do it

If you fuckers make a big, stupid deal of this, the people hosting it will get even louder, more obnoxious and indignant than before. Furry room parties suck anyway.


when white people have a "whites only" party it usually involves assaulting/killing a few non-white dudes


>can anyone confirm this is even real?

Does it even matter? I've got more pressing issues, like do I want the super soft or super strong toilet paper at the store (hint: they're the same).


me being unwelcome at parties is white genocide

File: tumblr_o1zd4rOM1a1rtodxxo8_250.png - (51.12 KB, 153x211) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>furry is supposed to be about discarding your human self and using the mask of a 'sona to enjoy a non-judgemental, inclusive social environment
>niggers fail to grasp this because they can only think of "gibs me dat" and "Whitey keepin me down" and fuck up the whole point of the furry fandom

Thank fuck I wasn't born as a stupid fucking nigger


I'm going to infiltrate in suit, and just when the party is at its peak and everyone is drunk and suggestible, I will remove my head and scream "MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED, MY EBONY SKIN HAS BECOME MILKY AND WHITE, PRAISE WHITE GOD". I will then be torn limb from limb by the crowd and probably used as fodder in the barbecue on the balcony, finally achieving my gay furry interracial hard vore snuff fantasy.

God, I'm as hard as a diamond right now. See you at MFF.

File: samuri jack dragon_1280.png - (313.96 KB, 1136x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3468897 me being unwelcome at parties is nothing out of the ordinary.


furries can't be white supremacists anyway because they disregard and reject their humanity to jack it to animal porn.

>>3468920because being a freak who jacks it to animals is so much better than being black. Pretend you're right, this is almost as funny as Trump's delusions.



Personally, I'd rather be retarded, (and white), than a nigger any fucking day.



Personally, I'm curious. I mean, technically this is an act of racism. Surely no self-respecting hotel or convention where this was attempted would stand for this?

Just have some people throw some complaints or concerns at hotel clerks/con security. Be sure to have a PoC or two add to the complaints to show solidarity.


I think if the hotel doesn't have to deal with wanton vandalism, flooded server rooms, biohazard poop bombs in the parking lot, lifestyle kinksters parading around the lobby in diapers, or a Category 5 faggot running around nearly nekkid shrieking "Daddy I'm dying!!"; if the worst thing it has to deal with is a flyer that raises eyebrows, that hotel is going to be delighted.



So who is going to be the one fronting the liquor?

File: Unhappy-cat.jpg - (59.41 KB, 451x302) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The bitching of this thread is hilarious.

Have a white rich party only from members of an important community.
Accept no blacks or anyone else.
Claim no foul.

Minorities make a similar party..
Whites respond by making huge racist tirades and mocking stereotypes.

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