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File: b534273436c03805bfd5f9d717158398--demon-wolf-anime-wolf.jpg - (132.05 KB, 736x1137) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
135217 No.3468112

So am 30 years old terrible health don't think I'll make it past 45.

Should I start going to furry conventions at this point in my life or is anything past 29 still considered furry death?


go ahead and kys, might as well hasten up the inevitable.


get a little healthier (change your eating habits, be a little more active), get a little more self-confident, get a few friends, go to cons, enjoy hobbies, figure shit out

captcha: vow
as in, vow to do something for yourself



Age is but a number. There's plenty of older (+30yo) furries. I'm 30 closing in on 31 myself.
And you got the "greymuzzles" which are like 45 or older, so...


OP im 27 and getting closer to 30. take vitamins get exercise drink lots of mineral water and stay away from most medications if holistic works better for you and go holistic for that. also emotions if you let them guide you you get no control and become impulsive as a result and will not help you so changing fear to reluctant courage can be a big step but will improve both health and social structure.


>>3468119 just go and stop procrastinating on what ifs.

go have fun and live with the possible regret or stay in your shell and live with guaranteed regret.



Go live your life without regrets, don't listen to the naysayers on here, they're mostly pathetic shitlords.

File: much-tit-mice.jpg - (87.30 KB, 640x426) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>take vitamins get exercise drink lots of mineral water and stay away from most medications if holistic works better for you and go holistic for that.

They don't really do anything when your issues are hardcore enough.

Maybe, but I have a lot of regrets, so a couple more won't make a difference. It's more a "is this worth it" question

Ok. It's just, there is this feeling it was going to be hard to get honest opinions about this. Whom to trust?? (please don't say 'yourself')



That's a toughy, but I'm sure you'll figure it about just by being yourself. Don't go into a sob story and you should be fine. Infact, keep the illness a secret and who knows you might actually get popular because of it coming to light. :D

File: 1467098134474.jpg - (249.87 KB, 1024x708) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>tbh I have no furry friends. How much effort is it to maintain them?

Why would anyone want furry friends? Have you seen this fandom? It's nothing but drama and lies. As an older person you should know this more than anyone. What the fuck.

Every "furry" I've met on Steam has turned out to be batshit crazy, clingy to the point of desperation, or straight up retarded. The few cool people I know into furry shit don't make it a part of their persona and don't go out of their way to share it. They're just in it for the porn, which is how it should be. They were known long before their furry preferences came to light.

File: old.jpg - (61.51 KB, 384x266) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

1) stay away from opiates. Congrats and good job on however long you've maintained sobriety thus far. Note: you would not "have to take opioids just to go there," you simply havent yet managed to find a healthy way to manage your anxiety. Are you kidding me? The first couple cons I went to, even with friends, were mad stressful... but that's because I just don't like big crowds of people in general. I got over it eventually, but I also learned that cons didn't offer anything that appealed to me, or at least nothing that I was willing to put forth the effort to do.

2) "furry friends" are not the goal. "good friends, who happen to also be/know furry" are the goal. Furries are fucked up, broken, disillusioned idiots... like everyone. A past friend of mine once described finding "good" people in the furry community as 'wading through a thousand pounds of shit to find one pound of awesome," or something like that.

From the outside, you (we?) see furry artists and suiters for their talent and shenanigans alone, and perhaps long to be any part of it... but unless you're interacting with them, you have no idea what they're like as a human being. That doesn't mean you can't connect with other furries on a basic, "normal" level, but it's not as simple as "hey we both like animal people, what's up, let's hang out." For better or worse, they're all individuals as much as yourself, with their own lives and interests and insecurities and obligations, etc etc...

figure yourself out first, get an idea of what you like, what matters to you, what you think defines you, and go from there. Friendship with new people can't be one-sided, and if you're just vying for acceptance into something that you have nothing to offer, you're setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

3) also age is a weird concept after your mid 20s... I just turned 33 a couple months ago, but I still feel like the dumb teenage idiot I was when I was playing videogames in high school, when I was wondering what I wanted to do with my life, etc. And I still don't quite know how to frame "adults" in my life either. I'm technically an adult, but I don't feel like I'm a part of that world. My boss just turned 50, and sometimes he feels like an equal, and other times he feels like some sagely figure who's seen all kinds of shit. He married a girl I went to school with, she and I are the same age, yet she always seems at least a decade older than me.

Age is as much an obstacle as you let it be. You won't get a teenage piece of ass anymore unless they're mad thirsty or you're dedicated and able to tune out any words that fall out of their mouth. But you will need to work a bit harder to find an inroad to the stuff you wanna be a part of.

shit, long post is long

File: lucifer.jpg - (57.55 KB, 940x529) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Fuck that noise OP, I don't have a spleen, half my large and small intestines are missing, my dominate hand is full of screws and splints, and my ribs have struts nailed into them. Also I'm pretty sure that at least one of my livers (love being a human chimera), is damaged.

The human body can survive a ton, shit do some drugs, live it up. Everyone dies eventually. Who knows if theres anything after death. If there isn't, then it doesn't matter if you live 800 years, or 3 trimesters, it is what it is. I should be dead, but honestly if i would have died when I was supposed to, i wouldn't have minded since i'd be dead, and was unconscious when i went not-dead, it just delaying the inevitable.



33 myself, turning 34 soon.

All good here. I've not made any friends with any furries, as where I live there are simply no furries. Any websites that show locations of where furries migth be are all on average 150+ miles from me.


Been a furry since 96.

Wish I could have made friends in the community. But. It's either circle jerking a popular furry.

People who already have closed knit circles and are younger more often. ( You shits are gonna grow up too. )

I still feel like I did at 18. Just much smarter and understanding of a lot of things, I knew nothing about at 18 let alone even in my later twenties.

Not sure what to tell you OP. Do what makes you happy.


chimera, an animal comprising of parts from multiple species.
and since you contain no cybernetics well just call you broken but patched.



Expose some people and or get gay with other gays... Believe it or not, people are into some freaky shit.

captcha: rise

File: Chimera.JPG - (25.09 KB, 400x268) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Actually, a human chimera is someone who basically adsorbed their twin in the womb. I've naturally got backups, the only problem is that those backups tend to be smaller. I had my main spleen removed, but I've still got a 1/3 sized one as back up, and my liver has a mini me helper too.

I've got the best sister ever.


What's the big deal about being furry at a certain age?

I'm 57, and several of the better furry artists are my age, or a little older.

File: bollox.PNG - (5.40 KB, 276x254) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Well, unlike the fakers I encounter from time to time, I actually AM 57. Born in December of 1959.

Not something to necessarily be proud of, it's just a fact.


You were already considered "old" for this fandom before the Internet really took off. You would have been dealt the 80s fandom, when it was still within the backdoors of sci-fi-dom.


Who cares how old you are, just go to the convention.

1) have good hygiene
2) dress appropriately (jeans and t-shirt)
3) hands out of pockets
4) don't mumble, speak clearly
5) don't bring up porn/sex randomly
6) ask before hugging
7) don't stand in front of artist tables complaining you have no money
8) participate in events
9) find room parties and socially drink
10) talk to people

If you hit all those you'll be a lot better than the average cost goer



Oh, I know.
Hell, I first got furry art from BBS's at 2400 baud.

(I was also on the Fidonet.) :-)



508 area FidoNet Sysop checking in. Operated a server from 1990-1999.



Remember "Holysmoke," the religious food fight! :-D



You mean THIS Holysmoke echo?


there's 2 reasons:
1)furry become a thing in late 80's, and you CAN'T become one, you should be that mentally challenged from birthday
2)i'm in that age would have more important things to do then posting on some shitter of internet( probably being dead)
nice try anyway



Yup, and here:



Would you entirely mind using actual English?

Your screed made no sense at all.

And I am 57.


sigh i didn't thought i have to explain that.
2 reasons(that are you lying)
1)furies are 80's kids, and you supposed to be normal human being, before it become thing. not possible
2)at your age (pretending that its true) you supposed to have more viable stuff to do then posting on anonimus imgboards for kids(like playing with your REAL grand kids, or something)
and 3)pretending to not to be 12 yo, yet get triggered by some block on internet, yeap, seems legit
no you aren't



JH Christ, just go fuck off and die.


and replied so swiftly

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