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File: 1500345062975.jpg - (881.58 KB, 1000x972) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
902741 No.3466301

This is your only chance for true happiness Steam. I had a vision of your two living a wonderful life together, two shitty people canceling out their shittyness and actually forming a decent couple. You pulled him out of the darkness and he made you a gentler person. You're a fool to pass up this amazing opportunity Steam. You must get to know this young man!


Motivate us to bring hell upon this inferior being. What kind of person he is and why should we care?


Brave what the FUCK is wrong with you?
This is the third thread of you spamming this shit, why do you care who Steam goes out with? Clingy asshole.

Also, you posted Ultros' details again with dragon photos using the same red text. The thread is now gone. Slimely piece of shit. You did dox him. When you deny, that's just you being manic, bi-polar or having multiple personalty disorder.

File: 1316208059509.png - (155.03 KB, 760x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think he's very mad about something Ultros and Steam posted, now I'd love to know what.

Not very brave of him. I think this deserve a traditional... Punishment.



I didnt dox him, i only made the jpg because people were curious to why he keeps deleting the threads, he's just ashamed of his past. Information is power! AND IM NOT BIPOLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uj#894C 7YN5C73Y7G56WTB3E476TBEW7FVYEHRT8INNDRYURTGNDRYGFNYDGFNE7W64RGT78^ta&^%^^$@#^#$%(&@#%$&(^@#%$&^@#%$&^3876413786312476&^^&$%&^@$%@&^#$%@&^#$%*&^@#$G5FEJGHBVDCKCNUDYFCTGNVD

File: do not be angry anon it will be fine.png - (185.50 KB, 500x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

well you sure sound very butthurt... bravely butthurt.
you should consult, but don't worry we're here.

have you got an employment, Brave?


"have you got an employment, Brave?" sounds really retarded.

"Are you currently employed, Brave?" is much more refined sounding.

Is English your first language?


I'm a horse, you idiot. Stop avoiding a question you understood perfectly fine, and quit believing everyone here is American.



Just because you're not American and English is your second language isn't a good excuse to butcher it in such a fucked up way.


Regardless you sound irate and butthurt. I came to the conclusion you are poor and devoid of any revenue, which justifies that inferiority complex, triggered by Steam, who even for the yayo harmless midget he is, had the dignity to stay the fuck away from you.


Oops I think you touched a nerve, he's attacking you on your grammar, this means Brave is disoriented. Go on, anon.



I stayed the fuck away from Steam, he didn't stay away from me your stupid fucking retard!

File: 1346534982.falvie_tvorsk.png - (311.18 KB, 450x582) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



File: ikvlisv.jpg - (130.66 KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Watch your grammar.

So pissed you're punching your keyboard? What a proof of sanity!

"Just because you have a mental issue doesn't means you should get your genitalia butchered. "
FTFY. Also for someone who dare calling hyrmurkself brav, you're one special case of a midget. Last time you went in IRC crying about being bullied. You even got evacuated from #furaffinity for flipping your shit.

Finally think twice before doxing. Doxing dox backs to you.

see this place? Even if people are unemploiyed they spend their spare time composing, writing, drawing, painting, programming, hacking, doing smart stuff, being active or play music. You're not like that. You live with your parents because you can't save money. You still spend it on your vidya and netflix like the 27yo children you are.

Now cry as you always do. Commit suicide. This is the best thing you can do.
End yourself.
Your kind is a weight to your race/species.


I don't think this "brave" have the skills or the requirement to even use anything dangerous, like a rope, or a gun. He will end his life like this, virgin, dying of a cancer or heart attack due to the burgers he ingurgitated, dwelling in his own feces, but his little world.
A bit like how Hirtes ended - you remember this guy? No, of course, no one remembers "people" like that.

File: mfwvraveisadegeneratefaggot.png - (1328.81 KB, 999x1152) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Yes, I'm unemployed



You are a loser and you have no excuse.

>another shitty retail job to save up money

More like spending it on dragon dildoes for your hungry faggot's anus.

>visit my boyfriend in Germany

Even for a degenerate you're untouched.

>I have motivation this time.

You have nothing because you are nothing, get this in your head.

>And I did create abstract digital artwork

Abstract is not art, unless you really know what you're doing. I doubt you do.

>made 332 images.

I can also generate a thousand images but this is pointless. A script + ImageMagick could do better.

>My last job was in 2016

We're in JULY.

>I spent most of that money on the plane ticket to Germany, Passport, a new Graphics Card, two hard drives, drugs, and new glasses.

You are a child who cannot manage a budget.

>Also, I don't even play videos games

But you soend cash on a gamer PC? You're very special.

>I'm also not stupid enough to pay for movies or tv shows

Liar, you do not have the intelligence to use such technology.

>you really can't fucking spell right

Neither you.
Also, you're right, I do need to do something productive
You won't do anything.

>back home from vising my boyfriend,

More like "With an ass full of AIDS, I'm coming to tell mom and dad to pay for transgender surgery."

>And I didn't dox Ultros

Even how easy it is to dox a pseudonymous today with Facebook and everything, you couldn't dox yourself.

>He treated me like an asshole


>banning me and being all snarky and rude to me whenever I posted stuff.

That was nothing compared to what's coming for you in the months to come. But thanks for coming out as a complete lolcow.


What's coming to me for months to come? A fucking retard like you threatening me?! Laughable. Look, I'm not perfect, I got fucking problems but for fucks sake, there are way worse people out there man. Go fuck them up instead of harassing me.



Dude. I bought the harddrives refurbished to get them cheap so I could have space for all the movies I torrent. And the GPU was only $75 and I got it because my old one broke. What's wrong with you and how is it that your spelling and grammer is so horrible?


You are poor and doomed to remain poor, because people like you are the leeches of this society.
You get the same welfare check as someone who is actually starving and need them to get out of debt.
speaking of vidya you bragged about having a collection of all games that just came out. People here encouraged you, a while ago to use torrents and stop watching Netflix or your amazon shit.

I'm from Swiss and taught myself English. I'm working as an human resources consultant and passtime pone illustrator. And trust me when I was in France a few years ago I've seen a lot of social cases like you, talentless and unable to work, skipped studies because vidya and general faggotry, keyboard crusading on furaffinity, whining about being a dick and getting banned on the hardest site to get banned from :
Which alone requires a certain skill to annoy maybe the chillest mods on the internet. Trust me.
Keep in mind it does not works like that.

File: 22545.GIF - (59.07 KB, 700x393) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Just get in your brain, miserable shit, that we already know everything about you. I hope you love pizza, yes we care about you.
As our lolcow we hope you get a bit healthier to deliver what we expect for a while, not just in this thread.

Also I thought what I posted earlier was your photo. This means we have so much to explore and discover about you, isn't that fantastic?

What are you drawing exactly? Do you even have a FA? a gallery? anything?


You crazy?
He's too poor for a FA or a deviantart! He is the kind of talentless, uninteresting prig who prefers to spend his money on pointless "extra likes and favs" then blame everyone being ''elitist''!
Allan "FunLovingWolf" Greenwald was exactly like that.



>I didnt dox him
>i only made the jpg because people were curious to why he keeps deleting the threads

That makes no sense. You made the image to be a pain in the ass. Funny how when you posted it originally, you didn't use your name. Yet you make this thread with a different image but using the same black background and red font text.

>he's just ashamed of his past. Information is power!

Then why do you keep bringing it up, as if its your civil duty? Why do you care if we have this info? Why do you keep bring it up? Because you are a mentally ill piece of trash who is obsessed.

>AND IM NOT BIPOLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totes believe you.


>And I didn't dox Ultros, I just spread his info around because he treated me like an asshole, banning me and being all snarky and rude to me whenever I posted stuff. But the actual doxing and shit, I really didn't do, it was someone else.

Yeah okay.

File: 776459__safe_diamond+tiara_silver+spoon_artist-colon-conbudou.jpeg.jpg - (132.79 KB, 1024x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh really?
Hahahaha that's so pathetic. I imagine this fat unhealthy neckbeard crying on his keyboard for getting rekt, online, by an army of two little ponies.

Let's put an end to this fool's misery once and for all.


He's gone.
Yes he is this pathetic.
Well he wasn't very brave after all. He probably wet his bed again while being angry on the internet and had to change it all.

This is still a special case to analyze here,
autism, bipolar disorder, delusional, slight retardation, sociopathic comment from the archives I've read from his posts with that ID alone.

Wew, we have a lot of work on this guy. I think he's got into some kind of paternal abuse, might be why he seek vengeance on an easy person who represent some kind of authority. Schizoid personality with internalization of a rejected personality.

The fact is, he did try to dox a mod, but then pretend it's not him. In fact he doesn't have anything, and pretend he did not dox anyone, as an immediate measure to cover his impotent act.


this is totally offtopic but if each of you had to post THE best porn picture of diamond tiara and/or silver spoon individually, which one would that be?

kinda frisky and in a pony mood


The reason I stopped posted was because I was tired and went to bed, I had to rest after reading both of your bullshit and horrible spelling and grammar (god, you Swedish have no idea how to write in English! Get better at it like a German!) Anyway, I never posted a photo of myself, I never bragged about owning lots of games, and I never talked about Netflix or anything like that. Where are you getting this bullshit? Spreading lies and gossip now because you have nothing of solid concrete value on me? Trying to make me seem like I'm a greasy fatass despite being small and having boyish looks. People still card me for anything 18+ and think I'm like 15.


Oh, and I have an FA and DA but don't really use either anymore and I can't even eat pizza, it has gluten in it! Also, if you're so awesome because you're a consultant or whatever, what are you doing here and harassing me? Like, why don't you go be happy consulting or drawing ponies or whatever? This just proves you're a totally fucking miserable person.


I'm on holidays, Brave.

Also >DeviantArt or GTFO.



Then draw some ponies, go hang out with your friends in real life, have a nice dinner with your boyfriend or girlfriend, do something relaxing or peaceful and not just harass people here.


isn't it a little silly for you to call him out on harassment when the only reason you are here is to troll ultros?

just saying famalam.


You, you are new here.



>I'm a horse, you idiot.

Fuckin kek.


>My last job was in 2016
>We're in JULY.

My sides.



I don't understand what he meant by "We're in JULY." Did he misunderstand me or something? My last job was in 2016 during the holiday Season, October thru December, then I left. Do I speak so cryptically?

File: 1445103__safe_angel+bunny_apple+bloom_opalescence_scootaloo_sweetie+belle_winona_spoiler-colon-comic_exploitable+meme_helmet_meme.jpeg - (401.38 KB, 1536x1859) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Kiddo, just gonna say, one simple method to get these two ponyfags to shut up would be you to show em your DA/FA galleries. They can't draw for shit.



Sure, I'll give them DA and FA so they can harass me even more there and have more info on me. Plus, my FA page only has a few commissions my mate and I bought and my DA pages has my digital abstract artwork that they regard as crap anyway, really see no point in doing that man.


what about in PM? i'm curious now.
Got a chat or something?




>>3466441 I

I know you guys think I'm absolutely retarded but I'm not retarded enough to talk to any of you people with my instant messaging programs.

File: try_and_get_this_ref.png - (237.93 KB, 398x299) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Go look anon.

Brave doesn't want you guys harassing him anymore, he wants you to fight the real enemy. Let's watch as they shitpost about Ultros some more and have a complete meltdown in the process.

File: doxroxx.png - (11.70 KB, 515x462) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We should make a bingo sheet.

File: b35927237b76da03782bde45f62a3f74--doctor-whooves-fluttershy.jpg - (50.65 KB, 736x552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3466508 why do want my doxx?
Are you gonna send me fan mail?


Holly shit this guy has to be the creme of the crop when it comes to grade A prime cringe. Please keep going little boy your story is enthralling!

File: 1441261_DaBlueGuy_nook6.png - (51.96 KB, 343x434) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Brave is an adornment worn by Anontards, but like how a skinwalker do. And Ik is undoxxable and therefore in the phillipines. I am bored this is why I do this.

File: doxroxx_LOL.png - (89.57 KB, 531x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



sage and [-]

File: f46cf958b8e0d6adb802afd12ba95b48.gif - (155.76 KB, 400x192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Brave just can't quit fantasizing about me.

Maybe one day I can get him to hit a few of the upper plateaus on a robotrip, and break his mind with my dick.



nobody wants you Steam because once they start talking to you regularly they realize very quickly what a damn spazzy retarded liar you are.


Hey, you try being a gay guy in a smallish intolerant town and not develop a tenancy to leave out details of the truth.


I didn't realize Lake Superior was a state.
Or that Idaho, Utah and Arizona were considered the "Midwest/East"
Or that Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania were not.

Then I saw it was 43B and figured his age-induced Alzheimers was acting up. For a guy so autistically obsessed with American politics he knows jack shit about American geography.


I want you doxxed more than anything, you parasite.

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