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File: 2816985_Ee8XYmzYp.jpg - (62.45 KB, 900x689) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
63945 No.3466206

Anyone also keeping up with the Vera and Svartaperlan drama ?
Just followed them recently and have been cackling ever since.

Guess vera went bat shit now they are fighting like high schoolers.

Why does anyone keep 'net dating' vera ? Like holy fuck.


It's not the first time they've both done this. I haven't seen Svarta's side though. Got screens?


>>3466210 Sure i can try ! Her twitter is all blown up with lulz

File: Vera_Lying_Per_Usual.png - (179.76 KB, 1337x1287) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3466206 Lawdy

>Vera going apeshit and burning bridges with a friend/loved one for no apparent reason, yet again

Is there anyone at all that hasn't been burned by this cunt at this point?

File: vera_found_a_bug_by_blattaphile-d54q04w.jpg - (32.71 KB, 574x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3466312 She's basically destroyed everyone around her, like, even to the point where now I think she cannot stop (like, was single for a while but now its like BAM right back on the pony.) She fucked me over so bad in the past that I'm basically paranoid now lol fuck. If anyone has stories it would be great to hear more support from her horrible-ness.



>She fucked me over so bad in the past that I'm basically paranoid now lol fuck.

Share story with us plz?



She seemed nice.
I guess popularity in the furfagdom coupled with the inherent mental instability of its target demographic.. makes everyone batshit insane.


got damnit people stop using twitter already


Meet her once at AC, she looked very nice to me back then, would not mind getting a piece of her at the time lol, maybe in before she started to go batshit insane.

File: The-Exorcist-in-5-Seconds.jpg - (12.76 KB, 389x257) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think i was one of the first people to see this crazy. I made some fairly innocuous and topical comment on a journal of hers back during the big cub porn debate on fa. It was basically something like "I just wish if people are going to draw pedo porn they would put a thumbnail up so i don't have to see it.".

She absolutely lost her shit. I think for a week straight she was replying to that comment e-screaming at me. Was probably the only time I have ever been involved in public furry drama. her fans dogpiled all over me, my fans on her and hers.

Then some time later there's a thread here in the somewhat early days of lulz just asking for lulzy experiences with artists who are shitty people and I mentioned what a crazy cunt she is and people here had no idea what I was talking about and were just talking a bout how nice and awesome she is. I think I got in on the ground floor of her burgeoning insanity.

I'm glad people now understand what an absolutely batshit crazy and vindictive cunt Vera is.


I'm guessing you're Roum? The last time she had a major drama explosion like this and threads being made, was with her breakup with Roum.


My guess is Gonah. or Svarta herself. Vera AND all her exes are massive drama queens. I'm guessing that's why they do this thinking they won't get caught lol


Not familiar with Gonah, but with how invested OP is I'm definitely leaning towards one of her exes.


>>3466206>>3466395 Nah not an ex, but someone who ended up learning how fucking crazy vera was by trying to get to know her (like, idk how many years back now?). Between throwing money at her and just generally seeing what she posts it's gotten 100 times worse, both in person and online.
I actually do not know who Roum is, Gonah I do (back when she was drooling all over having another 'best gf ever omg' thing with her)


>>3466393 100% Correct on this, I have no idea how all these fucking nutzo's keep getting together :I Birds of a feather, I guess ?


One last lel, as this will never end haha

>check this person
>mediocre art & questionable subject matter

stopped giving a shit right there

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