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File: rickgriffinbread.png - (292.93 KB, 984x460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
299965 No.3465560

Would someone like to explain why so much spam and shitposting remains on the board, and the Rick Griffin thread, which was actually talking about and featured furry content, got deleted?

I mean seriously, what gives? I shouldn't have to visit /furi/ with crossed fingers, hoping and praying that the threads I'm following (good threads that aren't bullshit [spam]) are still there when I get up the next morning. If this is the action of a mod who used the "delete all button" to wipe out all posts relating to an IP, please check first what you are deleting and don't just blindly nuke! Ultros did that a few months ago when 3B was pissin him off, and many innocent posts and threads were lost in the crossfire. The end result is lost content, and the remaining threads that are now hard to follow because they are missing so many posts. Ultros' attitude towards his actions were pretty 'meh', as in "just deal with it", but c'mon man, can't you just be a little more careful in removing what you need too? I'm just asking you guys to be a little more diligent. What is the point of making good threads these days, if we have to live in constant fear of them being accidentally deleted?

Now, all that said, I lost track of the Rick Griffin thread because it basically exploded in conversation and grew rather large rather fast. I was just getting around to now finding it and having a good read (to of course, find it missing). Does any good soul have a copy of the thread saved with the images therein? There were a few image edits I had my eye on saving.


Tired of your favorite threads turning up missing because butthurt moderators can't keep their hands to themselves? Sick of cho0b sitting idly by, while everything this place once stood for is undermined? Have no fear! There's a place where half-baked shitposts will linger for years! So come on down to /fu/. We got some porn, we got some dox, but we don't have control freak mods. Give it a try; you have nothing to lose!



8chan is for Summerfags & tards who think they're edgy.

File: Rentintinfoil.jpg - (19.48 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's a conspiracy brother!
The Feds are come'n here making threads that look legit and then deleting them down the road to turn the blame on the mods to keep us divided, man!


That wasn't a good thread. It was just a trainwreck with 3B tooting the whistle.

Seriously, the only reason why that thread got so long was because 3B was shitposting in it and others wouldn't let it slide. That was all the content.


hey hey let's shit up the board with endless, circular political discussion with manchildren instead of talking about weird shit like actual drama and piss GOOD JOB GUYS

I remember I used to come here to keep on the pulse of FURRY DRAMA and now the best I get is "some popufur said something I didn't like", which is just tumblr fucking callout culture

Maybe one day we can stop infighting enough to fill the void of vivisector's lost archives.



>There's a place where half-baked shitposts will linger for years!

Yeah no thanks, that's what killing this place.


>to fill the void of vivisector's lost archives.

Trolling furries on boards is such an old thing now. The furry culture is more accepted, and in this new age of "bullying is wrong", pushing furries around isn't as prevalent (or fun) as it was ten years ago. All the angry young kids either become furries themselves, or they simply just moved on. As for drama, Facebook and Twitter have reigned supreme for users to vent their shit there, and that is all the younger generation knows. Why go to some low-rung image board when I can go to a place "Where everybody knows your name?". /furi/ ran its course. Its plain to see. No drama, no artists, no edits, no real participation, no leaks, no real content producers, no nothing. Just shitposting and /pol/ is all that's left.




I'm curious if some of you actually think what you had here would have gone on indefinitely. Or that it could have gone any direction but downwards in the long run. Or that you can make things better now by screeching about it.



>everything this place once stood for is undermined

You forgot to add "in my imagination".

Seriously. You're just a milder versiong of Aufy. Stop taking imageboards too seriously.


the lulz userbase has acted so tactless and rude to most people that it has driven away all artist talent and anyone with anything constructive to say, so what you are left with is about a dozen absolute morons that drone on about nothing to fill the gaps in this dying forum.

File: obstpeig.png - (16.60 KB, 267x387) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


> since the moderation isn't biased.
File: leave Ultros alone!!!.jpg - (65.90 KB, 400x342) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 1472622720787.jpg - (31.36 KB, 316x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


This is one of the few places where you can talk about anything you want without risk of censorship. Or, it was that way until about a year ago when Nobuyuki started deleting anything he didn't agree with. Hopefully with the new dev.lulz move we can get some mods that aren't gravitating towards the tumblr treatment.



can you just fuck off already. go to your shitty 8chan board and shut up.


What makes you think there will be a new set of mods?


I too would like to know what happened to that thread. Was it deleted by a mod or its OP?
Maybe a mod can clear this up? It was post/thread no. >>3460809


A shame.
A thread like that should stand for eternity as a testament to 3B getting irrevocably BTFO.

File: beach-lifeguard.jpg - (522.06 KB, 896x1199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I started the Rick Griffin thread, and I'm guessing it was deleted as part of a mass deletion by IP range or something. Perhaps related to the Tor ban, except I wasn't posting through Tor. I'm apparently banned from posting images though--Host is banned or something like that.


Hmm, looks like I can post again. Cool.


Exactly. And just when he was cornered and had no more arguments (he actually never had any) to defend himself, BAAM thread gone.

If the deletion system is that buggy, it shouldn't be used anymore. Aren't deleted posts shown somewhere on a mod interface or something? So any mod should be able to verify the actual reason for the deletion.



>And just when he was cornered and had no more arguments (he actually never had any) to defend himself, BAAM thread gone.

Maybe 3Balls is a mod trolling everyone? Maybe he is Ultros?


mods do have such an interface


>Maybe 3Balls is a mod


>trolling everyone?

his shitty bait never fails to catch losers aplenty

>Maybe he is Ultros?


File: clips_of_an_idiot.png - (706.82 KB, 1346x2472) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Unfortunately, Google's cache of the thread happens the day after the thread starts and only has two posts. The only other place I could grab a decent copy from was Bing. It was captured June 24th, however its missing alot of conversation because that thread went into the first week of July. Guess the bulk of it is lost now. I archived the Bing copy.

There was a female edit of the OP pic, anyone have it?

I had a few old tabs of /furi/ open in another browser, but sadly not the thread itself. I stitched together what I could find.

File: DSC01035.jpg - (136.59 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I like how well he draws their eyes. They're flawless! :)


Haha I see what you're trying to do there



>There was a female edit of the OP pic, anyone have it?

Did anyone ever save this?

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